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Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars

September 21, 2017

Thursday of the 16th week after Pentecost; Tone VI

Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary



September 15, 2017

A White Flag in Front of the Aggression of Secularism

—Fr. Raphael, can you point to some concrete features or characteristics of modernism—its distinctive features, so to speak?

—You can point to a whole number of such features. It’s not necessarily that the article or lecture of some modernist will present all the points, but even one is enough to understand that we are dealing with reformism. You don’t have to change all the numbers in a complex formula: It’s enough to change one number, and the whole formula won’t work; one deep wound on a man’s body is enough for blood to flow. Therefore, the errors of modernists enumerated can be contained in any composition, or even be limited to one.[2]

1. Modernists deny the transmission of Adam’s sin to his descendants.

2. They deny the atonement or distort its meaning.

3. They are skeptical towards miracles described in the Bible and in the lives of the saints.

4. They deny the transubstantiation of the Holy Gifts celebrated in the Liturgy.

5. They are hostile to the word “mysticism,” consciously confusing Orthodox mysticism with false mysticism.

6. They strive for language reform—replacing the ancient liturgical language for the modern language, which is less responsive to the dynamics of prayer.

7. They consider the love of God in isolation from the justice of God, thus drawing Divine love into the justification of moral permissiveness.

8. They distort the concept of the Church, namely the dogma of “I believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.” They believe that people can be saved in other religious confessions, or even in the absence of any religious faith. They ignore the action of the Holy Spirit Who abides in the Church, and deny the holiness of the Church and the purity of its teachings. They substitute the conciliar consciousness of the Church for their own conjectures and speculations.

9. They try to rationalize theology and worship, generally coldly relating to the services, considering them a secondary matter for salvation.

10. They relate to Holy Tradition, customs, and continuity nihilistically.

11. According to modernists, classical, orthodox theology is nothing more than “spiritual stagnation and boredom.”

12. To hide their anti-Orthodox orientation, modernists affirm in one place that which they deny in another; they deny that which they themselves earlier proved. In this regard, if a modernist is denounced for heretical thoughts, then he refers to another place in his statements and says that his views should be considered not in isolation, but as a whole; but what this whole means is unclear. Modernists resort to such a technique in order to create confusion in the minds of the Orthodox.

13. Many modernists try to rehabilitate the teachings of Origen and almost make him out to be a victim of delusion on the part of Orthodox apologists—the fathers of the Ecumenical Councils. For modernists, Origen is an uncanonized saint.

14. They teach that universalism is pre-determined by God, that is, inevitable. They not only repeat variations of the apokatastasis of Origen, but in some cases go much further. If for Origen the sinner must go through purifying suffering on earth, then some modernists believe it’s enough for a sinner to desire salvation and he will be saved.

15. Modernists downplay the importance of both the angelic and demonic powers in the history of the world and the moral life of every man. They are inclined to write off demonic temptation as emotional effects and mental disorders.

16. Modernists try to discredit Church authorities and religious books.

17. They veer between evolutionary and creationist teachings about the creation of the world and man, and advocate a compromise hypothesis.

18. Modernists use forgery in their critical attacks on Orthodox teaching: Their assumptions are displayed as facts, and their shaky foundations as hard evidence.

19. By assembling quotes and manipulating fragments plucked from Patristic writings, they ascribe to the holy fathers those opinions that suit them, regardless of Church exegesis and the rules of hermeneutics.

20. Modernists, expressing their thoughts, try not to fully reveal them, so as not to betray their anti-Orthodox nature. Therefore, modernists feel the fragmentation and incompleteness of conceptual views.

21. Modernists’ deficiency of faith is disguised as broadmindedness. They speculate with the words “science,” “education,” and “progress.”

[Indeed, they have an unbreakable faith in the idol they call “science”. They question everything, from the Scripture to the words of our Lord to the holy tradition of the Fathers in the Church, but every idiocy uttered by the scientist idol through its pathetic oracles is taken by them at once as sacred dogma. All of them believe firmly to live upon a mad ball, blessed by democratic progress sculpted in unfailing love for the unrepentant, wandering aimlessly in a demential universe. They are the fullest fulfilment of the prophecy of St. Anthony the Great! – ndM]

22. Modernism not only indulges human passions and worldly tastes, but sometimes even comes to a cynical attitude toward sacred objects. They speak about metaphysical problems with jokes and grins that destroy the sense of awe towards faith. Divinity is a fire, to which it is impossible to draw near without repentance and awe. Some theologians act as if they want to borrow the glory of Mullah Nasreddin.[3]

—What is it that propels a Church person to become a modernist?

—What propels him is that which the Gospel warns us about: pride of the mind, lust of the flesh, and the temptations of the world, with its semi-pagan spirit and the cult of pleasure. It’s the desire to combine the incompatible: holiness and sin, love for Christ with the lust of the world, the Church with the Tower of Babel, Divine revelation with limited concepts and ideas stricken with pride, under the influence of the passions and the egotism of human reason. It is the desire not to submit to revelation, but for revelation to submit to you; it is an attitude towards Tradition as to raw material from which you can sculpt any form and which you can interpret in conformance with the voice of your own passions and desires. In the words of the secular poet: “The white rose with the black toad I wanted to marry in the land.” The thrust of modernists’ thinking is directed towards the earth and is subject to history. For them, religion is not a revelation of eternity in time and a path towards it, but one of the guarantees for earthly prosperity.

Our time is an era of social and moral revolutions that stun the world. There is a growing process of revision and reformation in all spheres of social, cultural, and moral life, altering morality, breaking worldview conceptions, breaking human relationships, causing catastrophic family breakdown, and the emotional cooling off of people for one another. There is a defilement of morality and an apology for sin through art, literature, and the media. Morality and chastity are seen as opposed to nature, which avenges them with neuroses and phobias. Television shows are turning into injections of debauchery, cruelty, and pride. People’s consciousness is becoming more and more secularized. The permissiveness of lust develops parallel to the permissiveness of the mind (as the mind is identified with one of its powers—reason). As a result, man’s religious intuition is blunted, and his spirit goes into itself and remains as if in a lethargic dream, in a state that can be called neither life nor death.

But there remains in the soul of man some feeling of the mystery of eternity, which neither positivism nor atheism can grant. Therefore, man does not completely sever himself from religion, but looks for compromises that would give room to his intellectual lawlessness, and not hinder the lusts of his soul and body, and at the same time would, to some degree, satisfy his religious sensibilities. The general decline of spirituality was a breeding ground for modernism, which promises to create a new, lightened for the will, comfortable for the passions, unfettered by dogmas and canons for the pride of mind liberal and humanitarian Christianity. In this case, a person can go to church and say his prayers, and at the same time do yoga and meditations taken from the East, be a regular at rock concerts, participate in the creation of monastic literary and sports clubs, and in all this consider himself an Orthodox Christian, of course calling himself not a slave of God, but a son of God.

The Gospel teaching and high ideals of Christianity seem to such people not native and natural to their souls, but some unattainable, beautiful abstraction, which is impossible to implement in life, and sometimes an assault against human nature, which responds to this coercion with painful complexes and pathologies. Modernists seek to replace asceticism with the pleasures of fallen human nature; in this sense it is an apology for the passions and a means of fitting them under Christianity. Modernists want to create a unified Christianity, where the good peacefully co-exist with the evil, to replace the Logos of Christ with the logos of Heraclitus. One of the most prominent decadents wrote, “I want that my boat sailed everywhere, and the Lord and the devil both I am ready to glorify” (Bryusov).

In our time of moral degradation and the legalization of what was previously considered a perversion and disgrace, to live in a Christian manner is already a podvig. Morality is one of the organic elements of religion. With its fall, religion stops being the inner life of man and moves to the periphery of his consciousness. Here there are several possible paths of outcome. First is the struggle for morality and the opposition to the temptations of the world, as to a concentrate of passions, and an atmosphere electrified by lust, pride, and egocentricity, in which man lives.

The second path is Gnosticism and skepticism, as a system of denial, as a comfortable way to escape his own conscience and reflections about the meaning of human existence, while religious teachings and moral principle are perceived as relativistic concepts.

The third path is the satisfaction of warped mystical feelings through Eastern pantheistic religions and occultism. The fourth path is liberal Christianity—a compromise between Christianity and the world, which removes moral responsibility from man. This Christianity is not spiritual joy, but a good mood. It’s like a medicine that does not heal, but reassures the ill that he is healthy, hiding from him that his innards are decimated by cancer. It’s a Christianity with a goose on the spit in Lent and concerts in Holy Week; a Christianity where Heaven and earth change places.

The Gospel is not from the world, but from Heaven—it is the voice of eternity, which opens to us that man himself is created for eternity. The Gospel convicts the world in its sins, and therefore the world hates Christ and His followers.

Modernism is a workshop for the production of false christs, the stainer’s cauldron, in which you can dye Church robes in any color. Modernism has no academic, cultural, or theological foundations. It’s a white flag, thrown in front of the aggression of secularism. However, it corresponds to the sentiment of a significant part of society and they accept it without reasoning; they accept it because they want, instead of harsh realities, to believe in a rosy utopia.


September 11, 2017

There is only one cause for neurosis, the alienation from God, and there is only one cause for psychosis, the fear of death.

There is only one therapy for them: Christ and His Church.


September 11, 2017

Euthanasia – The Mercy of the Devil

The Christian attitude towards suffering and death

Prayer of our Holy Father St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

(St. Ambrose attributed this prayer to the Apostle Matthew, upon the occasion of the Apostle’s conversion.)

Thee alone I follow, Lord Jesus, Who heals my wounds. For what shall separate me from the love of God, which is in Thee! Shall tribulation, or distress, or famine? I am held fast as though by nails, and fettered by the bonds of charity. Remove from me, O Lord Jesus, with Thy potent sword, the corruption of my sins. Secure me in the bonds of Thy love; cut away what is corrupt in me. Come quicldy and make an end of my many, my hidden and secret afflictions. Open the wound lest the evil humour spread. With Thy new washing, cleanse in me all that is stained. Hear me, you earthly men, who in your sins bring forth drunken thoughts: I have found a Physican. He dwells in Heaven and distributes His healing on earth. He alone can heal my pains Who Himself has none. He alone Who knows what is hidden, can take away the grief of my heart, the fear of my soul—Jesus Christ. Christ is grace, Christ is life, Christ is Resurrection! Amen.


September 7, 2017

I beg you on my knees, sisters: do not kill your children!

“When you go for an abortion, you are cold on the inside from fear and doubts. There is no faith, only emptiness…

“Actually, you know that you’re doing something horrible, but everyone tries to persuade you that it’s from fear for your health, that you’re scared of the operation. But health has nothing to do with it—you’re going to kill your child, and the horror is all from that. Everyone says that at such an early date there’s nothing there—it’s a lie. Everyone knows the baby is already alive and real, from the first day. Only the lies of those around you and your own insecurities can push you to such a path.

If only I had known then that the moment of becoming pregnant is the moment when the Lord Himself had decided to bestow a child upon me and make me a mother! And it means that God Himself knows I am ready. If only I had understood that there is an enemy who is making haste to destroy my soul, rob my child of life, and to do so he lies, and frightens, leading me to despair, and there’s a whole army around me helping him in this. If only I had known then that the Lord never abandons even one mother without help and sustenance. We need only to pray to Him, and He will help. If only I had known that I would never be able to forgive myself for this choice. If only I had known that parents are special people to whom God has given to a specific child, to make his life better and more secure, to protect him, and most importantly, to love him. If my mama had said, ‘Don’t worry, dear, I’m with you,’ then nothing could have made me walk that corridor.

You don’t need much to not walk this path: Believe that everything will be okay, rely on God with all your heart, and most importantly, don’t listen to the enemy. Death is what the enemy has chosen for us. The Lord gives life everlasting! And to all those who have gone through this, I say: All the pain in your life is from unrepentant sin. Make haste to God and repent, and He will heal your soul. Everything can change, as long as we’re alive.”


September 2, 2017

The sound Christian mind of Vincent Rossi is confirmed by his very early acknowledgement of the extraordinary importance of father Seraphim Rose for the Western man and the rebirth of Christianity in the West (yet every Christian, everywhere, has a lot to learn from his life and works and struggle).

After the completion of the repentance of the Rus’, the re-chrismation of the Western man is the most important task in the battle to retard the incoronation of the antichrist, so that more souls may be saved before the end.

Father Seraphim of Platina is the first saint that the Western man has produced in a millennium, in my poor understanding, and it would be extremely important for the Church’s hierarchies to recognize it.
Extremely important, not necessary though.

Holy father Seraphim, pray and intercede to the Lord for us!

St. Seraphim of Platina


August 28, 2017

CRETIN – What are you doing? Why are you crossing yourself and bowing tens of times?

ORTHODOX – I’m asking for God’s mercy.

CRETIN – I thank God that I am not like you. I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour (how kind of me!), and now I’m saved. I don’t waste my time like you do.

ORTHODOX – Glad for you. As a sinner, I’m afraid I’ll have to keep on asking for God’s mercy until I leave this world, through the prayers and intercessions of the Theotokos.

CRETIN – Idolater!

ORTHODOX – Isn’t Christ your Lord and Saviour?

CRETIN – Sure!

ORTHODOX – Who gave birth to Christ, who gave Him man flesh?

CRETIN – Mary!

ORTHODOX – Doesn’t God command to honor the father and the mother?

CRETIN – Of course!

ORTHODOX – Are you saying that the Lord does not observe a commandment He Himself has given to us?

CRETIN – I’ve never said that!

ORTHODOX – Then the Lord honors His mother. Therefore let us venerate whom the Lord honors and let us ask the favor and the intercessions of whom the Lord honors. But you feel free to continue venerating yourself, the saved-one.


August 27, 2017

“Magnify O my soul, the honourable Translation of the Mother of God from earth to heaven.”

Dormizione della Madre di Dio

Behold your Mother

Quello che fu sin dal principio, che noi abbiamo udito, che noi abbiamo visto con i nostri occhi, sul quale abbiamo guardato, e le nostre mani hanno toccato, della Parola della Vita – poiche’ la Vita si e’ manifestata, e noi l’abbiamo vista, e portiamo testimonianza, e vi mostriamo quella Vita eterna, che era con il Padre, ed a noi fu manifesta – quello che abbiamo visto e sentito noi vi annunciamo, che anche voi possiate avere sodalizio con noi: e veramente il nostro sodalizio e’ con il Padre, e con suo Figlio Gesu’ Cristo.

E vi scriviamo queste cose, che la vostra gioia possa essere piena.

Questo dunque e’ il messaggio che abbiamo udito da Lui, e vi proclamiamo, che Dio e’ luce, e non vi e’ oscurita’ alcuna in Lui. Se noi diciamo che abbiamo comunione con Lui, e camminiamo nella tenebra, noi mentiamo, e non operiamo la verita’: ma se camminiamo nella luce, com’Egli e’ nella luce, noi abbiamo comunione l’uno con l’altro, ed il sangue di Gesu’ Cristo ci purifica da ogni peccato.

Se noi diciamo che non abbiamo peccato, noi inganniamo noi stessi, e la verita’ non e’ in noi. Se noi confessiamo i nostri peccati, Egli e’ degno di fede e giusto da perdonarci i nostri peccati, e mondarci da ogni ingiustizia.

Se noi diciamo che non abbiamo peccato, noi facciamo di Lui un bugiardo, e la Sua parola non e’ in noi.

Figlioli miei, queste cose io vi scrivo, che voi non pecchiate. E se qualche uomo pecca, noi abbiamo un avvocato con il Padre, Gesu’ Cristo il giusto: ed Egli e’ la propiziazione per i nostri peccati: e non solo per i nostri, ma per quelli del mondo intero anche.

E con questo noi sappiamo che Lo conosciamo, se noi osserviamo i Suoi comandamenti. Colui che dice, io lo conosco, e non osserva i Suoi comandamenti, e’ un bugiardo, e la verita’ non e’ in lui. Ma chi osserva la Sua parola, in lui davvero l’amore di Dio e’perfezionato: da questo noi sappiamo che siamo in Lui. Colui che dice di dimorare in Lui deve anch’egli camminare cosi’, proprio come Egli cammino’.

Confratelli, non vi scrivo un nuovo comandamento, ma un vecchio comandamento che voi avevate dall’inizio. Il vecchio comandamento e’ la parola che avete udito sin dall’inizio. Ancora, un nuovo comandamento vi scrivo, che e’ vero in Lui ed in voi: perche’ la tenebra e’ passata, e la vera luce ora risplende. Colui che dice di essere nella luce, e odia suo fratello, e’ nella tenebra proprio fino ad ora. Colui che ama suo fratello dimora nella luce, e non vi e’ occasione in lui di inciampare. Ma colui che odia il fratello e’ nella tenebra, e cammina nell’oscurita’, e non sa dove va, perche’la tenebra ha oscurato i suoi occhi.

Io vi scrivo, figlioli, perche’ i vostri peccati vi son perdonati per amore del Suo nome. Io vi scrivo, padri, perche’ voi avete conosciuto Colui che e’ sin dal principio. Io vi scrivo, giovani uomini, perche’ voi avete sopraffatto il maligno. Io vi scrivo, figlioli, perche’ avete conosciuto il Padre.

Io vi ho scritto, padri, perche’ voi avete conosciuto Colui che e’ sin dal principio, Io vi ho scritto, giovani uomini, perche’ siete forti, e la parola di Dio dimora in voi, e avete sopraffatto il maligno.

Non amate il mondo, e neppure le cose che sono nel mondo. Se qualche uomo ama il mondo, l’amore del Padre non e’ in lui. Poiche’ tutto cio’ che e’ nel mondo, la brama della carne, e il desiderio degli occhi, e la superbia di vivere, non e’ del Padre, ma e’ del mondo. Ed il mondo svanisce, e le sue brame: ma colui che opera la volonta’ di Dio rimane per sempre.

Figlioli, e’ l’ultima ora: e come avete udito che l’anticristo verra’, anche adesso vi sono molti anticristi; per questo sappiamo che e’ l’ultima ora. Essi si separarono da noi, ma non erano dei nostri; poiche’ se fossero stati dei nostri, essi avrebbero senza dubbio continuato con noi: ma si separarono, che potesse essere reso palese che non erano tutti dei nostri.

Ma voi avete una unzione da Colui che e’ Santo, e sapete ogni cosa.

Io non vi ho scritto perche’ non sapete la verita’, ma perche’ la sapete, e che nessuna menzogna e’ della verita’. Chi altri e’ un bugiardo se non colui che nega che Gesu’ e’ il Cristo? Egli e’ l’anticristo, che nega il Padre ed il Figlio. Chiunque neghi il Figlio, quello stesso non ha il Padre: chi riconosce il Figlio ha anche il Padre.

Lasciate pertanto che quello dimori in voi, che avete udito sin dall’inizio. Se quello che avete udito dall’inizio rimarra’ in voi, anche voi continuerete nel Figlio e nel Padre. E questa e’ la promessa che Egli ci ha assicurato, proprio la vita eterna.

Queste cose vi ho scritto riguardo coloro che vi seducono. Ma la Sua unzione che voi avete ricevuto dimora in voi, e non avete bisogno che alcun uomo vi dia insegnamento: ma quella stessa unzione vi istruisce di tutte le cose, ed e’ verita’, e non e’ menzogna, e proprio come vi ha istruito, voi dimorerete in Lui.

Ed ora, figlioli, dimorate in Lui; che, quando apparira’, noi si possa aver fiducia, e non avere vergogna di fronte a Lui alla sua venuta. Se voi sapete che Egli e’ giusto, voi sapete che chiunque operi giustizia e’ nato da Lui.

Ecco, che immenso amore il Padre ci ha concesso, che noi dovremmo essere chiamati i figli di Dio: per questo il mondo non ci conosce, perche’ non ha conosciuto Lui.

Amati, adesso siamo noi i figli di Dio, e ancora non appare quello che saremo: ma noi sappiamo che, quando Lui apparira’, noi saremo come Lui; poiche’ Lo vedremo come Egli e’. Ed ogni uomo che ha questa speranza in Lui si purifica, proprio come Egli e’ puro.

Chiunque commetta peccato trasgredisce anche la legge: poiche’ il peccato e’ la violazione della legge. E voi sapete che Egli fu manifestato per togliere i nostri peccati; ed in Lui non vi e’ peccato. Chiunque dimori in Lui non pecca: chiunque commetta peccato non Lo ha visto, e nemmeno Lo conosce.

Figlioli, non lasciate che alcun uomo vi inganni: colui che opera giustizia e’ giusto, proprio com’Egli e’ giusto. Colui che commette peccato e’ del diavolo; poiche’ il diavolo pecca sin dal principio. Per questo scopo il Figlio di Dio fu manifestato, che Egli potesse distruggere le opere del diavolo. Chiunque sia nato da Dio non commette peccato; poiche’ il Suo seme rimane in lui: ed egli non puo’ peccare, perche’ e’ nato da Dio.

In questo la prole di Dio e’ manifesta, e quella del diavolo: chiunque non operi giustizia non e’ di Dio, e nemmeno colui che odia suo fratello. Poiche’ questo e’ il messaggio che voi udiste dall’inizio, che noi dobbiamo amarci l’un l’altro. Non come Caino, che era del maligno, ed uccise suo fratello. E perche’ lo uccise? Perche’ le sue proprie opere erano malvagie, e quelle di suo fratello giuste.

Non meravigliatevi, miei confratelli, se il mondo vi odia.

Noi sappiamo che siamo passati dalla morte alla vita, perche’ noi amiamo il confratello. Colui che non ama suo fratello rimane nella morte. Chiunque odia suo fratello e’ un assassino: e voi sapete che nessun assassino ha la vita eterna dimorante in lui. Con questo percepiamo noi l’amore di Dio, perche’ Egli depose la sua vita per noi: e noi dovremmo deporre le nostre vite per il confratello.

Ma chiunque abbia i beni di questo mondo, e veda suo fratello nel bisogno, e chiuda le sue condotte di compassione da lui, in che modo l’amore di Dio dimora in lui?

Figlioli miei, che noi non si ami in parole, o in discorsi; ma in opere e verita’. E con questo noi sappiamo che siamo della verita’, e rassicureremo i nostri cuori di fronte a Lui. Poiche’ se il nostro cuore ci condanna, Dio e’ piu’ grande del nostro cuore, e conosce ogni cosa.

Amati, se il nostro cuore non ci condanna, allora abbiamo noi confidenza verso Dio. E qualunque cosa chiediamo, noi la riceviamo da Lui, perche’ osserviamo i Suoi comandamenti, e facciamo quelle cose che sono piacevoli alla Sua vista.

E questo e’ il Suo comandamento, che noi dobbiamo credere nel nome di Suo Figlio Gesu’ Cristo, ed amarci l’un l’altro, come Egli ci comando’. E colui che osserva i Suoi comandamenti dimora in Lui, ed Egli in lui. E con questo noi sappiamo che Egli dimora in noi, dallo Spirito che Egli ci ha dato.

Amati, non credete in ogni spirito, ma controllate gli spiriti se essi siano da Dio: perche’ molti falsi profeti sono andati fuori nel mondo. Con questo voi riconoscete lo Spirito di Dio: ogni spirito che confessa che Gesu’ Cristo e’ venuto nella carne e’ di Dio; ed ogni spirito che non confessa che Gesu’ Cristo e’ venuto nella carne non e’ di Dio; e questo e’ quello spirito dell’anticristo, del quale avete udito che deve venire; e proprio ora e’ gia’ nel mondo.

Voi siete di Dio, figlioli, e li avete sopraffatti: perche’ piu’ grande e’ Colui che e’ in voi, di colui che e’ nel mondo. Essi sono del mondo: pertanto parlano del mondo, ed il mondo li ascolta. Noi siamo di Dio: colui che conosce Dio ascolta noi; colui che non e’ di Dio non ci ascolta. Con questo noi conosciamo lo Spirito di verita’, e lo spirito dell’errore.

Diletti, amiamoci l’un l’altro: poiche’ l’amore e’ di Dio; e chiunque ami e’ nato da Dio, e conosce Dio. Colui che non ama non conosce Dio; poiche’ Dio e’ amore. In questo fu manifestato l’amore di Dio verso di noi, perche’ Dio invio’ il Suo unigenito Figlio nel mondo, che noi potessimo vivere per mezzo Suo. Qui e’ l’amore, non che noi amammo Dio, ma che Egli amo’ noi, ed invio’ Suo Figlio per essere la propiziazione per i nostri peccati.

Diletti, se Dio ci ha cosi’ amati, anche noi dovremmo amarci l’un l’altro. Nessun uomo ha mai visto Dio. Se noi ci amiamo l’un l’altro, Dio dimora in noi, ed il Suo amore e’ perfezionato in noi. Con questo noi sappiamo che noi dimoriamo in Lui, e Lui in noi, perche’ Egli ci ha dato del Suo Spirito. E noi abbiamo visto e testimoniamo che il Padre invio’ il Figlio per essere il Salvatore del mondo.

Chiunque confessera’ che Gesu’ e’ il Figlio di Dio, Dio dimora in lui, ed egli in Dio. E noi abbiamo saputo e creduto nell’amore che Dio ha per noi. Dio e’ amore; e colui che dimora nell’amore dimora in Dio, e Dio in lui. Qui e’ il nostro amore reso perfetto, che noi si possa avere confidenza nel giorno del giudizio: perche’ come Egli e’, cosi’ siamo noi nel mondo. Non vi e’ paura nell’amore; ma l’amore perfetto scaccia la paura: perche’ la paura ha tormento. Colui che ha paura non e’ reso perfetto nell’amore. Noi Lo amiamo, perche’ Egli per primo ha amato noi.

Se un uomo dice, io amo Dio, e odia suo fratello, egli e’ un bugiardo: poiche’ colui che non ama suo fratello che ha visto, come puo’ amare Dio che non ha visto?

E questo comandamento noi abbiamo da lui, che chi ama Dio ama anche suo fratello.

Chiunque creda che Gesu’ e’ il Cristo e’ nato da Dio: e chiunque ami Colui che ha generato ama anche Colui che da Lui e’ generato. Da questo noi sappiamo che amiamo la prole di Dio, quando noi amiamo Dio, ed osserviamo i Suoi comandamenti. Poiche’ questo e’ l’amore di Dio, che noi osserviamo i Suoi comandamenti: ed i Suoi comandamenti non sono pesanti. Poiche’ qualsiasi nasca da Dio vince il mondo: e questa e’ la vittoria che sconfigge il mondo, proprio la nostra fede.

Chi e’ colui che vince il mondo, se non colui che crede che Gesu’ e’ il Figlio di Dio?

Egli e’ Colui che venne con acqua e sangue, proprio Gesu’ Cristo; non solo con acqua, ma con acqua e sangue. Ed e’ lo Spirito che porta testimonianza, perche’ lo Spirito e’ verita’.

Poiche’ ci sono Tre che reggono la supremazia in Cielo, il Padre, la Parola, e lo Spirito Santo: e questi Tre sono Uno. E ci sono tre che portano testimonianza in terra, lo spirito, e l’acqua, ed il sangue: e questi tre concordano in uno.

Se noi accettiamo la testimonianza degli uomini, la testimonianza di Dio e’ piu’ grande: poiche’ questa e’ la testimonianza di Dio che Egli ha dato di Suo Figlio. Colui che crede nel Figlio di Dio ha la testimonianza in se’ stesso: colui che non crede in Dio ha fatto di Lui un bugiardo; perche’ egli non crede la testimonianza che Dio diede di Suo Figlio. E questa e’ la testimonianza, che Dio ci ha dato la vita eterna, e questa vita e’ in Suo Figlio. Colui che ha il Figlio ha vita; e colui che non ha il Figlio di Dio non ha vita.

Queste cose ho scritto a voi che credete nel nome del Figlio di Dio; che voi possiate sapere che avete vita eterna, e che possiate credere nel nome del Figlio di Dio. E questa e’ la fiducia che noi abbiamo in Lui, che, se chiediamo qualsiasi cosa secondo il Suo volere, Egli ci ascolta: e se noi sappiamo che ci ascolta, qualsiasi cosa chiediamo, noi sappiamo che avremo le petizioni che da Lui desideriamo.

Se qualche uomo vede suo fratello commettere un peccato che non e’ mortale, chiedera’, ed Egli gli concedera’ vita per coloro che peccano non mortalmente. C’e’ un peccato che conduce alla morte: io non dico che lui preghera’ per quello.

Ogni ingiustizia e’ peccato: e c’e’ un peccato che non conduce alla morte.

Noi sappiamo che chiunque sia nato da Dio non pecca; ma colui che e’ nato da Dio controlla se’ stesso, ed il maligno non puo’ toccarlo. E sappiamo che noi siamo da Dio, ed il mondo intero giace nel male. E sappiamo che il Figlio di Dio e’ venuto, e ci ha dato comprensione, che noi si possa conoscere Colui che e’ vero, e noi siamo in Colui che e’ vero, proprio in Suo Figlio Gesu’ Cristo. Questo e’ il vero Dio, e la vita eterna.

Figlioli, guardatevi dagli idoli. Amen.

P.S. – Dialogue between an Orthodox and a cretin.


August 16, 2017

NOTA BENE – The videos I’ve linked here and elsewhere are very useful and full of important information; however, about their authors, you must always remember what I’ve written here.

Eric Dubay, for instance, is not less spiritually deluded than those whose lies he exposes. His oddments of truth will be good for nothing if he keeps on denying the Truth. As long as he does it, he shares with his opponents in the big lie; his efforts will not overcome the perennial curse of this world: the fake struggle of thesis and antithesis, all of them produced and managed by the the prince of this world always towards a further step for men away from God and nearer their perdition.

Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.


For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

If certain priests of the Most High revered the Word of God with the same zeal with which they defend the scientific narrative that has hypnotized men in recent centuries, the whole Italy would become Orthodox within a decade.

Alas, zeal without knowledge brings no fruits, never, not even when it is put to the service of the enemy. The few paragraphs produced by our priest are a blaze of nonsense and apodictic statements, such as the one claiming that the theory of the mad ball wandering in a demential universe is supported by “millions of empirical evidence”.

The reality is that every verifiable experience tells us exactly the opposite. Anyone who is free from conditioning or bondage can easily check it by himself.

This is not the case for our priest, who will even refuse to give a glimpse to the world around him, in fear of annoying the idol possessing him. An idol that is pompously called “science,” but that’s actually a big, fat lie tied to the most formidable propaganda machine that ever existed.

An idol whose ridiculous oracles are unable to present a single empirical evidence in favor of their whirlgig, apart from assertions like “there are elves in my garden but they become invisible whenever someone else wants to see them”, or with the attribution of magical creative power to mathematical formulas.

Just so! The world has been filled with idiots who think that if a mathematical formula (a mere language) can describe something, then it can also create it or, at least, that something it desribes must be real. In short, it’s like pretending that Gandalf was created or is real just because Tolkien perfectly describes him.

The thing is not surprising, since their master has spent his entire existence aping God, whose Word is the only One who creates!

So much so that our priest doesn’t let us know a single one of those millions of evidences supporting his crazy ball. He just mentions “photographs and movies of all kinds”. Photographs and movies that anyone who has not sacrificed his brain (or his soul) to that idol knows very well to be nothing but computer graphics, “artist impressions”, photoshop and movie products (these last are of very poor quality; real movies, like “Gravity”, are much more likely).

The solemn defender of the scientific faith also throws in a heartfelt appeal to avoid subverting society. Wow! Indeed, telling the truth has always caused contortions and spasms to this world, which is based and maintained upon a systematic lying. However, it would have been better he had used more suitable words, such as “do not disturb the prince (of this world)”.

The Lord said He had not come to bring peace to the world, but a sword. It would be interesting to know what reaction our priest would have had to His Word, if he had lived when the Son of God walked among men. I hope he would not have ripped up his attires.

And when the Apostle teaches that the whole world lies in evil, what is the reaction of our priest? Has even the Apostle perhaps developed a “pathological dependence on conspiracy theories”?

And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.

Finally, our priest runs to seek relief for his beloved ball to John Sanidopoulos, about whose strange logic we have already had the occasion to wonder.

Even this time the character does not deny his role as guardian of worldly orthodoxy; he delights us with another superb show of rabbit logic. If you listen to his humbugs, you get the impression that the holy Fathers of the Church were all believers of the ball in never-ending top spin inside a demential universe, with the exception of Lattanzio and another I have never heard of (both are not holy Fathers, anyway). Not only that, he disputes that until a few centuries ago the belief in a flat earth, immovable, at the center of the universe, was almost universal.

Of course, the truth is exactly the opposite. Men have always believed, from the beginning of time and everywhere, in a flat earth, fixed and immovable at the center of the universe, with a few exceptions (Eratosthenes, Pythagoras and some other eccentrics), until a few centuries ago, when the mystery of iniquity began to embody and with implacable efforts succeeded in developing in men the abysmal idiocy necessary to believe in the nonsense so dear to our zealous guardian of scientific orthodoxy.

Incidentally, Colombo’s journey, just like Magellan’s circumnavigation, is perfectly feasible on a flat earth, whose map you can see below. In fact, they are feasible only upon a flat earth. Try navigating upon a ball, if you do not believe it.

Map of the World

Oh crap! I forgot the gravity …… that magical force that keeps attached to the mad ball trillions tons of rock and earth, gazillions liters of water (curved moreover, something never seen in nature) and a billions square miles of air (also kept neatly in layers), and billions of people and buildings upside down, everything rotating about it at a thousand miles an hour, but which benevolently lets itself be won by the fragile wings of a sparrow and also allows us to take a few hops now and then.

Well, simple idiocy is not enough to believe such a thing. It takes a flaming idiocy! An idiocy burning with devotion for the idol that requires such a belief.

At least when such belief has been pondered analytically a few days, instead of simply taking it for granted, as all of us have done, following the programming and mental hypnotism that today are called education and information. In fact, every man get a globe almost together with maternal milk.

With regard to the holy Fathers of the Church, not one of them has ever believed the nonsense that the orthodox guardians of the world’s spirit defend at the sword. There are not many of them who have dealt with the issue, but for the simple reason that it was not an issue.

These were all things taken for granted, considered obvious, self-evident, not necessitous of analysis, also because they are not immediately relevant to Christian faith and soteriology (while not lying, not deceiving, not being ashamed of the Word of God, not falling into the delusion that it’s possible to believe a little in God and a little in His enemies, are extremely relevant to them).

Nor have they ever felt the need to dogmatize the matter. It would have been like dogmatizing that hot water burns. The Holy Church dogmatizes when there are controversial matters, this has never been controversial until the (rather recent) advent of the scientific idol.

In any case, all the holy Fathers of the Church who have explicitly dealt with this matter have univocally taught the literal meaning of the biblical narrative of Genesis and of the world’s chronology. All of them have affirmed the earth as the immovable center of the universe, perhaps without using the word “flat”, for the simple reason that there was no need to do it. At that time, men had not yet been sufficiently deprived of the Logos to be able to believe that they lived on a mad ball.

Also, all of them who have examined the even more recent bullshit known as “Darwinian evolution”, have condemned it as heretical.

I challenge anyone to present evidence of the contrary!

Of course, there is no war between faith and science. The faith of Christians is in the Truth and the legitimate science can do nothing but to experience and confirm what is true. The war against Truth has been declared by the scientist idol erected by the enemy upon fables for feeble-minded adults and served also by those who should serve instead the altar of the Most High.

The only true thing said in the mental swoon of our priest is that idiots, like the poor, will be always with us, until the Day of Judgment. Some of them, in the inscrutable good pleasure of the Lord, are dressed in priestly attire.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.


July 22, 2017

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