‘Fanculo  Garibaldi!



Uomo, e quindi Cristiano. Di puro sangue Napulitano, e quindi Italiano. Nulla tenente, se non l’immagine di Dio. Non solvibile, e quindi depositario della sola liberta’ possibile in un mondo dove Shylock non deve neppure piu’ chiedere avalli alla Corte di Giustizia, essendo egli stesso diventato la corte di giustizia.


Summer 2002 – I pointed out that the most probable economic and financial outcome for the future was stagflation, much like the world saw in the ’70s, provided that you understand CPI for what it is: a joke!

Spring 2003 – He screamed from the roof to mortgage your home and your wife, buying gold and (above all) silver with that and every other money you could get. He set the target price at 1,650 $ for gold and the Moon for silver.

Fall 2003 – “One thing for sure, in a few years you’ll need 1.6 $ to buy one euro!”

Fall 2003 – I did warn that the Fannie and Freddie’s freakish books expansion the world was starting to see, a surrogate to hide monetary inflation, would result in “the sublimated quintessence of a (debt) problem”. Not a problem, but THE problem!

2004 – I explained the deflation to be a chance just theorethical in a fiat monetary regime, where the only difference between “money” and debt is just the fact that the first has not to be discounted, with the corollary that in such a regime low yields on sovereign bonds testified inflation (not the contrary, as widely believed). Therefore, he invited Mr. Prechter to change his pusher (to no purpose, poor Robert has continued to call tens of gold top until today while still waiting for deflation, he’s waiting since 1994).

2006 – I disputed the Rothbardian thesis of the “liquidity preference”, stating that every saving is ipso facto an investment (no matter the outcome).

2006 – I did innovate the Austrian theory about Money as “nonproductive, dead stock”, while introducing the theory of a teleological qualification of economic goods.

2007 – I did theorize that a global fiat monetary regime, where Money is completely out the payments’ system, can not blow out for endogenous causes (i.e. the never ending expansion of the debt/credit).

2012 – I came out with a very simple proposal to get out of the nightmare unleashed on Mankind since 1694 (gone viral since 1913). Unfortunately, he can theorise how to save the world, but can’t force the world to be saved.


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