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May 29, 2014

“The U.S. has no other than Victoria Nuland, and Hillary Clinton who installed her as Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, to thank for this foolish mess.”          read more

Ray McGovern



May 28, 2014




Demonocracy finally has reached Ukrainian people.


And you, Europe, BE CURSED! You all, political bitches and mediatic whores, you pathological liars! And you silent people. BE CURSED!





May 26, 2014

The West has overthrown itself. In the US the Constitution has been murdered by the Bush and Obama regimes. Nothing remains. As the US is the Constitution, what was once the United States no longer exists. A different entity has taken its place.

Europe died with the European Union, which requires the termination of sovereignty of all member countries. A few unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels have become superior to the wills of the French, German, British, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese peoples.

Western civilization is a skeleton. It still stands, barely, but there is no life in it. The blood of liberty has departed. Western peoples look at their governments and see nothing but enemies. Why else has Washington militarized local police forces, equipping them as if they were occupying armies? Why else has Homeland Security, the Department of Agriculture, and even the Postal Service and Social Security Administration ordered billions of rounds of ammunition and even submachine guns? What is this taxpayer-paid-for arsenal for if not to suppress US citizens?

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Paul Craig Roberts


May 23, 2014

 I wish to welcome the appeal from the Patriarch Irenej and invite the good folks out there to send a little help to our Serbian brothers, affected by a terrible flood.

Via Paypal, it’s possible to donate to:
(you can check it on Serbian Embassies websites)

There are people in dire needs there.
What you can, if you want…..

Thank you!


May 21, 2014

There must be an escapee from a mental asylum who pretends to be the wife of the American President.

This mental basket case has just urged kids to monitor and denounce their parents if they say something racist, i.e. if they say something that this mental basket case does not like.

If she’s really who she pretends to be, well, I hope that everybody will finally understand that the only freedom that these insane people offer is just the freedom to do what they want you to do.


May 17, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen,

from the same producers of “They Hate us for our Freedom“,

from the same screenwriters of “Saddam will fart the free world away“,

back from the astonishing successes in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria,

for the first, ehm, second, ehm, for the third time in Ukraine, please welcome:






In the West the Bread is over, only the Circus is left.

As the old lady said, the Hell is too good a place for these people!


May 15, 2014

It’s all about cooperationnot competition!


May 15, 2014


Napoleon is the master of Europe. He controls pretty much all of continental Europe and commands skillfully the most powerful military machine ever seen. Only England still stand against him, in state of war. England is exhausted, more or less blocked, and only fifty miles of seawater separate her from the fatal enemy.

So Napoleon …….. invades Russia (who is formally an ally)!


Hitler is the master of Europe. He controls pretty much all of continental Europe and commands skillfully the most powerful military machine ever seen. Only England still stand against him, in state of war. England is exhausted, more or less blocked, and only fifty miles of seawater separate her from the fatal enemy.

So Hitler …….. invades (Soviet) Russia (who is formally an ally)!

Historians keep on telling that it’s all for that fifty miles of seawater. I beg pardon, but even assuming (not conceding) that as the reason why those most powerful armies refrained from completing the job, how fifty miles of seawater are supposed to be the cause for invading Russia?

A spell is an explanation as much satisfying as that.


May 14, 2014

The freedom to behave like pigs or apes (and get away with it).

Enjoy, Latvia! The best has yet to come…..


May 13, 2014

Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves. This is the mythology of the modern world.

Regal and bloodthirsty aristocrats lording over dazed and confused masses, you know the Vampires well, perhaps averting your eyes in their presence. Popular culture celebrates their values — in newspapers, books, movies and on television. Perhaps you are so enthralled by them you wish to become one yourself.

The greater part is made up of Zombies, including most of the people you know. They are poisoned and addicted: too tired and distracted to think. They will feed on your mind while giving nothing in return. For brief and terrifying moments they are awakened to the reality of their lives only to become enraged and lash out against those who would see them as they are.

Last are the Werewolves, whose powers are limited to those moments when a full moon casts light over darkness. It is in these brief instances that the Werewolf becomes dangerous and unstoppable to the Vampires. The danger is he will rally the newly awakened Zombies. Like any canine he values loyalty and will fight them to the death on behalf of the people he loves.

Know you the Wolf for he roams the Russian steppe. Well hidden behind the name of a vampire, his back has stiffened, his lips have curled and he growls as danger approaches. The Vampires have sent assassins, pockets full of silver. He must be wary for he knows the fate of other such Wolves, like Martin Luther King or perhaps John F. Kennedy. Once known to the Vampires they will not cease in their efforts to destroy him.

It is the assassins and the people like them who are the main subject of my post. Our formerly beloved alternative journalist friend James Corbett is the one of whom I speak. Once a Zombie he was thrown into light and became terrified. Nothing could allay his fears so he found religion, in his case something called anarcho-capitalism. It could also be called elitism, priviledge or choseness and it takes many guises: Libertarianism, Bolshevism, Nazism, Scientism, Feminism and so on. In his way he pays hommage to the Vampires and their values by preaching sermons to other awakening Zombies. In doing so he gives them false hope and directs them away from those responsible for all great suffering.

In this very moment, thanks to events in Ukraine and elsewhere, the light of a full moon has revealed the truth of our reality. It can be seen by anyone who cares to see, Zombies included. Corbett hates the Wolf for reminding him of his fear and threatening to reveal the truth to his justifiably frightened followers. Only a new mirage can safely return them to their haze. 

Above all else, the only thing that matters is what you do.


The above concise metaphor by Where-Wolf is really, really appropriate. 

It could be expanded enormously, just factual examples to support it could fill a voluminous book, but brevity has merits of its own.

But I feel compelled to add just two quotes, necessary to give it a full meaning.

4 In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.

5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Cristo Pantocratore

14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid. 
15 Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. 
16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

These quotes make clear what is the only source of the light needed and where to find it, without being forced to rely on occasional full moons to dispel darkness.

After all, made as we are in His image and likeness, we can rule and create and do not depend exclusively on natural patterns and necessities. We can fight all the time, not once a month.

Now, that really makes the difference and that’s the reason why they are TERRIFIED by the Incarnation, the Cross and the Resurrection.

In fact, against men enlightened by that Light they lose their only real weapon, the (fear of) death, because for those men, fighting for and by that Light, death has been defeated!

What can they do? To kill them? But Christ is Risen, and they kept His word!

That’s the reason why Christ has to disappear from collective memory, from public sight and public testimony. 
That’s the reason why they push incessantly human societies towards the subversion of all God’s Commandments.

Vampires are smart creatures and they understand what has to be done. Will Werewolves ever do?

About Zombies, well, they are really the people who most deserve compassion, no matter how often you would like to see them burning prematurely, because of their readiness to do always the devil’s bid in exchange for the usual lentils soup. In fact, they are to commiserate, they are just possessed, they are intoxicated, as aptly says the author above.

They are the people who have been taught and trained by the devil since their infancy, like almost everybody else I should add, as the world celebrate and teach demonocratic values everywhere today. In them, this teaching has been able to hide the Image inside, they are now completely oblivious of His image inside them, so that they became the perfect products of nearly two centuries of ever pervasive demonocratic propaganda.

Why they have fallen for that propaganda and others have not and do not? Do not pretend too much from me. I suspect that it’s mainly because of pride, a wish of false comfort and pleasures and the most powerful weapon of evil: self-justification. In fact, everybody has fallen for that propaganda, before or after, more or less, but many have afterward overcome it, returning to their natural behavior, namely to God’s Commandments. After all, we are sons of God by nature, to become progeny of the devil you need a moral choice.

His image can be hidden, suffocated, but cannot be erased. Only God has sovereignty over His works. Even only to conceal It, you need an incessant and pervasive propaganda, every time and everywhere. Of course, that’s not possible. A moment, an event, a sight, a smile, a view, and people remember, the Image shine again inside of them, even for a few moments, and people are lost to the father of lies and can return home. Many do not complete the return trip, it’s hard, a never ending swimming against a powerful stream, but are able anyway to invert the direction of their path and don’t give up again. A lot more just stand, when the Image shine painfully inside and call them back home, they look back, they even try a few steps, but then they turn again and continue on the same path, the path to the abyss.

These are the Zombies. They want a sign, an unequivocal sign, and no sign will ever be unequivocal enough for them. It would be enough for them to pause a few moments in front of a mirror, looking at the incomparable wonder they are; just considering their bodies, just in those same few moments, tens of thousands of biological processes are taking place in them, all synchronized and necessary for them to live, and they have no control over any of them! 

They are the worshipers of the coincidences, for them everything is the result of a gigantic Coincidences Conspiracy, themselves and mankind history included. No matter how hard you try to explain them that no order is possible from chaos, nor something from nothing, without an intelligence intervening and operating, they will stand by their “reason” (they really call it so!). “Show me your God”, they will cry! “Show me your Intelligence”, should be the reply!

They want a sign but will rationalize away every sign, even the Son of God walking in their midst and resurrecting a four-day dead, even the empty tomb and even a bunch of illiterate fishermen from Galilee and Palestine conquering the Roman Empire just with words and prayers.

These are the Zombies. They want a scapegoat, they will keep imputing to God all the evil that men do. They do not even try to understand that only by keeping the Commandments would be enough to get rid of evil in the world. It’s like my son jumping in a pot of hot water, against my express prohibition, and after accusing me for the bad consequences, because I didn’t tie him.

They would prefer to be slaves instead of free creatures (in His likeness). But of course, in that case they would impute to God their lack of freedom. In fact, at the beginning man did enjoy a sort of blessed servitude, then he did pretend he could do alone. He sensed at once that he did pretend too much, but who was to blame? God, obviously! “It was the woman, that YOU gave me……”

These are the Zombies. They want comfort and pleasures, and the path to the abyss is downhill after all. No matter how inevitably they find less and less satisfaction going on, drinking ever more of a water that cannot quench their thirst, they will keep on asking for more of the same, hoping that the next fulfilled desire or passion will be the right one to give them peace and happiness.

They will grow increasingly desperate and will stop short of nothing. They will even start to model God after their own desires, they will adapt Him to them, a God good for any occasion, a pret-a-porter God. A bishop will break his marriage, start a homosexual cohabitation, magnify his new lover with the words “I found him at once damn beautiful“,  and after he will explain you why Christ had all wrong about Christianity. Another from Rome will pretend that the Revelation is a work in progress (and he is in charge of the progress, of course). Other deluded people will proclaim God as the mandator of their mass murder and stealing or as the grantor of their exclusive right to cheat and murder anybody else. The most part will content with making God their personal trainer, a VERY nice and sympathetic one, a trainer who follow the pupil’s rules and those rules are very simple: the pupil is never at fault!

Hunted by their own ever more impelling death, they never rest, always caught in a frenzy to the next shot, the right one, you know. Alas, the right one is always the next. Nevertheless, they continue in their pursuit and no fancy will be saved to give a sense to their Sisyphean task, perpetually anxious and frightened in the search for a meaning they know very well they have lost. In their blindness, they do not realize that all their travail for those cheap shots (the good ones are Vampires reserved) would be more than enough to turn back and starting to climb up the descent, away from the abyss which will swallow them.

Judging with their judgement, even understanding the futility of their path and looking back, they conclude that they will never be able to come back to the top and cannot even imagine that the mercy of God has no match with the mercy of men and will provide what they will miss at the end. They cannot understand God giving the same salary to all the laborers, regardless of the hours worked. They even less can understand God giving the salary even to someone who in the vineyard has never entered, least of all worked (as one of the robbers crucified with the Lord got). So they simply sigh and turn on the television.

These are the Zombies. Please pray for them!

Approaching the threshold of their leave, they may even turn to fighting and become Werewolves. Werewolves are desperate heroes, from top to bottom, fighting for the Image in them but not realizing this. Unaware of this, they have to rely only upon the occasional and predetermined light of a full moon, so they are just a minor headache for Vampires. Why worry for an enemy, when you know beforehand the time of their attack? You can even predetermine their plans.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

If you do not put up the armor of God, if you do not turn to the Light of men, your struggle is only another way to flounder, no matter how heroic you are. You will be stuck by their control of the thesis and of the antithesis, whose synthesis will always be them!

Every Country is at the same time a vassal and an accomplice of the Demonocratic Empire. Germany is a vassal of the Demonocratic Empire as much as the US.
German power-that-be is an accomplice of the D-Empire as much as the US power-that-be.
It’s not so difficult to understand (ordinary people are much more respected in Europe than in the US, where the police routinely beats savagely or kill persons for the most futile motives and no consequences to note).

The Demonocratic Empire, the cabal, call as you like, does not conquer nations; it hijacks them, taking over their power structures, through infiltration and control of monetary (rectius: credit) emission, to make their politics comply with its agenda of parasitical dominion and exploitation.
All Western nations share today this sad reality, only the degree of the occupation varies.

That being the case, trying to reform these systems through their own rules is just a waste of time, above all because the first of those rules states that they apply only to you.
Addressing the persons in those power structures is useless. They have made their choice and only repentance could reverse it; moreover they are always expendable and easily changeable, like used diapers.
Addressing the public can bear fruits, but little practical consequences, as there’s very little that common people or honest politicians can do. These latter can be easily dealt with, through blackmail, libeling, bribes, infiltration of entourage, they can be lead astray via false narrative or selectively assassinated (this last list is very long).

People can revolt, but a look at every Revolution is enough to conclude that with it you end up only with more of the same, just under a brand new fictional narrative (and a spectacular bloodbath, which is the ultimate delight of the Demonocratic Empire).

Is there a way out?
Of course, Christ and His Word!
But don’t hold your breath, we are fallen creatures and we worship the beast (even when we think to worship ourselves, as individuals, collectives or “humanity”)

The Book of Revelation is very clear in this aspect.

Nevertheless, that is the only solution. Only a perennial light can destroy Vampires, a Light they cannot possibly have control over because it’s not from this world, the Light of men.


Your loyalty must be to the Truth!
That’s the only way to escape the main ruse of the enemy: the endless creation of false thesis and antithesis, whose synthesis is always more of the same devilish blob who rules the world.

Provided that you understand the Truth (Christ and His Word), you must put It above every dialectic
It’s not a subject for discussion.
The Lord ceased to talk at the Pilate’s question: ‘what is the truth?”.

In political terms, if you want to avoid that great human efforts and conquests for freedom and justice, as for example the Novorossija victory against the satanic hordes of the West, would end up infiltrated, hijacked and bought off, that is, ending up with more of the same, you have to deny any political dialectic over the Truth.
It’s not up for discussion, nor changes. It is and everything public must conform to it.
The power of the State must reside in that Truth, not in the “people”, people who for the most part are educated and programmed by the devil, deeply sick in their spirit and ignorant as donkeys (by consequence).
You may put It in the Constitution, but with the provision that the part regarding It is immutable, not subject to revision, discussion or interpretation.
Moreover, you have to provide effective mean to assure that the Constitution stand against the servants of the dark master.
First of all, I repeat, you must put the legitimacy of public power into the respect of that Truth. Authority derives from It and dies without It.
Then you need a few derivative provisions, which would implement in practice that standing.

They are easily conceivable! Vampires know what they do. Will Werewolves ever do?