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August 31, 2012

About two weeks ago there was a confrontation between striking platinum mine workers and the police in South Africa.  The incident ended when police opened fire on the workers, killing 34 and injuring 78.

After that sweet enjoyment of their brand new freedom (to be killed), the remaining striking workers have been charged with the murder of their colleagues.

The crowning achievement of so many years of fighting: the fundamental freedom to be killed and abused by someone with the same skin colour.



August 29, 2012

“As we enter the fall political season, we will hear a great deal of rhetoric from both major political parties and their many candidates for office.  It’s important for us to remember, however, that words can be made meaningless by misuse or overuse.  And when we as citizens allow politicians to obscure the truth by distorting words, we diminish ourselves and our nation.

For example, we’ve all heard politicians use the words “democracy” and “freedom” countless times. They are used interchangeably in modern political discourse, yet their true meanings are very different.  They have become what George Orwell termed “meaningless words”.  Words like “freedom,” “democracy,” and “justice,” Orwell explained, have been abused for so long that their original meanings have been eviscerated.  In Orwell’s view, such words were “often used in a consciously dishonest way.”

Without precise meanings behind words, politicians and elites can obscure reality and condition people to reflexively associate certain words with positive or negative perceptions.  In other words, unpleasant facts can be hidden behind purposely meaningless language.  As just one example, Americans have been conditioned to accept the word “democracy” as a synonym for freedom.   Thus we are conditioned to believe that democracy is always and everywhere benevolent.

The problem is that democracy is not freedom.  Democracy is simply majoritarianism*, which is inherently incompatible with freedom.  While our Constitution certainly features certain democratic mechanisms, it also features inherently undemocratic mechanisms like the First Amendment and the Electoral College.  American is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.  Yet we’ve been bombarded with the meaningless word “democracy” for so long that few Americans understand the difference.

If we intend to use the word freedom in an honest way, we should have the simple integrity to give it real meaning: Freedom is living without government coercion.  So when a politician talks about freedom or liberty–regardless of the issue being discussed– ask yourself whether he is advocating more government force or less.”


*In fact, the real meaning of democracy is the people (in very definite communities)  gathering and voting ON THE ISSUE, every issue but the ordinary. Today it survives only in Switzerland (i.e. there’s a reason for everything)!   (ndM)


August 28, 2012

Invito il Sindaco di Napoli, Luigi De Magistris, ad andare avanti col suo progetto, accettando cristianamente il rischio di perdere la faccia, rischio che peralro corre solo chi non ce l’ha di bronzo. Da questo punto di vista, l’Avvenire e compagnia salmodiante stanno in una botte di ferro!


August 28, 2012

People who want to take guns away from citizens often argue that it’s dangerous for citizens to have guns. They will say, “innocent people will get shot in the crossfire” in the event an armed civilian uses a gun to stop an armed criminal.

I wonder what they’ll say about what just happened in NYC?

According to reports, a laid-off women’s clothing designer named Jeffrey Johnson, 58, decided to shoot his ex-boss. He pulled out a .45 pistol and did so – and was himself almost immediately gunned down by a gaggle of city cops.


Will the people who demand citizens be disarmed because “innocent people might get caught in the crossfire” now demand that cops be disarmed, for the same reason?

If not – why?

Will the “reckless” cops – who clearly can’t shoot straight – be held civilly and criminally responsible for shooting innocent bystanders – as a citizen surely would be?

If not, why?   (link)

Bloomberg, the billionare joke who’s NY Mayor, got it right: it’s just too many guns in the streets


Alan Korwin exposes the real villain here.   (ndM)


August 24, 2012

In the last six months, CRM had 1,427 mln $ in sales, 294.14 mln in cash earnings from operations (before changes in the working capital) and 78.13 mln in capital expenditures.

In the same period, DELL had 28,905 mln $ in sales, 2,313 mln in cash earnings from operations (before changes in working capital) and 262 mln in capital expenditures.

Yet, the market value the CRM enterprise 4 bln $ more than DELL!
47 times the annualized free cash flow against 4!!!

I guess it’s because of that famous market efficiency.

Only government is more efficient than modern financial market in misallocating capital.

P.S. – I did forget….

Of those 294 mln $ CRM cash earnings from operations, 166 mln came from options exercise.
Go figure!


August 23, 2012

Piccoli nazisti crescono!

It’s simply a matter of “responsible governing” and a positive “moral obligation” to suppress people like Savulescu, thus producing ethically better world!

The worst part of this is that the scientific base is totally, utterly fake. Genes do not control anything at all by themselves. The control mechanism which activate and regulate them is external and, by all evidences, immaterial.

In short, Savulescu is not mentally challenged because of his genes’ fault!


August 22, 2012

“Esempio di ditta individuale con un unico dipendente. Nel caso della ricerca della Cgia di Mestre si trattava nello specifico di un installatore di impianti che lavora in proprio. Su un reddito annuo di 29.321 euro il totale versato in tasse ammonta a 15.849 euro. Le voci nel dettaglio prevedono:
contributi previdenziali 5.845
IRPEF 5.135
addizionali IRPEF 364
IRAP 1.334
IMU 1378
bollo furgone 146
imposta / tariffa sulla PUBBLICITA’ 81
TASSA / TARIFFA rifiuti 997
a queste si devono aggiungere l’Iva che devi pagare in anticipo anche se non la incassi! …anche l’irpef e addizionali li paghi in anticipo! e se non rispetti gli studi di settore ti arriva un accertamento “induttivo” e sta a te dimostrare che hai ragione! Fare gli imprenditori in Italia è molto rischioso!”. Roberto B.

“Io delocalizzo aziende italiane. So bene che molti di voi mi odieranno. Ebbene, vorrei farvi leggere la quasi disperazione di imprenditori che mi pregano di farli fuggire da questo incubo chiamato Italia. Sì perchè se non paghi, in anticipo, il presuntivo (che gli immancabili studi di settore stilano in base alle loro folli analisi) non puoi andare avanti. L’italia penso sia l’unico paese al mondo che pretenda il pagamento delle tasse e degli anticipi iva anche quando non guadagni! Quando faccio i pochissimi business plan per qualche pazzo investitore estero (che poi ovviamente rinuncia a meno che non si chiami volkswagen, ma è un caso di macro economia che non riguarda il tessuto italiano se non in via marginale), quando guardano la voce oneri fiscali mi chiedono se gli italiani che esercitano impresa siano benedetti dal Vaticano.” alessandro bardi

Napolitano costa 26,000 euro l’ora!



August 21, 2012

The day we see the Truth and do not speak is the day we begin to die.

The 11th anniversary of 9/11 is less than a month away. Will the presstitute media remind Americans that the government has spent $6 trillion of Americans’ money in out-of-pocket and already incurred future costs as the expense of invading and trying to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, all to no effect except to enrich the managements and shareholders of the military security complex at the cost of destroying the reputation of the United States and putting Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block?

“No one in their right mind could possibly think that a 90-year old grandmother in a wheel chair is a terrorist whose diaper needs to be checked or that blond and blue-eyed parents would have strapped a bomb around their 5-year old daughter’s waist. No one except the gestapo Department of Homeland Security.”

“Why does the Department of Homeland Security need enough ammunition to shoot every American 2.5 times? Why is Homeland Security equipping itself with full-body armor? Why is Homeland Security acquiring new laser technology that can “instantly know everything about you from 164 feet away?” A new army manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” describes how the military is to be used domestically within the US to put down protests, confiscate firearms and kill citizens.

As there have been no terrorist attacks in the US since the 9/11 attack (itself suspect by experts), except for those organized by the FBI, this massive purchase of firepower is obviously not to protect Americans from Muslim terrorists. So what is it for?”

Do not expect Congress or the presstitutes to do anything about the rapid concentration of power in the police state that Bush and Obama have created. Do not expect to be rescued by federal courts. Even if some judges are inclined to defend the Constitution from its domestic enemy, the courts are powerless if the executive branch does not respect the rule of law. Currently, the executive branch is ignoring a federal judge’s injunction against the indefinite detention of US citizens. The Department of Justice (sic) lawyers will not even answer the judge’s questions.


August 21, 2012

Wasn’t this the stalinist way to conduct political business?

Enter Special Jackass Walter Douglass Stokes….

UPDATE – Judge W. Allan Sharrett has ordered the release of the veteran held just because he did exercise his free speech rights. Let’s see if his kidnappers will comply.


August 20, 2012

The Spiegel magazine reports that the European Central Bank may set a ceiling on indebted nations’ borrowing costs.

There’s one simple word for that, but as Fonzie also central bankers have some words they’re not able to pronounce. I think I’ll help you, Mario: that word is (debt) MONETIZATION!

There’s no need for drama, Mario. It’s the only way out given the monetary system you have, so go on; it’s the only reasonable thing you can do (if you want to preserve this system, of course). Just keep the lid high enough to incentive them to stop squandering resources.

There’s no need to worry about “traders calling your bluff”, as some simple minds keeps on prattling, you know that. Those poor souls still don’t get that, opposite to every other price fixer, central bankers have a complete control on the production of their stuff: no competition and no problems with material hitches and production disruptions, as your product is virtual. Push ENTER, Mario, and make them screaming! We’ll enjoy that!

Anyway, this is necessary but not sufficient, Mario. To achieve a complete way out of this crisis, give the money at 0.5% to the people, not the bankers. The money will be in circulation at once and ordinary people are much more decent and reliable than bankers, I know you know that too. Default rates will be near zero and they will not ask you other money to repay you the previous; they’ll repay it with work and production.

I know that you can’t do that, Mario, but you should anyway!

If the problem is just ECB statute, you couldn’t monetize debt too.