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November 30, 2011

Introduced by Wal Thronhill.

“Big-bang cosmology is a form of religious fundamentalism, as is the furor over black holes, and this is why these peculiar states of mind have flourished so strongly over the past quarter century. It is in the nature of fundamentalism that it should contain a powerful streak of irrationality and that it should not relate, in a verifiable, practical way, to the everyday world. It is also necessary for a fundamentalist belief that it should permit the emergence of gurus, whose pronouncements can be widely reported and pondered on endlessly—endlessly for the reason that they contain nothing of substance, so that it would take an eternity of time to distil even one drop of sense from them. Big-bang cosmology refers to an epoch that cannot be reached by any form of astronomy, and, in several decades, it has not produced a single successful prediction”

Sir Fred Hoyle


The consequences and possibilities in an Electric Universe are far-reaching. First we must acknowledge our profound ignorance! We know nothing of the origin of the universe. There was no Big Bang. The visible universe is static and much smaller than we thought. We have no idea of the age or extent of the universe. We don’t know the ultimate source of the electrical energy or matter that forms the universe. Galaxies are shaped by electrical forces and form plasma focuses at their centers, which periodically eject quasars and jets of electrons. Quasars evolve into companion galaxies. Galaxies form families with identifiable “parents” and “children”. Stars are electrical “transformers” not thermonuclear devices. There are no neutron stars or Black Holes. We don’t know the age of stars because the thermonuclear evolution theory does not apply to them. Supernovae are totally inadequate as a source of heavy elements. We do not know the age of the Earth because radioactive clocks can be upset by powerful electric discharges.

The powerful electric discharges that form a stellar photosphere create the heavy elements that appear in their spectra. Stars “give birth” electrically to companion stars and gas giant planets. Life is most likely to form inside the radiant plasma envelope of a brown dwarf star! Our Sun has gained new planets, including the Earth. That accounts for the “fruit-salad” of their characteristics. It is not the most hospitable place for life since small changes in the distant Sun could freeze or sterilize the Earth. Planetary surfaces and atmospheres are deposited during their birth from a larger body and during electrical encounters with other planets. Planetary surfaces bear the electrical scars of such cosmic events. The speed of light is not a barrier. Real-time communication over galactic distances may be possible. Therefore time is universal and time travel is impossible. Anti-gravity is possible. Space has no extra dimensions in which to warp or where parallel universes may exist. There is no “zero-point” vacuum energy. The invisible energy source in space is electrical. Clean nuclear power is available from resonant catalytic nuclear systems. Higher energy is available from resonant catalytic chemical systems than in the usual chemical reactions. Biological enzymes are capable of utilizing resonant nuclear catalysis to transmute elements. Biological systems show evidence of communicating via resonant chemical systems, which may lend a physical explanation to the work of Rupert Sheldrake. DNA does not hold the key to life but is more like a blueprint for a set of components and tools in a factory. We may never be able to read the human genome and tell whether it represents a creature with two legs or six because the information that controls the assembly line is external to the DNA. There is more to life than chemistry.

We are not hopelessly isolated in time and space on a tiny rock, orbiting an insignificant star in an insignificant galaxy. We are hopefully connected with the power and intelligence of the universe.



November 27, 2011

The Fascist States of Amerika !

They are going to vote the martial law in the United States.

Oh yes, Barack Hussein, you DID change!


November 24, 2011

Berlinski at his best !

The journey to the birth: the marvel.


November 23, 2011

It’s big time those whores get what they deserve!

Ron Paul’s in November 22nd Presidential Debate.


November 22, 2011


Mettere la gente completamente in mano a banche e governo, in risposta ad una crisi provocata da banche e governo (le crisi sono SEMPRE provocate da banche e governo).

La signora ha aggiunto nuovi significati al concetto di stupidita’!


November 20, 2011

No, it’s not debt. Not at all!

It’s this kind of galactic IDIOCY !!!

The new EU bureaucracy’s motto is: “If they are not stupid, BUT REALLY REALLY INCONTROVERTIBLY STUPID, we’ll not take them!”.


November 18, 2011

Nobody is giving much attention to what happened there.

They should !

Oh yes, they should !


November 15, 2011

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November 9, 2011

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November 6, 2011

“No program can proceed without the support of the people.”

Antonis Samaras – Greece’s opposition leader – saying the reason why he refuses to form an unity government.

Now we are just waiting to know the reason why he so strongly opposed the referendum just a few days ago. Maybe because “no program can proceed with the support of people”?

“It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.” –


The Cleveland Press, 3/1/21