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December 28, 2015

And there is only One Church!

The Church was designed to reflect the perfect unity of the Three-One God
To be Christian means to belong to the Church
The Falsification of the Church with Christianity

Vladyka Hilarion


December 21, 2015

Together with an Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit, we wish a most joyful Christmas to all our dear brothers in error.


Of course, our good wishes do not extend to their hierarchies, wolves in sheep’s clothes who have lead them astray and away from the Communion of Christ. You can see one of them in the picture below, venerating a portrait of a serial assassin.


Them we consign to the Judgement of God!


December 19, 2015

From Plato’s Guns

I currently live in the south of Lebanon, in a farmhouse situated on a green Levantean hill.  My gardener is a 26 year old Syrian who lives with his family in a separate cottage on the property.  His wife is 20 and they have three children, the youngest being 4 months old.  They both hail from a small town that’s a good 40 minutes drive from Raqqa, ISIS’s capital in Syria.  Their town is under ISIS occupation, part of the swath of landmass under control of the terrorist army.  My gardener gets regular news from his town via a cellphone network of brothers, sisters and cousins scattered inside and outside their town and who are all in constant touch with each other with news and updates of the great and the small.  They are in constant circulation of their family, their friends and their neighbors’ news.  They are Micro Media messengers.  They are the purest form of media.  They cannot afford to lie or exaggerate to each other lest they cause unnecessary grief or danger to their loved ones.  I am privy to these microcosmic stories and I would like to share with you my general impression of them.

Three years ago, the now defunct Free Syrian Army – an armed opposition to Bashar that was funded, armed and trained by, ehm, us and other terrorist nations – well, they entered by force of arms and took over my gardener’s town and stayed there for a good year before ISIS – a foreign terrorist army that’s armed and trained by, ehm, again, us and other terrorist nations – began incrementally appearing inside my gardener’s hapless town.  ISIS soon began a territorial war against the FSA in the town and ISIS soon won.  So, basically, for a few months, our terrorists were fighting our other terrorists inside my gardener’s town.  Yes, it’s absurd, but that’s what happened.  The losers, the FSA, well, we hate losers so we cut our losses with them and we stuck it out with ISIS the winners, investing more and more in their military buildup in my gardener’s town and in other towns and villages under ISIS control in the vicinity.

Since their victory, ISIS have completely transformed my gardener’s old town, previously famed for the beauty of its river banks and splendid Franco-Syrian architecture. In its two year reign, ISIS has painted most of the town’s buildings in matt black – the universal color for bereavement and death.  Anything that architecturally hearkened to traditional Syrian culture has been either darkened, or, completely demolished.  Cousins who warily walk down the old narrow streets  report a depressive and oppressive effect from this uniform and ubiquitous blackness; a soul-blinding blackness despite the glaring sun above – sun rays only emphasizing how black the town has become.

The town famous for its cheerful riverside restaurants and live bands is now an ISIS paradise where smoking, alcohol, music, and short hair on men is punishable by public beheading.  The local men are forced to grow their hair long and the only facial hair allowed is the infamous (and unattractive) jowl-lined beard, sans facial hair on cheeks, and sans mustache.  Yes, a mustache will get your head chopped off in my gardener’s town.

Only religious channels on TV and radio are allowed transmission.  All expressions of non-religious art is forbidden.  Playing cards is considered gambling and is punishable by death.  All forms of public sports and entertainment are banned.  Mostly, the audio issuing out of the town is a mixture of prayers blaring out of shop speakers and minarets,  punctuated by random human screams.

My gardener says that his town’s population is estimated to be between eight and ten thousand civilian residents.  When I asked him a few months ago how many ISIS terrorists are in his town, he despairingly said:  “They’re everywhere – like ants”.  Black ants.

Very few of these “ants” speak Arabic, let alone Arabic with a Syrian accent.  For all intents and purposes, the invaders of this town are all foreign.

Needless to say, the townspeople live in daily mortal fear of the random death penalties handed out by capricious ISIS captains.  In order to self-preserve and protect their families, everyone in the village complies by ISISian laws.  They are allowed to leave the town, but only by written permission from ISIS security offices, after the reasons for wanting to leave have been investigated.  They are free to leave yet most townspeople choose to stay.  They do this because ISIS claims instant rights to the homes and fields of anyone who is not physically present in the town (think Israel here and its ‘absentee’ confiscation laws of Arab properties in Jerusalem).  Simply, to leave an ISIS-occupied town in Syria is tantamount to giving ISIS one’s house and orchard – fields that one’s grandfathers had farmed, toiled and cultivated for several centuries.  Syrian land-pride and fear of the humiliations of refugeedom keeps the natives mortally chained to their town – in the hope that the Syrian Arab Army will one day finally reach them and liberate them from their miserable and surrealistic hell.

The men of the town, in clusters of families, look after each other.  They only leave their homes in pairs or more, usually to purchase food or to go to mosque for prayers.  Mosque attendance is obligatory for males over 8 years of age and random headcounts at local mosque doors are the norm.  If you are male, over 8 and you are caught not attending daily mosque prayers and Friday sermons without valid reason such as provable sickness, you will receive 30 lashes in public, followed by 30 days in a local ISIS rat-infested jail, where daily beatings and dirty drinking water are on the menu.

It is close to impossible to flee the town without permission as ISIS has a five kilometer radius of snipers positioned at every possible strategic asphalt exit and at every turn of goat path.  When ISIS first took over, many a desperate young male attempted the deadly ISIS gauntlet and failed – their bodies dragged back through the town streets and their families’ homes confiscated  as further punishment.

With arbitrary interpretations of Sharia law and a strict dress-code imposed on the town, women there barely leave their homes, if ever.  Even though when out in public, they are covered in black cloth from head to toe, they are brittle with fear of an ISIS fighter taking a liking to them and forcing them into marriage and into bleak ISIS motherhood.  Some women have committed suicide as an alternative to an ISIS betrothal.  When ISIS first took over, a list of the most beautiful women of the town was taken down and the husbands of these women were subsequently murdered to allow for these women’s forced marriage to ISIS honchos.  Even though their families are conservative Muslims and their lifestyle would be considered strict, this is not the Islam the local women know and practice.  They fear walking the streets because they  do not want to risk an added grief to their families, and because they also reject ISIS’s version of Islam.  Only ISIS’s black-clad foreign brides swan down the streets in proud confidence.

Local boys are forbidden from playing on the streets and are daily herded into Madrases and mosques from sunrise till dusk.  Girls are denied an education, even Koranic education, and are expected to stay illiterate and in the kitchens till marriage.  Before ISIS, the poor of the town had a tradition of keeping their girls in school till age 14.  Before ISIS, teen girls from poor families would pile into the back of rickety farming trucks  early in the morning and sing their way to eggplant and potato fields for daily work and earnings.  Since ISIS’s rule, 37 teen girls were imprisoned and raped before they were carted out of town and sold as sex slaves – their crime was carrying a rake or a sack in a field – doing a ‘man’s work’.

Needless to say, a silent seething hatred in the breast of the townspeople perpetually brews.  They have physically surrendered to ISIS, but not mentally and not ideologically.  There is a determined resistance there, albeit a silent one…  Mostly silent, that is.

When ISIS first took over, a few locals sided with them and acted as spies and snitches.  Over time, these traitors have either been murdered or disappeared by faceless locals acting off their own volition, usually in revenge of family deaths caused by the traitors.  These unorganized acts of resistance, these small dots of stealthy defiance would fill the hearts of the townspeople with joy whenever they would occur.

For over three years the citizens of my gardener’s town have been forced to live with the black-clad grim reapers.  For over three years the world did nothing to help these Syrian townspeople.  No army and no messiah came forth to save them.

Not till Putin stepped in, that is.

One week after the Russian army began its aerial campaign against ISIS in the region between Raqqa and the Turkish border, the Syrian army, under cover of the Russian Air Force, thoroughly managed to liberate multiple villages and towns there, advancing up to 40 kilometers from my gardener’s town.  But then the Syrian Arab Army stopped right there, turning their attentions  westwards  instead, to more strategic battles against ISIS in other nearby villages.

When this  happened, a good quarter of ISIS terrorists packed up and left the town – gone to Raqaa to defend it against eventual attack by Bashar’s approaching military.  Soon after, an extraordinary thing happened:  a secret local and armed resistance made itself known in the town through the kidnapping and execution of ISIS terrorists.   They worked by cover of night, they worked in small groups, and they left no fingerprints.  Not even their own families know who members of this resistance are.  ISIS bodies are still being discovered on a regular basis – and currently being so under-staffed, ISIS seems to be unable to keep tabs on all the townspeople 24/7 like they used to before the Russian arrival to Syria.  They are losing their absolute control over the town.

Best of all, earlier this week, the Russian Air Force targeted and bombed six ISIS locations in the town itself.  No doubt, the Syrian Arab Army will soon be turning their boots towards this town again.  No doubt liberation is imminent.

Since the six bombings occurred, more ISIS men and their families have fled the village, rendering ISIS’s hold on the town even weaker.  Only about half of the evil black-clad “ants” now remain.  And as a consequence of ISIS’s diminishing numbers, the local resistance has been able to operate more freely and they are literally picking out ISIS fighters, killing them one by one practically on a nightly basis – either stabbing them down dark streets, hanging them from trees on the outskirts of town, bludgeoning their skulls with rocks in fields, or sniping them with hunting riffles while on guard duty.  When ISIS security men claimed to have caught two resistance men and prepared for their public execution, a sudden riot broke out at the ghoulish event and local men clashed with ISIS fighters, resulting in the deaths of three civilians and four ISIS terrorists – as well as the successful escape of the two accused.  This was the first civilian riot against the occupiers since the town was first taken over four years ago.  It seems that when their odds improved, the people’s rage manifested as a collective outburst of courage.

ISIS town bosses don’t even have the luxury of a ‘peaceful’ execution anymore.

The atmosphere now is extremely tense in the town – ISIS is nervous because the Russians have marked them out and given them warning shots already – and the rage of the occupied people is barely containable, causing them many security problems internally.  My gardener thinks that his village will be fully liberated before the winter is out.  He says family and neighbors of the town are now quietly preparing and coordinating their efforts among themselves, anticipating to support the Syrian Arab Army when it reaches the gates of their town.

The changes that have occurred in the past couple of months in this town are tremendous – observed from the Micro Media’s vantage.  And what’s striking here is the disparity in stories between the Mainstream Media in the West and the Micro Media in Syria.  One side has reason to distort the news in the service of protecting a criminal government policy; and the other has reason to tell the truth so as to save its own life.

And the truth is that the Axis of Evil is losing in Syria: now beyond the point of no return – no thanks to and no matter the extraneous and suspect efforts of the French, German, Brit and American Air Forces now present in Syrian skies.  The fact is, between the solid military capabilities of Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah – and not forgetting here the efforts of hundreds of trained and untrained local resistances – the Syrian war is covered and can be militarily concluded.  It is only a question of time.

There is zero need for the sham and despicable new Saudi coalition to interfere further in Syria, and zero right for them to impose a “new leader” on the Syrian people.  And there is also absolutely no need for Obama to pretend at fighting ISIS in Syria anymore.  The show is practically over – the fat lady is singing the last few notes.

Ironically, technically speaking, the end of ISIS’s rule in Syria is a PR victory for the USA and a face-saver for the Democrats before the elections hit.  Despite American involvement in the birth, nurture and rise of ISIS, we still get something out of their defeat:  a fake media victory, a crown made of shiny tin.

The people who are directly affected the most are taking care of business in Syria already and their liberation project is moving forward good and steady without any swanky media publicity, without further help from the outside world – and regardless of Putin’s diplomatic invitation to the world to join him in the fight against global terrorism, starting with Syria.  Regardless of all this, the job is getting done, terrorists are being either pushed back or killed, Syrian land is systematically and assuredly being retrieved – by the right guys, thankfully.

One here must throw ample cynicism at every conjured drama  or  invented obstacle in Syria that our Mainstream Media will report on in the meantime – it is all mass distraction – it is all meaningless and devoid of any reality.  No, I do not wonder what the Mainstream Media will write about when towns like my gardener’s are finally liberated.  No, I do not look forward to their headlines.  They will find a way to claim credit for their side, the very side that actually ignited the Syria war and unleashed an army of beheaders onto a mass of Syrian civilians.  By now, I’m sure many of you readers have observed how the Mainstream Media have decidedly perfected the dark art of Newspeak – after all, they got so much practice selling us all these Middle East wars.

In due time, I will write a follow up to the town’s story once it’s been liberated.  I did not reveal its name in this article so as not to compromise the identity and safety of my gardener’s family who are stuck there in their occupied riverside town – but I will write a follow-up article once it’s been liberated.

The news in this article was brought to you by Syria’s Micro Media, a  network of citizen correspondents.


December 19, 2015

St. Nicholas

‘The truth of things hath revealed thee to thy flock as a rule of faith, an icon of meekness, and a teacher of temperance; for this cause, thou hast achieved the heights by humility, riches by poverty. O Father and Hierarch Nicholas, intercede with Christ God that our souls be saved.’


December 14, 2015

The biggest lie after the claim from a man in Rome to be the vicar of Christ is finally exposed!

Whenever a person even slightly illumined reads the Scriptures or sings psalms he finds in them matter for contemplation and theology, one text supporting another. But he whose intellect is still unenlightened thinks that the Holy Scriptures are contradictory. Yet there is no contradiction in the Holy Scriptures: God forbid that there should be. For some texts are confirmed by others, while some were written with reference to a particular time of a particular person. Thus every word of Scripture is beyond reproach. The appearance of contradiction is due to our ignorance. We ought not to find fault with the Scriptures, but to the limit of our capacity we should attend to them as they are, and not as we would like them to be, after the manner of the Greeks and Jews. for the Greeks and Jews refused to admit that they did not understand, but out of conceit and self-satisfaction they found fault with the Scriptures and with the natural order of things, and interpreted them as they saw fit and not according to the will of God. As a result they were led into delusion and gave themselves over to every kind of evil.

The person who searches for the meaning of the Scriptures will not put forward his own opinion, bad or good; but, as St. Basil the Great and St. John Chrysostom have said, he will take as his teacher, not the learning of this world, but Holy Scripture itself. Then if his heart is pure and God puts something unpremeditated into it, he will accept it, providing he can find confirmation for it in the Scriptures, as St. Antony the Great says. For St. Isaac says that the thoughts that enter spontaneously and without premeditation into the intellects of those pursuing a life of stillness are to be accepted; but that to investigate and then to draw one’s own conclusions is an act of self-will and results in material knowledge.

This is especially the case if a person does not approach the Scriptures through the door of humility but, as St. John Chrysostom says, climbs up some other way, like a thief (cf. John 10:1), and forces them to accord with his allegorizing. For no one is more foolish than he who forces the meaning of the Scriptures or finds fault with them so as to demonstrate his own knowledge — or, rather, his own ignorance. What kind of knowledge can result from adapting the meaning of the Scriptures to suit one’s own likes and from daring to alter their words? The true sage is he who regards the text as authoritative and discovers, through the wisdom of the Spirit, the hidden mysteries to which the divine Scriptures bear witness.

The three great luminaries, St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom, are outstanding examples of this: they base themselves either on the particular text they are considering or on some other passage of Scripture. Thus no one can contradict them, for they do not adduce external support for what they say, so that it might be claimed that it was merely their own opinion, but refer directly to the text under discussion or to some other scriptural passage that sheds light on it. And in this they are right; for what they understand and expound comes from the Holy Spirit, of whose inspiration they have been found worthy. No one, therefore, should do or mentally assent to anything if its integrity is in doubt and cannot be attested from Scripture. For what is the point of rejecting something whose integrity Scripture clearly attests as being in accordance with God’s will, in order to do something else, whether good or not? Only passion could provoke such behaviour.

St. Peter of Damascus

I think it’s high time to put definitely to rest all the “signs and wonders” of the forerunners and apostles of the Antichrist, which for the most part are fairy tales and stories for boys, taken seriously only by retarded adults or professional scammers, while the rest are mere technological advancements hindered and mutilated (remember Nikola Tesla) by the greed of the servants of Mammon.

All they have is a GROSS, CRASS LIE and the most formidable propaganda machine ever devised, with which they have been able to deceive, if possible, even the elects.

I will not waste my time talking to the wonderful idiots out there who worship the Nothing. God is a logical necessity before all other things, therefore the atheist is a deficient by definition! Neither I will talk to the archons of the wickedness in the high places, the conscious servants of those who “believe and tremble”. They know the Truth and have rejected Him, crucifying the Truth every day since two millennia ago!

I will only say a few words to those who claims to be Christians, as many of them are sincere in their love for the Lord but are led astray by the capillary indoctrination they are subjected to, since the birth, and by lukewarm shepherds and false teachers: you cannot believe a little in Christ and a little in the antichrists! You cannot believe a little in the Word of God and a little in the words of His enemies (and all they have are just words, not a single evidence or fact to support their fabulous claims!).

What does it mean in practice I will make clear in a few examples.

If the Holy Scriptures affirm that God created everything in six days and all the Holy Fathers of the Church (and I mean ALL!) have affirmed a literal meaning of those passages (that does not exclude other meanings, in the Holy Scriptures always coexist diverse layers of meanings and understandings, embedded in every passage, which does not exclude but complete reciprocally), well, that’s exactly what has happened, in that exact order! A Christian cannot think differently and continue to be a Christian! He will not even allow for a figurative interpretation about the word “days”, as if the Almighty would need billions of year to do something. He will not be intimidated by the cacophonic screams of all the scientifically certified lunatics and all the social-correctness possessed. That is his Faith and he has to explain nothing. It’s them who must explain how something can pop out from nothing by itself, how a language (the laws of nature, the biogenetic codes, the word of man) can create itself and have a meaning without an external convention and how exactly a gnat (but not all of them) became a horse.

If the Holy Scriptures talk of a precise genealogy since Adam and tell us the life duration of our forefather and his descendants, and all the Holy Fathers of the Church have always affirmed a literal reading of those passages, well, that means that a Christian knows the age of this world to be approximately seven millennia and five centuries. He will not be intimidated by the raving laments of all the pathetic nonentities who think to exist only if they parrot the official narrative of their masters, he will just commiserate this sublime condensate of Stockholm syndrome and will plainly refuse to take seriously the Pavlov puppies. That is his Faith and he has to explain nothing. It’s them who must explain how exactly they are seeing the immediate aftermath of something allegedly happened 13.2 billions years ago, how exactly they calculate that time span and why their dating rituals (all based upon false postulates) fail all the time to give the correct answer when the age of the object to be dated is known.

If you are a Christian and do not believe that the Flood took away every living creature upon the Earth but those in the ark at the times of Noah or that the Sodomites were exterminated by fire and brimstone from Heaven, you are calling the Lord a liar (Luke 17, 26-29); you commune unworthily to His Body and Blood!

A few examples, but I hope clear enough.

Indeed, if atheist darwiniacs are just deficient, willing to believe a LOGICAL  IMPOSSIBILITY , “Christian” darwiniacs are the ultimate, absolute joke!

Mr. Kalyniuk in this article has not written something unpopular, he’s written something supremely stupid and shamefully blasphemous. Operetta’s Orthodox like him and many others before him and around him, instead of babbling about supposed fundamentalism (demonocratic newspeak to define the unwillingness to compromise the Word of God and the Scriptures and the Church Tradition), should rather explain the Fall in the light of the fables assuming that death (i.e. sin) pre-existed man in the creation for millions years. Why do we need a Saviour? Death is natural, isn’t it? Not only, it’s the way of God to create, by death and sufferings He made us…..

When He looked at His creation and saw that it was good and that it was very good, according to these braying donkeys, He was seeing a perpetual warfare to unfold across the whole spectrum of life, He was blessing a perpetual carnage rewarding the stronger with a few more moments of life to live in perpetual anxiety and with no other purpose.
This is their “god”, a god needing billions years to put something decent together, founded upon a perennial massacre and everlasting suffering, but for sure he is NOT the Christians’ God!

These blasphemous idiots are stating that the Most Sacred Womb, who contained the Uncontainable and gave human flesh to the Word of God, descended by a chimp, so that the ancestors of God once upon a time walked on all fours. Christ was the Son of Man and…the distant great-grandson of an orang-utan.

With Christians like them, who needs the antichrist? May the Lord burn their tongues, if they do not repent!

Every single word of the Genesis account of the creation and all the Holy Fathers of the Church confute their ravings, but in their pursuit of a greater condemnation they are willing to dismiss them all for a “scientific” theory that lacks every single element that makes a theory scientific and it’s an insult to the simple common sense. Yet they claim to be Christians and pretend to judge the Christians! FOOLS!!!

Evolutionary theory is not scientific, it is an enforced religious mythology.

They’d do better to follow the example of those Protestants and Roman Catholics, whose zeal they dismiss so lightly from the heights of their gullibility and delusion. Opposite to them, in their many errors those Protestants and Roman Catholics at least are not ashamed of the Gospel.

I just hope that these zealous brothers in error realize that must be refused the entire paradigm of the godless. This book, for example, is commendable, principally because it disproves their senseless fables using exactly their faked “science”, but it’s useless to know the truth, as the truth cannot be commingled with the falsehood, just as the light cannot be comprehended by the darkness. I repeat it again: you cannot believe a little to Christ and a little to antichrists!

Indeed, to fight and refute their most eclatant lies accepting the rest of their lies is not a service to God, Who must be worshiped in Spirit and Truth, but the making up of the next antithesis in the false and endless  world dialectics to be soon synthesized to his advantage by the owner of all the fabrics of human thesis and antithesis, the prince of this world. You cannot refute evolutionary bullshit accepting all the other paraphernalia of its mad and ludicrous prophets, like their dating rituals and billions years old Earth, just as you cannot refute a revolving Earth still accepting that you live upon a spinning ball with terra firma planets and trillions miles away stars in the outer space, where you can even travel or walk according to holliwoodian science.

You must reject all the signs and wonders of a worldview system meticulously and relentlessly built in the last five centuries with the only purpose to hide God and take over you, His image, to rule His creation and His creatures. A worldview system based entirely upon unsubstantiated fantasies and a capillary indoctrinaction through the control of every cultural production (ultimately, through the control of money), highly successful just because of our apostasy!

You must reject them all, even if only because they come from godless people. Even if you do not understand anything of the matter, the simple fact that it’s an enemy of God who’s talking must be enough for you to reject his words whenever they conflict with God’s revelation. If you are of Christ, stand by the Word of God!

They are of their father, the devil, the murderer since the beginning and the father of lies, all of them, included those who pay lip service to God but refuse His Word with their words and His commandments with their works and deeds, their way of life. They have lied all the time and about everything, they still lie and they will lie, all the time and about everything, unceasingly. They lie even when they (their belly, their lusts) have convinced themselves they are not lying. They lie even when they say something true, because they are saying it only because it’s useful at that moment to deceive you, just as their father tempted the Lord quoting the Scriptures.

You must refuse their whole paradigm! All that you have been educated to believe is false, not just this or just that, everything! Everything but God is a lie!

Therefore I offer my repentance to God for my sin, committed in ignorance, and so should you, all of you who love the Lord and fear God.

All the other are kindly invited to abstain from annoying me with their babbling about their elves in the garden, which become invisible everytime someone wants to see them! Before you are allowed to speak about the mythical curvature of the Earth, for instance, you must present at least one real railway engineer who had to take into account that supposed curvature when laying down thousands miles of railroad tracks. Just one! That means that you shut up for eternity….

If you are too comfortable in the Truman show where you live or too terrified to leave it, at least do not disturb the adults outside. Be pampered by that loving nurse called gravity, good for every occasion, resolving every problem, that kind of magic able to keep billions tons of water attached and curved upon a spinning ball and preventing one billion square miles of air to be sucked out by the supposed vacuum of the alleged outer space, placing that air at the same time in layers just fine for our not few needs (by chance, moreover….). Do not be worried by that tiny gnat on your walls, which is able to defeat such a gigantic force by a timid movement of its fragile wings, and keep on making fool of yourselves. It’s magic, after all, no need to submit to all the observable laws of physics.

If you want to believe that Hollywood production “Men on the Moon” is reality, you are welcome. Why should I disturb someone who so desperately needs to appear stupid beyond help? Anyway, if you know how it would be possible for a rocket to move in the supposed vacuum of the alleged outer space, indicating also where it could store that enormous quantity of useless fuel that you think is going to propel it in a vacuum, there is a million dollars waiting for you. WARNING: the fact that the idiot box in your living room says so is not an acceptable explanation to cash the prize.

If you are willing to bow your God-given brain to the absurdity of living upon a ball spinning on itself at 1,600 km/h and revolving around the Sun at 107,000 km/h, which is whorling across the galaxy at 800,000,000 km/h, which is shooting across the universe at a gazillion km/h, while all the stars we see stay on their exact daily rotating position all the time since the beginning of time, no problem. If your ambition in life is to be a clown, nobody will disturb you. Just shut up! Because if you dare to open your mouth to point out such idiocy to me, I’ll lock you up in my washing machine and start its program. Let’s see if you feel the spin or not!

The alternative is for you to come out of your cage, open your (God-given) eyes and be welcomed to the (God-created) reality!

Let God be true and every man a liar!


December 10, 2015
Ursula Haverbeck
Hamburg District Court, Nov. 11, 2015 — 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck has been sentenced to imprisonment in Germany for doubting that people were “exterminated” by “gassing” in the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz.
The defendant, in good spirits, reiterated her doubts in the courtroom. She arrived without a lawyer, and defended herself. Some fifty of her supporters crowded the courtroom and the hall outside.
She was accused of giving an interview to the German magazine Panorama in which she stated that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp but a labor camp. The mass murder of Jews had not taken place, she said.
Haverbeck, former chairwoman of the now-banned freethought association, “Collegium Humanum,” told the judge,”Here, I stand.”
Turning to the prosecutor she asked, “How do you as a lawyer prove the accusation that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?” Her request for a revisionist historian to give evidence that at Auschwitz no one had been gassed, was rejected by Judge Jönsson who stated: “It is futile to argue with people who do not accept the facts.”

The German government prosecutor maintained that the defendant’s “fanatical delusion” had not abated and that, despite her advanced age, Ursula Haverbeck must be sentenced to 10 months in prison without parole. The judge agreed and the sentence was imposed.


For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

Readers please be advised that it’s not allowed to have an opinion on this matter in almost all European countries, unless it be kosher. Demonocracy will allow you everything, even to defecate publicly on the most sacred part of the belief of the great majority of people, but not this.

Curious! Someone could think that they have something to hide…….
What do they fear? What are they afraid of? Well, as you can see, the answer is very simple: they are afraid of an elderly lady who speak her mind, they are so terrified of this 87 years old lady that they have jailed her.
How powerful they are, isn’t it? All the state powers at war with an 87 years old lady who dare to express her thoughts.
Puah! They are beneath contempt!
How much more ludicrous can they get?


December 8, 2015

After forbidding Christians from taking any public job (unless they renounce to openly witness Christ), the Demonocratic Empire has started to take their children away from them.

I pray the Lord to show very soon to all the demonocratic officials involved in this disgusting kidnapping in Norway that God indeed punishes sins!

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!


December 4, 2015

entry Mary

The Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple.

Hearken, O daughter, and see, and incline thine ear; and forget thine own people and thy father’s house. And the King shall greatly desire thy beauty,1 for He Himself is thy Lord, and thou shalt worship Him.


December 3, 2015

….ma na fint’e Maradona squaglie’o sang’ dint’e vene!


December 3, 2015

I wish to try to point out some facts about Kinder Morgan, in response to a concentrated and prolonged attack unleashed on it by a mix of innuendo artists camouflaged as financial analysts. I’ll take as reference this article published on Seeking Alpha, following the last spear hit on the company by Moody’s, which changed its debt outlook to negative from stable. Nothing personal, it’s just a starting point.

What I have already stated in the comments to the article about Richard Kinder are facts and facts cannot be countered by any sort of innuendos. Neither they can be neutered by plain nonsense, like lamenting his cashing dividends from his ownership in a company he started from scratch and built to the present dominance in its sector of business. Nor they can be hindered by sly half-truth, like pointing out that he chaired Enron. Yes, he chaired it and his leave saw the demise of that company after five years under the guidance of the people who substituted him.
At purpose, what was the rating of Enron up to its bankrupt? What was the rating of Lehman Brothers? And Bear Stearn?

No hero-worshipping on my part, as you can see. I worship only God (and therefore the truth). I hope there’s not a worshipping of something else on the other side.

Speaking of nonsense, could someone please be so kind to point out some FACTS that would show Richard Kinder interests not aligned with the rest of the shareholders in the company he manages?
I have stated mine, namely: no compensation, no options, bonus and all kind of legalized ways to milk a public company by its managers, no political meddling, all of his wealth concentrated pretty much in his company, regular buying at market prices of further ownership in the company, a stellar past performance, a perfect match of all forecasts but one.
In response, I have heard only innuendos, nonsense and cross-references to rating agencies and hit pieces, and a multiplication of articles published by people clearly subtracted to land plowing.

It should be clear to anyone with half a brain that rating agencies (yes, all of them) are just gate-keepers and policemen to control the financial landscape for those selected fews “more-equal-than-anyone-else”, to make sure that nobody can access capital at fair price without their consent and therefore to make all participants to behave.
Time and again, FACTS have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are one of the most dangerous factor of instability for the financial system.
They can be compared to fire inspectors who fill the house they are inspecting with all sort of flammable materials, make sure that there are plenty of things able to give a spark nearby and finally pour very solemnly gasoline on the first timid flames.
I hope I will be excused if I don’t give a damn about their regurgitations!

Yet the author, in a supreme characterization of innuendo, spills fears of Kinder Morgan going bust (no less!) following the last from Moody’s.
I beg pardon, but exactly….. HOW?

We have a company with vital assets in a most sensitive economic field (it transports one third of all natural gas moved in the US, among other things), which is able to earn yearly 4.8 billions $ in free cash flow, that is after interest expense and maintenance capex. How is it going bust? Inquiring minds wish to know…..

Is it going to be shut out of capital markets, if the rating agencies keeps on barking? I would beg to differ, but anyway…. let’s be it! A very quick look at the company’s website would make you know that its policy is to give all the free cash it produces back to shareholders, leaving the decision about expansion to the investors. It means a very simple thing: Kinder Morgan needs access to capital market only to expand its business or make new acquisitions. Now, if investors are not willing or too demanding, the company will just keep on cashing around 5 billions every year until they change their mind. That’s not exactly the definition of “going bust” last time I checked the dictionary.

In fact, I could even make a case for that free cash flow to go slightly higher without expanding assets, but it would be redundant.
Yes, I know…. oil is going to 20$, so says Goldman Sachs. I know also that in July 2008, with oil at 150$, they said it was going to 200$.

Of course, there is debt which must be repaid, but also here facts are missing. How much debt comes due in the next few years? Deafening silence!

Well, there are maturities for 1.6 billions next year and 3 billions in 2017. On the other side, there are 10 billions of free cash flow and 3.5 billions of available revolver borrowing, plus capital markets closed only in the wild dreams of innuendo artists. If they go with equity issue reserved exclusively to existing shareholders, I think they could even not decrease the dividend.
In any case, a couple of billions of dollars can be raised without excessive hindrance in two years time, even paying a few basis points more.

No growth? Well, sign me in for life at 9% yield!
That will not be the case, however. The financial banners will change direction in a short while, after the current raids are over.
There is an illogical thought habit in economic reasoning today which sees the finance as a branch of economy, a derivative one furthermore. That is, the belief that financial outcome depends on the economic choice made or undergone by the economic agent, that what happens in the financial markets is the direct consequence of underlying economic interactions. Nothing can be further from the truth!
It does not follow, it leads economic upheaval. It’s designed above all to cause fictive perceptions as a mean to impose alien choices and agenda on the economic agents targeted, or to force them out of the arena, with the juicy corollary to create for a selected fews enormous profits exploiting the wild fluctuation of “prices”.
In short, post-modern finance is the ultimate price fixing scheme!

It seems that they will be successful in forcing Kinder to do what they want (that is, to lose completely its credibility),  after pocketing juicy profit on the skin of little ones and retirees, selling what they do not own.

I hope that company management does not bow to this despicable blackmail. Stay the course with the dividend increase, pay it in shares with rates of conversion at the average price of the week BEFORE DECLARATION (dilutive but to excusive benefit of shareholders, with fractions paid in cash) and use cash flow to fund growth and reduce leverage! Or use a mix, according to necessity, in relation to financing availability at satisfying rates. Even just announcing it would make them retreat. And after listen to the gnashing of teeth…..