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June 21, 2011

You are not a Tunisian, are you?



June 20, 2011

Elettor non ti crucciare,

Vuolsi cosi’ cola’ dove si puote

cio’ che si vuole, e piu’ non dimandare!


June 19, 2011

Daily Bell: Thanks for sitting down with us again. It’s been a while. We’ll ask some follow-ups to previous questions. Where do we stand with the US stimulus? Will we see QE3? Will it work any better than the last ones?

G. Edward Griffin: Well, it’s always a little dangerous to make predictions about what’s going to happen, but I think in this case the risk factor is pretty low, because that’s all these fellows know how to do … what is called QE1, QE2.  Quantitative easing is merely a more sophisticated phrase for creating money out of nothing and pumping it into the economic sectors, wherever they have friends, wherever they have places they need to re-enforce, to their own economic benefit.

They always make it sound like it is for the purpose of improving the economy, but make no mistake about it, we are dealing with a pretty corrupt system and there are a lot of people in that system that need to be taken care of.  The larger banks, the larger financial institutions are always at the top of the list. If you follow the money, you will find that the lion’s share of it always goes to the banks.  And if it doesn’t go to directly to banks, the next share goes directly to those corporations and institutions that owe money to the banks and are having trouble making their payments.

So, by sending money to these corporations and institutions, like General Motors for example, then they are always able to continue sending money to the banks. So, it always ends up at the banks. And that should be no surprise because the engine for all this is the Federal Reserve System, and if people don’t know it by now, they should know very quickly that the Federal Reserve System is a banking cartel. It’s no different than a banana cartel or oil cartel, shipping cartel, and it happens to be a banking cartel and like all cartels the purpose of its existence is not to help the public, not to benefit the economy, not to help America, it’s to benefit the members of the cartel, period.

That’s what’s going on in the process. Its all they know how to do; that’s what they are created to do as long as they are able to exist and given the power, that is what they will continue to do. And the second part of the question is, will it work any better than it did previously, the answer is that it worked very well but the problem is most people thought it was supposed to help the economy but that was never it’s purpose, it was to help the banks.

Remember this is a cartel and so the purpose of all this easing and stimulus is to help the banks and the political structures support the banks; that was its purpose. It was a very great success.  So, it will work just as well next time around, aiding those hidden agendas.  In terms of the economy and the people, it was never designed to help them.



June 17, 2011

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June 17, 2011




June 16, 2011

Less than 3 years after Armageddon, we are borrowing on the market at 3%


June 9, 2011

Good Night, America.

“At 9:30 a.m. on May 5, 26-year-old José Guerena, a Marine veteran who had logged two tours of duty in Iraq and had no criminal record, was asleep in his Arizona home after having returned from working the night shift at a mine. For reasons that authorities have not revealed, that home was targeted as part of a multi-pronged marijuana conspiracy arrest operation. What happened next was captured by a helmet cam and leaked to someone who posted it to YouTube. As you watch this, you’re forgiven if you think you’re seeing a Seal team raid on al-Qaeda. No, these are not soldiers. They’re Pima County sheriff’s deputies. Again, sheriff’s deputies.

Guerena’s wife, who was inside with the couple’s four-year-old child, says that she panicked at the sight of these armed strangers outside her window. She screamed for her husband to wake up. He did, and in the confusion of the moment, thinking he faced a home invasion, pushed her and their son into a closet (miraculously, they were unharmed), then grabbed his AR-15 and stepped into a dark hallway to protect his family. Big mistake.

Originally, Pima County officers reported that Guerena had opened fire on them. Later, they recanted and admitted that the safety was still on and the gun had not been fired. They also confirmed that, on their end, they shot 71 times, with 60 bullets hitting the “suspect.” Though surviving such an assault seems impossible, we’ll never know for sure, because paramedics were refused access to the house for over an hour. A search turned up nothing illegal.

Now, search warrants, police affidavits, and all other documents related to the case have been sealed by court order, ostensibly to protect an ongoing investigation, and the sheriff declares they may never be released. Journalists point out that this is a peculiar explanation, considering that the records were unsealed until four days after Guerena’s death, just about the time police were forced to revise their accounts of the raid. The stench here just worsens.

So, is Vieira right: Do we clock in at 7 out of 10? Or was Ron Paul more on the mark when, asked whether America was turning into a police state, he replied that we’re already there?”

The second you said….


June 8, 2011

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June 7, 2011

The Orlando police would arrest even Jesus Christ!


June 7, 2011

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