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August 31, 2014

In my last article, I made the case for the bankers pushing for a cold war with Russia with the aim of isolating it economically so as to capture the European market for their $US and rescue the bankers’ position from total collapse. But where to from there for the bankers because they have ambitions of ruling the whole world, after all, and are not about to give that dream up. There is no rest for the wicked especially when a country such as Russia threatens their existence.

The bankers will be intent first of all on consolidating their political and economic grip on the US and Europe and also the Pacific Rim nations. The goal is to secure these economic markets so as to enforce the exclusive use of $US for international transactions within this trade bloc. The bankers’ power stems from the use of the $US by other countries. Once (and if) this is done and having re-consolidated their power base, they will turn their full attention back to Russia, China, the other BRICS nations and also the recalcitrant Latin American nations such as Venezuela. The reason is that the bankers have another fundamental problem and it is to do with the economies of Russia and China.

These economies have a decided advantage over Anglo/Zionist economies and so the empire of the bankers must eventually wage war on Russia and China if it is to survive let alone rule the world.

But before we examine that weakness, let’s zoom out into space a little to get a wider view on the world.


You’ll notice that Eurasia and Africa constitute the majority of the land mass of the world. Eurasia and Africa combined also has the vast bulk of the population of the world. Notice the size of England to the far left of the map. It’s tiny (it is actually smaller than the map indicates because this is a Mercator map which exaggerates the size of Britain and diminishes the real size of Africa by quite a bit). And Japan over at the right hand fringe of the vast Eurasian continent. It’s tiny, too. Yet both these countries have historically caused massive problems for the peoples of Eurasia. There is something very odd going on here.

Here’s another map that better shows the relative sizes-

Where’s America? It’s way round the other side of the globe. Yet it and Britain have been the cause of so much misery and bloodshed for the peoples of Eurasia and Africa for the last two centuries. One can imagine Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingping, together with their advisers, looking at a map like this on the wall of the strategy room in Moscow and saying to each other, “WTF?! This is Nuts! Why are we still putting up with this shit?”

The population of the Americas is measured in hundreds of millions of people while the population of Eurasia and Africa is measured in billions. The bulk of the world’s resources are in Eurasia and Africa, too. This is where the wealth is. Indeed, this is what wealth is; people and natural resources. Money is only worth what you can buy with it; what it is backed by. In other words, it is always backed by resources; people, their industriousness and natural resources. And this is what those who control the political, economic and military power of the US and the UK, the bankers, have been after all these years; control of people and resources. Money is just their tool to do this with.

There is more than just a lust for wealth and power going on here, though. Eurasia is not just a prize, it is a threat, too. There is an imperative reason for the bankers needing to control the economic life of these countries and it is the reason behind both the World Wars, the Cold War and the current aggression against Russia and soon China. These were and are all “Trade Wars”. I’ll try and explain the fundamental weakness of the private banker economies, why they lead to trade wars and why Russia (and China) represents such a threat to the bankers.

The version of Capitalism we have here in the West is one that is entirely designed around and for the benefit of privately owned central banks whose owners just happen to be mostly Jewish. (The jewishness is relevant because its commonality links together the zionist control of the UK, the US and israel, the neolibs and neocons such as Victoria Nuland and those behind the Project for a New American Century, Ukrainian figures such as Yatsenyuk and Kolomoisky together with the bankers (who pay for all this) and their private central bank economies.)

This version of capitalism is not very efficient because the bankers are forever skimming the profits of the population and periodically plunder the economy by triggering recessions and occasionally massive depressions. They make their money and consolidate their power through the generation of successive bubble economies and subsequent busts. The bankers run our economies like they are using an old suction water pump. (Here is just one example of this plundering involving the stock market.)

By lifting the handle they fill the economy (after previously keeping it short of funds) with low interest money (secured against existing assets) which expands the economy, including production of goods, and then inflates asset prices if they keep expanding the money supply to speculators (including themselves). Then the bankers and their friends sell off their assets at peak prices and shut off the supply of loans which is akin to pushing down the ‘water pump handle’ causing a contraction of the money supply and hence a contraction of the economy causing unemployment and forced sale of assets to cover loans and as the result of bankruptcies. The wealth that has been produced during the boom period is then pumped out of the pockets of the people who made the wealth and up into the pockets of the bankers and their rich conspirators. Welcome to the mysterious ‘Business Cycle’. It is really no mystery, at all.

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
Thomas Jefferson, (Attributed)
3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

This arrangement is just fine for the bankers (as opposed to the general population, of course) but a problem arises for these bankers if there appears on the scene a properly run economy with a state owned, controlled and run central bank because in short order it will outstrip the private banker run economies. The reason is that the governments of these countries do not have to borrow money at interest from bankers and they and their people do not have put up with periodic plundering and being constantly held back because of a chronic lack of investment capital.

When sufficient capital is made available through a government owned and controlled central bank and used to harness the total natural resources and of the population, prosperous times ensue. This was the case with Hitler’s Germany during the thirties and is the case with China and now Russia since Putin’s arrival at the helm. Libya, Syria and Iran are other examples. Under Gaddafi, Libya rose from the poorest country in Africa to the richest. It is not hard to achieve when you know what you are doing. In fact, it takes more effort to hold an economy back than it does to let it naturally fulfil its potential. So Libya, Syria and Iran had to go. They were starting to embarrass their neighbours like Egypt with its private London banker run Bank of Egypt central bank and Saudi Arabia with its high unemployment and increasing poverty. This is the reason for the unending propaganda levelled at Iran. This is also the reason for the ongoing economic sanctions against Iran and the current sanctions being imposed on Russia. Everything possible will be done to hinder Russia’s economic growth.

The constant stress of the boom (speculative bubble) and bust cycle is not natural at all nor mysterious as various economic schools would have us believe. It is entirely engineered by the bankers for their own profit and to everyone else’s expense. Very few people (including economists) are fully aware of this dynamic and this is why the bankers own the economic and business media such as The Economist and the Financial Times and why they promote varying economic ‘schools’ of thought; all competing with each other for influence and media space but all co-operating in not revealing the truth about banking and its central role in all the economic woes we suffer. The Bankers rule and profit through deceit. Perhaps they are guided by a variation of the Mossad motto; “By deception, thou shall do business . . . . and rule”

China has pulled itself up from among the poorest countries on earth to the point of becoming the largest economy in the world in a matter of forty odd years through steady yearly growth often in the order of 10% per year. Russia has pulled itself out of desolation to being a significant world power again within 15 years in spite of factional fighting over central bank policy.

These countries have state owned and run central banks and do not have the bubble economies so prevalent in the West. Their economies do not have to suffer the constant skimming of the bankers nor the periodic plundering by them. So it becomes inevitable that they will move ahead of the western economies and will, in time, cause many in the West to question why this is so. The bankers do not want this questioning to come about, of course. When a significant proportion of the population, or even just the industrialists, understand this essential scam run by the bankers together with the costs to themselves, the bankers are sunk.

Over the last centuries, the London bankers have brought war to nations such as Germany and Russia in order to hobble them economically so they cannot move ahead of England, subject as it is to a private central bank. England and America must follow a variation of “beggar my neighbour” policy to ensure their dominance. This means economic sanctions (declared and undeclared), ‘regime change’ and war, if necessary. All of it is designed to restrict competitive and potentially competitive economies.

In the early part of the Twentieth Century, Germany through heavy reinvesting was eclipsing England in industry through international trade. Much of it was done via shipping. While ever this was the case, Germany was vulnerable to England’s formidable navy. But Germany was looking to new overland markets in the Middle East; Turkey and beyond to Iraq. They were planning the Baghdad Railway to facilitate this trade. The English bankers knew (before anyone else) there was vast oil deposits in Iraq and knew this was the fuel of the future, especially for their navy. The overland trade would be beyond the control of the bankers and the British Navy and their window of opportunity was closing fast. So they engineered World War 1. They decimated Germany during the war and decimated it economically afterwards. The Versailles Treaty was designed to keep Germany down industrially and keep it down so it could not rival the banker run British Empire again.

The London (and later the New York) bankers had a vital interest in hindering overland trade between the countries of Eurasia and forcing them one way or another to carry out their trade via shipping and thus inserting themselves as middlemen into all international trade by owning the shipping lines, the insurance companies and the currencies used in this international trade; first British Sterling and then the US dollar. The bankers have been very successful with this simple strategy but it is all coming unglued now. China and Russia are using their own currencies and opening up overland trade routes including China’s proposed New Silk Road linking China to Germany. They are integrating the Eurasian continent and freezing the bankers out because the bankers are completely parasitic and add no value to Eurasia’s trade or to their economies. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Jewish bankers have a fondness for fascists (as seen today in Ukraine) which goes back into history. They financed Hitler to begin with but when Hitler came to power he ditched them and instituted state financing of infrastructure development and eliminated the then massive unemployment of six million people within two years. The bankers declared war on him in the international press and instituted trade sanctions against Germany in an attempt to hobble their economy. This did not work so the bankers engineered the Second World War by manipulating Poland into antagonizing Germany until it invaded. Germany’s industrial capacity was destroyed through the Allied bombing and rebuilt but firmly under banker control this time.

It then became Russia’s turn. Russia defeated Germany in the war through massive organization and commitment. This mobilization of the whole of Russia was formidable and so had to be hobbled again. The jewish Bolshevik revolution earlier in the century had put Russia back decades if not more. But Stalin had come to power and had organized Russia with its massive natural resources into the beginnings of an economic threat to the bankers once again.

So the Cold War was instituted and sold as “Containment” of the Soviet Union’s ideological and military threat to the West. It was no such thing, of course. The Soviet Union had no interest in advancing beyond its borders. It helped countries such as Cuba and North Vietnam with military equipment and other trade when asked but it was not on any crusade to convert the world despite the occasional rhetoric. The Russian threat to the world’s ‘democracy’ was a total fabrication of the bankers to win co-operation from the WASP elite and religious organizations such as the Vatican and various Protestant organizations for their ‘Policy of Containment’. It was economically driven and was designed to hobble the Soviet Union so it would not advance past the Western economies and cause problems for the bankers. And it didn’t. Mission Accomplished (for the time being). ‘Containment’/Cold War was a Trade War and not an ideological war, in other words.

It is widely held that the Cold War was kicked off by a document written by Wall Street banker, Paul Nitze. The document was NSC-68. It was later admitted that the document hyped the Soviet military threat and the excuse given was to boost military spending and cement the US position as ‘leader of the free world’; economic domination, in other words. This basic fact was hidden behind the ideology. Every conflict in the world was painted as an ideological one between the Soviet Union and the “West” led by the United States; between Communism and Capitalism; between Totalitarianism and Democracy, which equated with Tyranny verses Freedom. In actuality, it was a contest between privately owned central banks and state owned central banks and it still is. This is what millions of people have died for and may still die for!


The author here misses the point that a State owned central bank makes no difference if the Sovereign does anyway the bid of the devil. It’s the Word of God, and a Sovereign inextricably tied to Him in his actions and subtracted to every social, political and cultural dialectic (always created and controled by the enemy of human kind), Who makes the real difference. 

That’s the only way to escape the main ruse of the enemy: the endless creation of false thesis and antithesis, whose synthesis is always more of the same devilish blob who rules the world.

Provided that you understand the Truth (Christ and His Word), you must put It above every dialectic.
It’s not a subject for discussion.
The Lord ceased to talk at the Pilate’s question: ‘what is the truth?”.

In political terms, if you want to avoid that all the great human efforts and conquests for freedom and justice, as for example the Novorossija victory against the satanic hordes of the West, would end up infiltrated, hijacked and bought off, that is ending up with more of the same, you have to deny any political dialectic over the Truth.
It’s not up for discussion, nor changes. It is and everything public must conform to it.
The power of the State must reside in that Truth, not in the “people”, people who for the most part are educated and programmed by the devil, deeply sick in their spirit and ignorant as donkeys (by consequence).
You may put It in the Constitution, but with the provision that the part regarding It is immutable, not subject to revision, discussion or interpretation.
Moreover, you have to provide effective mean to assure that the Constitution stand against the servants of the dark master.
First of all, I repeat, you must put the legitimacy of public power into the respect of that Truth. Authority derives from It and dies without It.
Then you need a few derivative provisions, which would implement in practice that standing.

They are easily conceivable!     (note by Maedhros)


Those lusting after power and prepared to sacrifice millions of lives in that pursuit are not interested in ideologies apart from their usefulness as smokescreens to gain necessary allies and to control the mass of people and advance the cause of privately ‘printed’ money. “It’s nothing ideological. It’s just business”, as the mafia might say.

It has always been about the bankers controlling the economies of the West and hobbling the competing economies of the communist countries which they lost control of or any other country, for that matter, that they did not control.

Exactly the same policy is being instituted against Russia today and for exactly the same reason (some pundits are calling it “Containment 2.0”). And it will remain a Cold War for exactly the same reason. It will remain a cold war because the economic goals are paramount, in any case, and because the bankers cannot risk a military defeat of their stand-over merchants, the US military. Without the military threat, the bankers lose much of their power and that is why the US military only go to war with countries that cannot hope to defend themselves.

The bankers’ power originates from their ability to print $US for no cost and then exchange these dollars for real wealth in the form of goods. The banks have also printed this money and lent it to the US govt (at interest) and the US govt has used this money (which it hasn’t had to exchange any goods or wealth for) to build the massive US military machine by purchasing much of the material for its growth from other countries. The bankers have then used this machine to threaten and conquer these same countries who have subsequently resisted the economic domination and exploitation of these bankers.

The $US dollar has not suffered massive inflation due to this extravagant money printing because the bankers offered the major oil producing countries of the world (OPEC) a huge price increase for their oil and military protection for their despotic regimes if they agreed to only sell their oil for $US. The huge price increase of oil greatly increased the demand for $US, of course. The bankers have accumulated much more wealth and power out of oil than the oil producing countries have!

Money is worth what you can buy with it and if what you can buy with it expands exponentially, then the money is worth exponentially much more or alternatively you can ‘print’ exponentially much more of it without lowering its value which is exactly what the bankers did. So they expropriated the worth of the world’s oil production by ‘printing’ the money that the traded oil backed in value and then used that money to build the military that now threatens the world and particularly oil producing countries such as Russia, Iran and Iraq (again).

The way out of this circular and diabolical nightmare for the likes of Russia is to stop using the $US for its international trade (particularly its oil sales) which lowers the amount of goods it can buy and therefore lowers the demand for $US and therefore dollar’s value and power. Russia had to be prepared to face off with the US military together with its covert brothers in the CIA and their ubiquitous NGO’s and their coups and color revolutions which Russia is doing now.

So one can readily understand the vitriol being hurled at Russia and Vladimir Putin at the moment by the bankers through their owned mass media outlets and the desperation of the covert proxy wars the US is fighting at the bankers’ insistence against Russia (through Ukraine) and Iraq, Syria and, below the surface, Iran (all of them oil producers and all of them with state owned central banks). So on the surface it’s about money and oil but, ultimately, it is about dominance and power and the idea that these bankers have the (self-anointed) God given right to rule the world.

In 1992, three years after the fall and break up of the Soviet Union, theWolfowitz Doctrine emerged to replace the Cold War Containment Policy against the Soviet Union. It was directed at still controlling Russia and supporting the co-religionists in Israel of Paul Wolfowitz and his banker sponsors. Its primary tenet was American supremacy. This was to appeal to the WASP elite of America as was the Project for the New American Century that followed on the heels of the Wolfowitz Doctrine. The PNAC was authored by prominent jewish Neocons including Robert Kagan, the husband of the later to be notorious Victoria Nuland.

This was a blatant document outlining American dominance of the globe. What it didn’t outline was how this would benefit the jewish bankers. Nowhere is there mention of banking or US dollars and this is why this damning document was freely available. It was aimed at the US non-banking elite and its true purpose and beneficiaries were hidden from view. Eventually it cost the bankers’ erstwhile allies, the WASP elite and the US military who were made to look like the real enemy. The costs to their non-jewish allies are becoming more and more evident. But the plan, decades in the making, is turning pear-shaped for the bankers as country after country abandons the $US for their trade and resisting the US military threats and in doing so diminishing the power, wealth and political leverage of the bankers.

So the task that the Zionist bankers (if they survive the present debacle) will turn all their attention to in the coming decades again is to maintain and then expand again the use and power of the $US. It is reasonable to assume Putin and many others in Russia, who are intimately aware of the history, character and behaviour of jewish bankers, will have this in mind and are taking a long view of the current crisis in Ukraine. They will want above all the eventual demise of the western bankers and their $US dominated system to eliminate the ongoing long term threat to the peace of Russia, China and, indeed, the rest of the world.

If Russia is successful in isolating and bringing down the jewish bankers by taking away the demand for the $US and defeating them in Ukraine by aligning with western industrialists against the bankers, the world will be able to look forward to many years, decades or even centuries of peace and prosperity.

If Russia is not successful in gaining the support of the major European governments and/or the major industrialists especially in Europe, then Russia together with the other BRICS countries will go their own way and we in the West will be left to the voracious appetites of the most powerful and best organized pack of bloodthirsty thieves history has ever known.

But it won’t end there. The bankers have been running a scam and causing wars for hundreds of years at everyone else’s expense including at times their allies in the major churches, the aristocracy and the major industrialists. At any time throughout history and up to the present day, the bankers are at risk of being exposed, overthrown and put in jail. That risk will not go away until they control every country and every central bank in the world. So they are hell bent on controlling the world and cannot give up that quest while ever they have a dollar in their pocket to buy people with and breath in their body to tell lies.                                                               James, the Winter Patriot



August 31, 2014

By Stuart Sterzel, London, August 2014                (h/t The Saker)

Long live the White Races, and down with the Semite-led subhumans and interracial contacts”.

Look at that slogan. Should this be regarded as a great and laudable sentiment or call-to-action?
If you think so, then, then here are some equally laudable sentiments, provided by the same person and organisation:

The historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival. A crusade against the Semite-led subhumans”.


Punish severely sexual perversions and any interracial contacts that lead to the extinction of the white man”.


Prepare for further expansion and to struggle for the liberation of the entire White Race from the domination of the internationalist speculative capital”.

If you don’t like or agree with these sentiments, then you are obviously not a citizen of any European Union country, or any NATO country, or of the United States of America.

That is because the person who said this – on his own behalf, and on behalf of his organisation “Patriots of Ukraine” – is the commander of the unit which is currently fighting under the banner of the glorious and heroic “Azov Battalion”. The Azov battalion is – along with many other identically-orientated “Special Units” of the “National Guard” of Ukraine (established by the “Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine”) – currently fighting to “liberate” Eastern Ukraine from “Semites” and “Semite-led subhumans”; with the full encouragement of the Ukrainian government.

The Ukrainian government, and all of the many organisations – such as the “Socialist-National Assembly”, the “Patriots of Ukraine”, the “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists”, the “Tryzub”, the “Swoboda” and other such organisations – have taken over the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Internal Affairs and other Key Ministries within the current post-coup government of Ukraine. They are also providing the personnel from within their political party structures to form the “Special Units” of the “National Guard” – tasked with liquidating the (in their words) Semites and Semite-led subhumans in Eastern Ukraine. In this “historic mission” of theirs, they are beingcompletely supported to carry it out with impunity by the member countries of the European Union and NATO, and the United States of America.

In fact, it is only the financial, diplomatic and military support provided by the European Union, NATO and the United States of America that has enabled these views to prevail with impunity in Ukraine, and enabled corresponding acts to be perpetrated with impunity in Eastern Ukraine by those who hold these views, against the people that they regard as “Semites” (aka Ukrainian citizens who have the Jewish faith) and “Semite-led subhumans” (aka Ukrainian citizens who are of Russian ethnicity, and all Asians, Africans, Latin Americans, Arabic people and “non-White races”); as well as against those who engage in “interracial contacts”.

It is therefore worth noting that if you are a citizen of any European Union or NATO country, or of the United States of America; seeing as these are democratic countries where the governments are elected by you to represent and carry out the will of their people (i.e. your will), and where they are funded by you to carry out your will through the money paid in taxes by their people (i.e.your money); it is, in fact, you who is facilitating, condoning, supporting and encouraging these views.

Consequently, if you are a citizen of the European Union, a NATO country or the United States of America, the question is, therefore – do you feel satisfied, or proud of yourself, for your association with these views?

Moreover, the people whose speech and views are being facilitated, supported and condoned don’t just talk. They translate their words into deeds and actions – rapidly, efficiently and thoroughly.

That is why in the last two months, far more “Semites and Semite-led subhumans” (including very many women and children) have been killed in Eastern Ukraine through indiscriminate shelling and bombing – including by ballistic missiles – or burnt alive, beaten to death, shot or starved, than were killed in Gaza over the corresponding period. Moreover, over seven hundred thousand have fled to refugee camps in the Russian Federation, while over one hundred thousand more are internally displaced within the Donbass region of South Eastern Ukraine. All this has been done most efficiently and premeditatedly, by the people that the EU and NATO country governments, and the government of the USA, are facilitating, supporting, condoning and paying for.

To illustrate the level of impunity which this support has now led the persons implementing this “solution” to their “problem” enjoy, please see here a recent public quote from the Prime Minister of Ukraine; who was installed in his post not according to the will of the Ukrainian people, but rather according to the will of the USA’s Department of State:

They lost their lives because they defended men and women, children and the elderly who found themselves in a situation facing a threat to be killed by invaders and sponsored by them subhumans. First, we will commemorate the heroes by wiping out those who killed them and then by cleaning our land from the evil”.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk – Prime Minister of Ukraine
According to him, the heroes of the Azov Battalion and other “Special Units” of the “National Guard” will be honoured, and the subhumans will be wiped out, after which the land will be cleaned of the subhumans’ evil. Although the written record of his public comment was re-written to change “subhuman” to “inhuman” to cater for the required public narrative, a screenshot of the posting of his original speech is here. In any event, as that speech was broadcast live to the “subhuman” inhabitants of Eastern Ukraine, they all got it first-hand themselves, and they therefore know what awaits them – if the government in Kiev has its their way.

It seems that once the “heroic” wiping out of the subhumans has been completed in the main, the post-coup Ukrainian government also has a plan in place for how to deal with the ones who’re still there. Here it is:

“There will be a thorough filtration of people. There will be special filtration measures put in place. We will filter out people, including women, who are linked to separatism, who were committing crimes on Ukrainian territory. Crimes related to terrorist activities. We have a lot of information about this, and we have a formidable framework to combat this. Various power structures will carry out this operation.
Mykhailo Koval – Minister of Defence of Ukraine

Read this quote carefully. Especially look at the phrase “Special ‘Filtration’ Activities”. One wonders what the Ukrainian government ministers and their advisors from other countries who formulated this plan had in mind. Perhaps if they closed their eyes and thought about it they could catch the faint sound of freight trains moving off into the dark of the night, travelling to parts unknown; full to the brim with an unusual cargo. It would not be the first time that something likethis has happened in Ukraine.

The current post-coup government in Ukraine clearly has a problem with people that it perceives to be “Semite-led subhumans”, and – according to Ukrainian political leaders – this problem must be attended to. In stirring up a section of their (presumably non-subhuman) population through rhetoric, it seems that they have driven many people to start “helping” with this, and helping most thoroughly. As such, their will will be done – in fact, it is currently being done as you read this. As for the survivors, it seems that they’ll just be ethnically cleansed from the land (to make the land “clean”, it seems).

As with all thorough plans, it also seems that the current Ukrainian government has already worked out how to recompense the people who are cleaning the land of the “evil of the subhumans”. Here it is:

“Land parcels will be given out for free to the servicemen of the Armed Forces and other military formations, as well as to the employees of Interior Ministry and the Security Service that are defending territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country”.
Land Agency of Ukraine

Clearly, according to the current Ukrainian government, the land, possessions and businesses of the subhumans will be taken over and given away to the “heroic” personnel of the “Special Units” of the “National Guard” for free. It seems that in the “New Ukraine”, those classified as subhumans have no rights, so ownership and title don’t apply to them. Not anyway in the “New Europe” being forged within Ukraine.

If any Ukrainian speaks out against these acts too loudly, they are, more and more, just grabbed off the street and “disappeared”. Also, if any Ukrainian wants to broadcast anything other than the required narrative on Television, such a person will be assaulted and forced to resign (in this case, being assaulted and forced to resign by the Member of Parliament of Ukraine responsible for “Free Speech”). Similarly, if any Ukrainian wants to speak out against this in the Ukrainian Parliament, they will similarly be silenced by force applied in the parliament building (and then have their political party banned).

The iron-clad priority of the current Ukrainian government – and their supporters – appears to be that at all costs they must project the required narrative to outsiders in order to justify their conduct. The required narrative is that the prevailing situation is a war between Russia and Ukraine, not that it is a civil war inside Ukraine between Ukrainian citizens – with the Ukrainian “Special Units”, “National Guard” and army killing and ethnically cleansing the “subhuman” category of the Ukrainian civilian population in the Donbass Region of South-Eastern Ukraine.

As for the so-called “subhuman” section of the population trapped inside South Eastern Ukraine, it is not as though these acts are being carried out against them in silence. They are being done openly. However, although the people trapped inside the surrounded cities are crying out for help most publicly, nobody’s listening. It seems to be that the narrative has been accepted that all 8 million of these “subhumans” are “terrorists”, so their money can be taken from their bank accounts and from the money due for their pensions, insurance won’t pay for their destroyed houses, businesses or possessions – and whatever’s left can just be confiscated, and their water, electricity and gas supplies can be cut.

Moreover, it seems as though these people’s residential houses can be rocketed and shelledand bombed with impunity, and their windows can be blown out and roofs destroyed. In that part of Europe this can force people to – when winter, and minus 40 degree centigrade weather arrives (soon) – have to risk freezing to death or otherwise be forced to leave their homes.

Also, there are, apparently, no consequences incurred by the current Ukrainian government, their “National Guard” units, or their supporters for the daily contraventions of multiple Ukrainian and International Laws, including:

Even though more than enough documentary, photographic and video material already exists for criminal charges to be brought by any person or organisation, from any jurisdiction, for contravention of numerous of these laws and conventions against:

  • any private persons, or
  • any organisation leaders or members, or
  • any military leaders or soldiers, or
  • any private military company or organisation directors, leaders or members, or
  • any political party leaders or members, or
  • any government leaders or members,
  • from any country involved with these acts directly or indirectly,
  • for either their acts or their failures to act,
  • or against any person (or spokesperson) for aiding, abetting or encouraging such acts, or concealing information on such acts,
  • and although there is no statute of limitations for when these charges can be brought;

Total impunity for the members of the current Ukrainian government, the members of the “National Guard” and their supporters – in Ukraine and abroad – seems to be the order of the day. For now.

This is especially as very few foreign journalists are reporting from within the encircled cities or areas or the border of the Russian Federation; but also primarily because the “solution” being applied to this “subhuman terrorist” problem is being applied with the support and protection of the governments of the EU and NATO countries, and the USA. As a result, there is a total absence of balance when it comes to reporting of statements or to reporting of rebuttals from parties being mentioned in the media.

Other than this, all statements from the International Committee of the Red Cross, theOrganisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and any other party that doesn’t follow the required narrative appear to being kept out of the primary media in many countries. Other events that are contrary to the required narrative also appear to be left out of primary media reports in some countries.

In amongst this situation have also occurred some very irregular events which do not and could not pass muster if measured against any yardstick of probity or decency whatsoever.

Moreover, in early 2014, Ukraine was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy due to default on tens-of-billions of dollars of debt. Where has that all suddenly disappeared to? Also, the requirement to pay back any of the other tens-of-billions of dollars in loans from multiple international creditors, or to pay for gas supplies, or any other normal requirement for any normal country in any normal situation seems to either have mysteriously disappeared, or be able to be totally ignored by the current government – primarily, it seems, due to external protection provided to Ukraine’s current government by the governments of the EU and NATO countries, and the USA.

Similarly, despite Ukraine’s financial bankruptcy, there is, however, suddenly and just as mysteriously – from thin air, it seems – a tremendous amount of money available for military spending. This is specifically for the current Ukrainian government to launch the very expensive and ongoing military operation against the eight million “subhuman terrorists”. This includes money for the brand-new military equipment used by the “Special Units” of the “National Guard” to kill the terrorists, much of which equipment does not come from Ukraine.
Perhaps it is time – as the “Watergate” saying went – to “follow the money”, and see where it leads to.

For all of this, the citizens of EU and NATO countries, and of the USA – whose governments are covering for, or guaranteeing the cost of, this land-cleaning of the evil of subhuman terrorists – are morally co-responsible if you allow your governments to continue this policy of support, condoning or financing of these actions.

Therefore, look again at the headline of this article. Look at the quotes, in bold. Systematically review the documents and videos located at hyperlinks like this one in this article. Take your time and do it thoroughly. If they leave you cold, or if you agree with what is being done, well then – stand aside and let it happen, because then, you will never again have to concern yourself about it.

If, however, you are not in agreement with what is going on – whether you are a citizen of an EU or NATO country, the USA, or for that matter, any country – and it does not leave you cold, then there is some action required. You see, disagreeing but doing nothing is akin to consent. If you don’t agree with what is being done, you have to actually do something to stop it. In doing so, you should take note of this very important point.

If you are a citizen of a democratic country, it is you who is the ruler. Your government is not elected to rule you, to tell you what to do or to do as it pleases. No indeed.

Your government – comprising citizens who are no better or worse than you, and no more or less worthy than you – is elected to serve you. To administer the affairs of your country on your behalf, according to your wishes. As such, you can compel them to accede to your will.

Regrettably, many of them lose sight of this fact once they are elected, and think they are kings or queens, so you may have to remind them of who, in fact, works for who.

One way to do this is through the use of the law.

Just as a company director can face legal consequences for reckless endangerment of a company, so can a political leader face legal consequences for reckless endangerment of a country or of people’s lives. Just as a company director can face legal consequences for making false and misleading statements, so can a political leader. When a company director takes a company in a direction that the majority of its shareholders disagrees with, they can band together and force him out – and the same can be done with political leaders and citizens or voters. There are many avenues of recourse, and many intelligent and committed law firms and legal minds that know how to do this.

If this avenue is not open to you, then make your voice heard in any way that is possible. Doing anything – as long as it is non-violent and geared towards achieving positive change – is preferable to doing nothing.

Let your political leaders and governments know your thoughts. Make them comply with your will – for if you do not, they will condone or support the carrying out of these acts in your name.

Moreover, because this situation is being ignored or condoned by governments, and because many ordinary people think that the condoning of this situation by their governments is perverse, they are taking matters into their own hands, and what is happening in that region of Europe isstarting to spread its tentacles far and wide – and very rapidly too.

Therefore, take note that as sure as night follows day, if you allow the Law of the Jungle to reign supreme in Ukraine today, you run the risk that tomorrow, when you open your front door, the jungle could be on your own doorstep.

A cold wind is blowing through Europe. It carries on it the sound of voices from the past – gone but not forgotten. Voices of people who cried out for help – but no help ever came. Mingling in are the sound of new voices, also crying out for help – but their cries too go unanswered.

Pay heed to this wind, and to the voices that it carries; for if you do not, this wind can become a storm; and if it does, you will find, when that storm arrives, that tomorrow belongs to you.

The writer is an executive at a multinational company based in Europe. Prior to his business career, he provided Strategic Geopolitical Consulting services to national and federal governments in Eastern and Western Europe and the CIS, as well as to international organisations. He is the author of geopolitical articles which are published in the press internationally, and is also a guest commentator on geopolitical affairs for international television stations. He has been a delegate and guest speaker at United Nations conferences. He has chaired a Humanitarian Organisation in Europe and a Military Veterans Organisation in South Africa as pro-bono activities. Prior to his career in Strategic Geopolitical Consulting, he was a Special Forces Operator and member of the Directorate of Special Tasks of Military Intelligence, and participated in the Angolan War, where he took part in combat operations against USSR and USSR-proxy forces during the Cold War. 

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August 31, 2014

Last Thursday the Ukrainian government, echoed by NATO spokesmen, declared that the the Russian military is now operating within Ukraine’s borders. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t; what do you know? They said the same thing before, most recently on August 13, and then on August 17, each time with either no evidence or fake evidence. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

You be the judge. I put together this helpful list of top ten telltale signs that will allow you to determine whether indeed Russia invaded Ukraine last Thursday, or whether Thursday’s announcement is yet another confabulation. (Credit to Roman Kretsul).

Because if Russia invaded on Thursday morning, this is what the situation on the ground would look like by Saturday afternoon.

1. Ukrainian artillery fell silent almost immediately. They are no longer shelling residential districts of Donetsk and Lugansk. This is because their locations had been pinpointed prior to the operation, and by Thursday afternoon they were completely wiped out using air attacks, artillery and ground-based rocket fire, as the first order of business. Local residents are overjoyed that their horrible ordeal is finally at an end.

2. The look of military activity on the ground in Donetsk and Lugansk has changed dramatically. Whereas before it involved small groups of resistance fighters, the Russians operate in battalions of 400 men and dozens of armored vehicles, followed by convoys of support vehicles (tanker trucks, communications, field kitchens, field hospitals and so on). The flow of vehicles in and out is non-stop, plainly visible on air reconnaissance and satellite photos. Add to that the relentless radio chatter, all in Russian, which anyone who wants to can intercept, and the operation becomes impossible to hide.

3. The Ukrainian military has promptly vanished. Soldiers and officers alike have taken off their uniforms, abandoned their weapons, and are doing their best to blend in with the locals. Nobody thought the odds of the Ukrainian army against the Russians were any good. Ukraine’s only military victory against Russia was at the battle of Konotop in 1659, but at the time Ukraine was allied with the mighty Khanate of Crimea, and, you may have noticed, Crimea is not on Ukraine’s side this time around.

4. There are Russian checkpoints everywhere. Local civilians are allowed through, but anyone associated with a government, foreign or domestic, is detained for questioning. A filtration system has been set up to return demobilized Ukrainian army draftees to their native regions, while the volunteers and the officers are shunted to pretrial detention centers, to determine whether they had ordered war crimes to be committed.

5. Most of Ukraine’s border crossings are by now under Russian control. Some have been reinforced with air defense and artillery systems and tank battalions, to dissuade NATO forces from attempting to stage an invasion. Civilians and humanitarian goods are allowed through. Businessmen are allowed through once they fill out the required forms (which are in Russian).

6. Russia has imposed a no-fly zone over all of Ukraine. All civilian flights have been cancelled. There is quite a crowd of US State Department staffers, CIA and Mossad agents, and Western NGO people stuck at Borispol airport in Kiev. Some are nervously calling everyone they know on their satellite phones. Western politicians are demanding that they be evacuated immediately, but Russian authorities want to hold onto them until their possible complicity in war crimes has been determined.

7. The usual Ukrainian talking heads, such as president Poroshenko, PM Yatsenyuk and others, are no longer available to be interviewed by Western media. Nobody quite knows where they are. There are rumors that they have already fled the country. Crowds have stormed their abandoned residences, and were amazed to discover that they were all outfitted with solid gold toilets.

8. Some of the over 800,000 Ukrainian refugees are starting to stream back in from Russia. They were living in tent cities, many of them in the nearby Rostov region, but with the winter coming they are eager to get back home, now that the shelling is over. Along with them, construction crews, cement trucks and flatbeds stacked with pipe, cable and rebar are streaming in, to repair the damage from the shelling.

9. There is all sorts of intense diplomatic and military activity around the world, especially in Europe and the US. Military forces are on highest alert, diplomats are jetting around and holding conferences. President Obama just held a press conference to announce that “We don’t have a strategy on Ukraine yet.” His military advisers tell him that his usual strategy of “bomb a little and see what happens” is not likely to be helpful in this instance.

10. Kiev has surrendered. There are Russian tanks on the Maidan Square. Russian infantry is mopping up the remains of Ukraine’s National Guard. A curfew has been announced. The operation to take Kiev resembled “Shock and Awe” in Baghdad: a few loud bangs and then a whimper.

Armed with this list, you too should be able to determine whether or not Russia has invaded Ukraine last Thursday.                                            Dmitry Orlov

The “Falling-Asleep” or “Repose” (“Dormition”, “Uspenie”, “Koimesis”) of our Most Holy Lady Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary

August 28, 2014

The “Falling-Asleep” or “Repose” (“Dormition”, “Uspenie”, “Koimesis”) of our MostHoly Lady Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary: After the Ascension of the Lord, the Mother of God remained in the care of the Apostle John the Theologian, and during his journeyings She lived at the home of his parents, near Mount Eleon (the Mount of Olives, or Mount Olivet). She was a source of consolation and edification for both the Apostles and for all the believers. Conversing with them, She told them about miraculous happenings: the Annuniciation (Blagoveschenie), the Conception (Zachatie) without seed and without defilement of Christ born of Her, about His early childhood, and about all His earthly life. And just like the Apostles, She helped plant and strengthen the Christian Church by Her presence, Her discourse and Her prayers. The reverence of the Apostles for the MostHoly Virgin was extraordinary. After the receiving of the Holy Spirit on the remarkable day of Pentecost, the Apostles remained basically at Jerusalem for about 10 years attending to the salvation of the Jews, and wanting moreover to see the Mother of God and hear Her holy discourse. Many of the newly-enlightened in the faith even came from faraway lands to Jerusalem, to see and to hear the All-Pure Mother of God.
During the time of the persecution, initiated by king Herod against the young Church of Christ (Acts 12: 1-3), the MostHoly Virgin together with the Apostle John the Theologian withdrew in the year 43 to Ephesus. The preaching of the Gospel there had fallen by lot to the Apostle John the Theologian. The Mother of God was likewise on Cyprus with Saint Lazarus the Four-Days-Entombed, where he was bishop. She was also on Holy Mount Athos, about which, as says Saint Stephen Svyatogorets (i.e. Saint Stephen of the “Holy Mount”), the Mother of God prophetically spoke: “This place shalt be allotted Me, given unto Me by My Son and My God. I wilt be the Patroness for this place and Intercessor to God for it”.
The respect of ancient Christians for the Mother of God was so great, that they preserved what they could about Her life, what they could take note of concerning Her sayings and deeds, and they even passed down to us the regards of Her outward appearance.
According to tradition, based on the words of the PriestMartyrs Dionysios the Areopagite (+ 3 October 96), Ignatios the God-Bearer (+ 20 December 107), – Sainted Ambrose of Mediolanum-Milan (Comm. 7 December) had occasion to write in his work “On Virgins” concerning the Mother of God: “She was the Virgin not only of body, but also of soul, humble of heart, circumspect in word, wise in mind, not overly given to speaking, a lover of reading and of work, and prudent in speech. Her rule of life was – offend no one, intend well for everyone, respect the aged, be not envious of others, avoid bragging, be healthy of mind, and love virtue. When did She ever in the least hurl an insult in the face of Her parents, when was She at discord with Her kin? When did She ever puff up haughtily before a modest person, or laugh at the weak, or shun the destitute? With Her there was nothing of glaring eyes, nothing of unseemly words, nor of improper conduct: She was modest of body-movement, Her step was quiet, and Her voice straightforward; – such that Her bodily visage was an expression of soul, and personification of purity. All Her days She was concerned with fasting: She slept only when necessary, and even then, when Her body was at rest, She was still alert in spirit, repeating in Her dreams what She had read, or the pondered implementation of proposed intentions, or those planned yet anew. She was out of Her house only for church, and then only in the company of kin. Otherwise, She but little appeared outside Her house in the company of others, and She was Her own best overseer; others could protect Her only in body, but She Herself guarded Her character”. [trans. note: In context, we must realise that Saint Ambrose wrote this discourse in exhortation to young women to conduct themselves maturely and with concern for the reputation of their good-name, an exhortation equally incumbent upon young men].
According to tradition, that from the compiler of Church history Nicephoros Kallistos (XIV Century), the Mother of God “was of average stature, or as others suggest, slightly more than average; Her hair golden in appearance; Her eyes bright with pupils like shiny olives; Her eyebrows strong in character and moderately dark, Her nose pronounced and Her mouth vibrant bespeaking sweet speech; Her face was neither round nor angular, but somewhat oblong; the palm of Her Hands and fingers were longish… In conversation with others She preserved decorum, neither becoming silly nor agitated, and indeed especially never angry; without artifice, and direct, She was not overly concerned about Herself, and far from any pampering of Herself, She was distinctly full of humility. Regarding the clothing which She wore, She was satisfied to have natural colours, which even now is evidenced by Her holy head-covering. Suffice it to say, an especial grace attended all Her actions”. (Nicephoros Kallistos borrowed his description from Sainted Epiphanios of Cyprus, + 12 May 403, from the “Letter to Theophilos concerning icons”.
The circumstances of the Falling-Asleep or Dormition of the Mother of God were known in the Orthodox Church from times apostolic. Already in the I Century, the PriestMartyr Dionysios the Areopagite wrote about Her “Falling-Asleep”. In the II Century, the account about the bodily Assumption of the MostHoly Virgin Mary to Heaven is found in the works of Meliton, Bishop of Sardis. In the IV Century, Saint Epiphanios of Cyprus refers to the tradition about the “Falling-Asleep” of the Mother of God. In the V Century Sainted Juvenal, Patriarch of Jerusalem, told the holy Byzantine empress Pulcheria: “Although in Holy Scripture there be no account about the circumstances of Her end, we know about them otherwise from the most ancient and credible tradition”. This tradition in detail was gathered and expounded in the Church history of Nicephoros Kallistos during the XIV Century.
At the time of Her blessed “Falling-Asleep”, the MostHoly Virgin Mary was again at Jerusalem. Her fame as the Mother of God had already spread throughout the land and had aroused against Her many of the envious and the spiteful, who wanted to make attempts on Her life; but God preserved Her from enemies.
Day and night She spent at prayer. The MostHoly Mother of God went often to the Holy Sepulchre of the Lord, and here She offered up incense and the bending of knees. More than once enemies of the Saviour sought to hinder Her from visiting her holy place, and they besought of the high-priest a guard to watch over the Grave of the Lord. But the Holy Virgin Mary, unseen by anyone, continued to pray in front of them. In one suchlike visit to Golgotha, the Archangel Gabriel appeared before Her and announced Her approaching transfer from this life into the Heavenly life of eternal beatitude. In pledge of this, the Archangel entrusted Her a palm branch. With these Heavenly tidings the Mother of God returned to Bethlehem with the three girls attending Her (Sepphora, Evigea and Zoila). She thereupon summoned Righteous Joseph of Aramathea and other disciples of the Lord, and told them of Her impending Repose (Uspenie). The MostHoly Virgin prayed also, that the Lord would have the Apostle John come to Her. And the Holy Spirit transported him from Ephesus, setting him alongside that very place, where lay the Mother of God. After the prayer, the MostHoly Virgin offered up incense, and John heard a voice from Heaven, closing Her prayer with the word “Amen”. The Mother of God took notice, that this voice meant the speedy arrival of the Apostles and the Disciples and the holy Bodiless Powers. The Disciples, whose number then it was impossible to count, flocked together, – says Saint John Damascene, – like clouds and eagles, to hearken to the Mother of God. Seeing one another, the Disciples rejoiced, but in their confusion they asked each other, why had the Lord gathered them together in one place? Saint John the Theologian, greeting them with tears of joy, said that for the Mother of God had begun the time of repose unto the Lord. Going in to the Mother of God, they beheld Her augustly lying upon the cot, and filled with spiritual happiness. The Disciples gave greeting to Her, and then they told about their being miraculously transported from their places of preaching. The MostHoly Virgin Mary glorified God, in that He had hearkened to Her prayer and fulfilled Her heart’s desire, and She began speaking about Her immanent end. During the time of this conversation the Apostle Paul likewise appeared in miraculous manner together with his disciples: Dionysios the Areopagite, wondrous Hierotheos, and Timothy and others from amongst the Seventy Disciples. The Holy Spirit had gathered them all together, so that they might be vouchsafed the blessing of the All-Pure Virgin Mary, and all the more fittingly to see to the burial of the Mother of the Lord. Each of them She called to Herself by name, She blessed them and extolled them in their faith and hardships in the preaching of the Gospel of Christ, and to each She wished eternal bliss and prayed with them for the peace and welfare of all the world.
There ensued the third hour, when the Uspenie-Repose of the Mother of God was to occur. A multitude of candles blazed. The holy Disciples with song encircled the felicitously adorned sick-bed, upon which lay the All-Pure Virgin Mother of God. She prayed in anticipation of Her demise and of the arrival of Her longed-for Son and Lord. Suddenly the inexpressible Light of Divine Glory shone forth, before which the blazing candles paled in comparison. All that saw took fright. Sitting atop as though immersed in the rays of the indescribable Light, was Christ the King of Glory Himself come down, surrounded by hosts of Angels and Archangels and other Heavenly Powers, together with the souls of the fore-fathers and the prophets, formerly having foretold of the MostHoly Virgin Mary. Seeing Her Son, the Mother of God exclaimed: “My soul doth magnify My Lord, and My spirit rejoiceth in God My Saviour, for He hath regarded the lowliness of His Handmaiden” – and, getting up from Her bed to meet the Lord, She bowed down to Him. And the Lord bid Her come enter the habitations of Life Eternal. Without any bodily suffering, as though in an happy sleep, the MostHoly Virgin Mary gave up Her soul into the hands of Her Son and God.
Then began joyous Angelic song. Accompanying the pure soul of the God-betrothed and with reverent awe for the Queen of Heaven, the Angels exclaimed: “Hail Thou, Full-of-Grace, the Lord is with Thee, blessed art Thou amongst women! For lo, it be the Queen, God’s Maiden doth come, take up the gates, and with the Ever-Existent take ye up the Mother of Light; for of Her is salvation come to all the human race. Upon Her tis impossible to gaze and to Her tis impossible to render due honour” (Stikherion verse on “Lord, I have cried”). The Heavenly gates were raised, and meeting the soul of the MostHoly Mother of God, the Cherubim and the Seraphim with joy glorified Her. The graced face of the Mother of God was radiant with the glory of Divine virginity, and of Her body there exuded fragrance.

Dormizione della Vergine Maria

Miraculous was the life of the All-Pure Virgin, and wondrous was Her Repose, as Holy Church doth sing: “In Thee, O Queen, the God of all hath wrought a miracle, that transcendeth the laws of nature. Just as in the Birth-Giving He did preserve Thine virginity, so also in the grave He did preserve Thy body from decay” (Kanon 1, Ode 6, Tropar 1). Giving kiss to the all-pure body with reverence and in awe, the Disciples in turn were blessed by it and filled with grace and spiritual joy. Through the great glorification of the MostHoly Mother of God, the almighty power of God healed the sick, who with faith and love gave touch to the holy cot. Bewailing their separation on earth from the Mother of God, the Apostles set about the burying of Her all-pure body. The holy Apostles Peter, Paul, James and others of the 12 Apostles carried the funeral bier upon their shoulders, and upon it lay the body of the ever-Virgin Mary. Saint John the Theologian went at the head with the resplendent palm-branch from Paradise, and the other saints and a multitude of the faithful accompanied the funeral bier with candles and censers, singing sacred song. This solemn procession went from the Sion-quarter through all Jerusalem to the Garden of Gethsemane.
With the start of the procession there suddenly appeared over the all-pure body of the Mother of God and all those accompanying Her a vast and resplendent circular cloud, like a crown, and to the choir of the Apostles was conjoined the choir of the Angels. There was heard the singing of the Heavenly Powers, glorifying the Mother of God, which echoed that of the worldly voices. This circle of Heavenly singers and radiance moved through the air and accompanied the procession to the very place of burial. Unbelieving inhabitants of Jerusalem, taken aback by the extraordinarily grand funeral procession and vexed at the honours accorded the Mother of Jesus, denounced this to the high-priests and scribes. Burning with envy and vengefulness towards everything that reminded them of Christ, they sent out their own servants to disrupt the procession and to set afire the body of the Mother of God. An angry crowd and soldiers set off against the Christians, but the aethereal crown, accompanying the procession in the air, lowered itself to the ground and like a wall fenced it off. The pursuers heard the footsteps and the singing, but could not see any of those accompanying the procession. And indeed many of them were struck blind. The Jewish priest Aphthoniah out of spite and hatred for the Mother of Jesus of Nazareth wanted to topple the funeral bier, on which lay the body of the MostHoly Virgin Mary, but an Angel of God invisibly cut off his hands, which had touched the bier. Seeing such a wonder, Aphthoniah repented and with faith confessed the majesty of the Mother of God. He received healing and joined in with the crowd accompanying the body of the Mother of God, and he became a zealous follower of Christ. When the procession reached the Garden of Gethsemane, then amidst the weeping and the wailing began the last kiss to the all-pure body. Only towards evening time were the Apostles able to place it in the tomb and seal the entrance to the cave with a large stone. For three days they did not depart the place of burial, during this time making unceasing prayer and psalmody. Through the wise providence of God, the Apostle Thomas had been destined not to be present at the burial of the Mother of God. Arriving late on the third day at Gethsemane, he lay down at the sepulchral cave and with bitter tears bespeaking loudly his desire, that he might be vouchsafed a final blessing of the Mother of God and have final farewell with Her. The Apostles out of heartfelt pity for him decided to open the grave and permit him the comfort of venerating the holy remains of the Ever-Virgin Mary. But having opened the grave, they found in it only the grave wrappings and were thus convinced of the bodily ascent or assumption of the MostHoly Virgin Mary to Heaven.
On the evening of the same day, when the Apostles had gathered at an house to strengthen themselves with food, the Mother of God Herself appeared to them and said: “Rejoice! I am with ye – throughout all the length of days”. This so gladdened the Apostles and everyone with them, that they took a portion of the bread, set aside at the meal in memory of the Saviour (“the Portion of the Lord”), and they exclaimed also: “MostHoly Mother of God, help us”. (This marks the beginning of the rite of offering up a “Panagia” (“All-Blessed”) – the custom of offering up at meals a portion of bread in honour of the Mother of God, which even at present is done at monasteries).
The sash of the Mother of God, and Her holy garb, – preserved with reverence and distributed over the face of the earth in pieces – both in past and in present has worked miracles. Her numerous icons everywhere issue forth with outpourings of signs and healings, and Her holy body – taken up to Heaven, witnesses to our own future mode of life therein. Her body was not left to the chance vicissitudes of the transitory world, but was all the more incomparably exalted by its glorious ascent to Heaven.
The feast of the Repose-Uspenie of the MostHoly Mother of God is celebrated with especial solemnity at Gethsemane, at the place of Her burial. Nowhere else is there such sorrow of heart at the separation from the Mother of God and nowhere else such uplift, persuaded of Her intercession for the world.
The holy city of Jerusalem is separated from the Mount of Olives (Olivet) by the valley of Kedron on Josaphat. At the foot of the Mount of Olives is situated the Garden of Gethsemane, where olive trees bear fruit even now.
The holy Ancestor-of-God Joakim had himself reposed at 80 years of age, – some several years after the Entry (“Vvedenie vo Khram”) of the MostHoly Virgin Mary into the Jerusalem Temple (Comm. 21 November). Saint Anna, having been left a widow, resettled from Nazareth to Jerusalem, and lived near the Temple. At Jerusalem she bought two pieces of property: the first at the gates of Gethsemane, and the second – in the valley of Josaphat. At the second locale she built a crypt for the repose of members of her family, and where also she herself was buried with Joakim. And it was there in the Garden of Gethsemane that the Saviour often prayed with His disciples.
The most-pure body of the Mother of God was buried in the family cemetery-plot. With Her burial Christians also reverently honoured the sepulchre of the Mother of God, and they built on this spot a church. Within the church was preserved the precious funeral cloth, which wrapped Her all-pure and fragrant body.
The holy Jerusalem Patriarch Juvenal (420-458) attested before the emperor Marcian (450-457) as to the authenticity of the tradition about the miraculous assumption of the Mother of God to Heaven, and he likewise sent to the empress, Saint Pulcheria (+ 453, Comm. 10 September), the grave wrappings of the Mother of God, which he had taken from Her grave. Saint Pulcheria then placed these grave-wrappings within the Blakhernae church.