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January 30, 2017

President Trump on Monday signed an executive order that would require agencies to revoke two regulations for every new rule they want to issue.



January 30, 2017




January 28, 2017

As long as Russia does not damn this legacy, this legacy will continue to damn Russia!


January 27, 2017




America will be great again only when Americans will stop the sacrifice of their children to the devil, like the Israelites of old did. At that time, they called the devil “Baal”; today they call him “women reproductive rights”.

If they stop these blasphemous, horrific assassinations, then their captivity (where strangers devour their land and enslave the people) also will cease, like for the Israelites of old.

There is hope today for America, much more than for Europe.


January 27, 2017

“If you are reproached for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.”

by Iben Thranholm

(qui si puo’ leggere l’articolo in italiano)

Recently Marie Krarup, a member of the Danish Parliament for the Danish People’s Party – contacted me to say that the EU task force East Stratcom has placed me on a list branding me as a pro-Russian propagandist and is accusing me of spreading Russian disinformation.

This organisation was set up in March 2015 by the European Council to implement an action plan on strategic communication to address what it labels ”Russia’s on-going disinformation campaigns”, allegedly aiming to destabilize European democracy. To this end, East StratCom ”publishes two public weekly newsletters to stay up to date with the latest disinformation stores and narratives”. Have a look at EastStratcoms website.

This was shocking news to me. Marie Krarup requested a consultation with Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen. She found that the task force accusation violated my constitutional rights under Danish law to exercise freedom of speech, and found this to be stark evidence of the EU usurping undemocratic and totalitarian privilege to list commentators, pundits and journalists that criticize EU policies and EU leaders.

The minister disagreed. He stated that Iben Thranholm deserved her listing as a pro-Russian agent and should remain so listed. He indicated that I was hired by the Kremlin to destabilize Europe. Despite the consultation, this remains his position. No action has been taken to amend the list. No further comment has been offered on the case in the media.

The consequences may be dire. If the conflict with Russia escalates, the state will have the right to imprison me as an enemy of the state. Already now I have been branded a traitor and unpatriotic. Many opinion leaders and colleagues have composed and published an open letter criticizing the ministry. Social media have been brimming with support, but my government remains stubborn in its accusation that I am a Russian agent. This means that I am no longer protected by the state of which I am a national.

The title of the article is not entirely correct. Iben Tranholm is not hated by those who hate Russia – they would love a godless Russia. Iben Tranholm is hated by those who hate Christ!

The Soviet Union of old was at least coherent with its silly ideology. The Soviet European Union of today cannot even boast that coherence, with its pretension to be based upon freedom, democracy and rule of the law. It’s a farcical construct which has its place in a Kafka’s novel, not in reality. Reality will vomit it out in a short time!

The old communists repeated the party line to crowds keeping their tongues firmly in cheek. The global democratic society lets you scream and shout against the party line, yet it expects you to appropriate it totally, making it your own line of thought, with full knowledge that you are lying to yourself.

And this is the revelation of the method: we are all, to a man, supposed to become liars; in the first place, by lying to ourselves consciously and transparently. (READ MORE)

In the meanwhile, all those who stand by the truth, above all us Christians, who are unworthy servants of the Truth (and the Way and Life), must be ready to suffer for Him, in this Union of Lies which tolerates everything but Christ.

It’s demonocracy, baby!

The persecution will not be hidden anymore and it will spread to other states. Maybe here in Latvia we will again be protected by the prayer of St. John of Riga, but are here enough prayer to St. John, to God? We’ll know it soon enough.


For his prayer, o Lord, have mercy on the Latvian land and the peoples who live here. Protect them from the evil one and his puppets, deliver the peoples of Latvia from their lies and murderous plans. Amen!

Holy father John, hierarch and martyr, pray to the Lord for us!


January 26, 2017

There are people who are willing to crawl so low for some bucks that they become an embarrassment to the very concept of shame!

And I’m not referring necessarily to the “analyst” here.

At 5.43 $ per share Genworth Financial is a steal, yet stealing is too little a shame for someone.


January 25, 2017

A lot of flaming idiots worldwide really think that a vagina is all you need to be a woman!


The ascent of Donald Trump is more than a change of tenant of the White House on 1600, Pennsylvania Ave. It is a momentous swing from Yin to Yang, from dark feminine to bright masculine paradigm, from Cybele to Christ. Tremendous resistance to the regime change proves its unique importance.

That’s why the American colour revolution, the attempt to prevent the new president’s reign, took a form of a women’s march. Of a certain type of women wearing their genitals-like pink hats. Not of Saints Mary and Catherine, not of our wives and mothers, but of the wild throng of maenads, the Demented Ones who roamed the forests and in their frenzy they tore men to pieces and devoured their flesh. They hate Christ and admire witches, and for them the murder of a babe in its mother’s womb is not a necessity but their heart’s desire.

Israel Shamir

Demented, indeed! And ugly, ugly beyond any imagination. In fact, how could it be differently? Feminism is the denial and the active savaging of every ontological qualities (necessities) of women. Beauty and attractiveness is one of the main of those qualities, and it’s irredeemably lost as soon as they are caught in the devil’s snare.


Let’s call it the Trump effect:




Glory to God, I didn’t hope for so much in just four days.



January 23, 2017

by Mateusz Piskorski

Predictions concerning the upcoming NATO summit in July in Warsaw are beginning to clearly indicate that today the alliance’s goal is first and foremost preventing the emergence of social movements demanding the liberation of Europe from underneath the tutelage of the United States. As can be seen, the Financial Times’ inadvertent uttering of the words of one of the Polish Army’s senior commanders show just what decisions can be expected this summer. These are decisions which completely undermine not only the sovereignty of Warsaw in the field of foreign policy, but also clearly speak to the fact that from this moment on NATO is supposed to be a police force ready to participate in the pacification of eventual social protests or intervene in the affairs of domestic Polish politics.

The actual intensions of the alliance’s latest decisions were revealed honestly and in a frankly military way by Brigade General Krzysztof Krol, the commander of the Multinational Corps Northeast. The issue under consideration was the concept of the so-called NATO spearhead advocated for years by the Americans and longed for by the Polish politicians of both the for-mer and current government. Let us give the floor to the general: “The VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force) is to deal with Article 4 situations [of the North-Atlantic Treaty] and that is our intention with it.” Article 4 speaks of cooperation and consultation between member states which cannot be described as in article 5 as experiencing armed aggression against any of them, but rather subjective feelings of para-military threats. What kind of situations are we dealing with here? General Krol leaves no doubt: “The plan was developed to react to hybrid threats in our area of operation. Our plans are scaleable to the situation,” he told the Financial Times.

The concept of hybrid war or hybrid actions has blossomed as a definition of the activities of Russia following the Ukrainian revolution of 2014. But what is interesting is that to this day it has not attained any unambiguous academic interpretation and various authors and experts define its scope in different ways. In The Financial Times, however, we read that the NATO spearhead has the right to take action in the case of the destabilization of the international situation in the country triggered by, for example, public protests.

What does this mean in practice? Any internal disturbance could be treated and presented by native as well as American “spearheadologists” as part of the activities vaguely defined as hybrid war. This might lead to the case in which protests against the effects of the TTIP Agreement supported by the Polish state could be treated as “hybrid activities.” Poles’ protests against crimes committed by US Army soldiers stationed in Poland could also turn out to be “hybrid war.” Antoni Macierewicz’s sick imagination could suggest dozens of different theories. After all, the current defense minister is so divorced from common sense that he believes that Radoslaw Sikorski, another pro-American hawk, is actually working for Moscow. Social unrests, protests, strikes, attempts to form information resources independent from the establishment, demanding transparency in the defense and foreign policies of the Polish authorities – all of these could become pretexts for one or another swing into action of advisors from NATO (mainly from the USA), who would provide “brotherly aid” to the Polish units and services subordinated to them. In this situation, all that is left is to hope that officers and officials will not want to stay in an “oral relationship” (the colorful expression of Sikorski) with their American overlords, will remind themselves of the dignity of the Polish uniform, and send all those representatives of foreign interests “concerned about our security” far back across the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, we have been left with one thing: to loudly protest and by all law-abiding means block the realization of NATO’s plans which it will announce in July in Warsaw. It is also worth organizing a social movement for Poland’s exit from this pact as a condition of gaining elementary state sovereignty and a real sense of security.

Translated by Jafe Arnold

ndM – A few days after he wrote this article, on May 18th 2016, Mr. Piskorski has been arrested and is still detained to this very day, without due process. In fact, not even proper charges have been made against him. In short, he has been kidnapped by his own government.

It’s demonocracy, baby!


January 18, 2017

“Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance, and do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones. And even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees. Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”


Oggi, voi tutti siete nella gioia, soltanto io sono triste. In realtà, quando volgo lo sguardo verso l’oceano spirituale, contemplando gli immensi tesori della Chiesa, e poi penso che finita questa solennità, la gente se ne andrà via per i fatti propri, provo un dolore che mi lacera, un’angoscia che mi opprime, perché la Chiesa, madre affettuosa e feconda, non può avere la gioia di vedere numerosi i suoi figli in tutte le assemblee, ma solo nei giorni delle grandi feste. E tuttavia, che grande motivo di gioia spirituale! Che letizia per noi! Che gloria per Dio! Che beneficio per le anime! Se ad ogni incontro vedessimo il tempio così pieno! I marinai e piloti si danno da fare per attraversare le onde e rientrare in porto, noi, al contrario, lottiamo per non lasciare il mare aperto e, sempre travolti dai flutti degli affari mondani, per stare continuamente nei luoghi pubblici e davanti ai tribunali, e facciamo la nostra comparsa qui a mala pena una volta o due all’anno.

Non sapete dunque che Dio ha costruito le chiese nelle città come porti sul mare, affinché coloro che in essa verranno a mettersi al riparo dalle tempeste della vita, vi trovino la piena tranquillità. Qui, infatti, non avete nulla da temere: né la furia delle onde, né le incursioni dei pirati o gli attacchi dei banditi, e neppure la violenza di venti o le sorprese degli animali selvatici. È un porto al riparo da ogni male, porto spirituale delle anime. Voi mi siete testimoni della verità di queste parole. Se qualcuno di voi, infatti, in questo momento interroga la propria coscienza, troverà una grande pace interiore. Non rabbia che lo turbi, non avidità che lo bruci, non invidia che lo divori; l’arroganza non lo gonfia, l’amore della vanagloria non lo corrompe; ma tutti questi mostri si acquietano subito non appena le sante Scritture, simili ad un incanto divino, giungendo attraverso la  lettura alle orecchie di ciascuno, sono penetrate nell’anima ed avranno calmato quei movimenti contrari alla ragione. Davvero sfortunati coloro che, pur avendo la possibilità di acquisire una tale santità di comportamento, non si premurano a frequentare assiduamente la chiesa, nostra madre comune! Potete indicarmi una occupazione più fruttuosa, un incontro più utile? Che vi impedisce di venire qui con noi? Mi addurrete la povertà come ostacolo che vi tiene lontani da questa bella assemblea: ma è solo un vano pretesto. Ci sono sette giorni nella settimana, Dio li ha condivisi con noi e lui non si è riservata la parte maggiore, lasciando a noi la più piccola; e neppure ha fatto le parti uguali, prendendo tre giorni per lui e lasciandocene tre, ma ci ha dato sei giorni e per sé ne ha riservato soltanto uno; e voi in quel giorno non vi degnate nemmeno di astenervi del tutto dalle cose terrene; ma simili a quelli che rubano il tesoro sacro, rapinate questo giorno santo usandolo per le ordinarie occupazioni, presi dall’interesse della vita materiale, abusate di quegli istanti che dovrebbero essere dedicati alle cose spirituali.

Ma perché parlare di un giorno intero? Imitate quello che fece la vedova nella sua elemosina. Diede solo due oboli (Marco 12,42 ss.), e ricevette da Dio una grazia abbondante. Date, anche voi, due ore soltanto a Dio, e raccoglierete per la vostra casa il guadagno di molti giorni. Se avete in disprezzo le mie parole e non volete rinunciare neppure per un istante ai profitti terreni,  badate che non perdiate il frutto di tutti gli anni precedenti. Dio, infatti, usa punire il disprezzo verso di lui facendo disperdere le ricchezze ammassate. Questa minaccia rivolgeva ai Giudei che trascuravano di andare al tempio: Avete ammassato ricchezze nelle vostre case e il mio soffio le ha disperse, dice il Signore (Aggeo, 1,9). Se venite in chiesa solo una o due volte all’anno, vi chiedo, come vi si potrà istruire sulle cose necessarie alla salvezza, come la natura dell’anima e di quella del corpo, l’immortalità, il regno dei cieli, le pene dell’inferno, la misericordia di Dio e la sua bontà, il battesimo, la penitenza e il perdono dei peccati, le creature celesti e terrestri, la natura degli uomini e quella degli angeli, la malvagità dei demoni e le meno per sentimento di devozione che per residuo d’abitudine e in occasione della solennità; perché è proprio a stento se i fedeli che frequentano assiduamente le nostre assemblee arrivano ad imparare ciò che è necessario sapere. Molte persone qui hanno servi e figli. Bene! Quando volete farli istruire, li affidate a maestri che avete scelto per loro, li mandate lontano da voi, date loro vestiti, cibo e tutto ciò di cui hanno bisogno, poi li mandate a vivere con i loro maestri e non lasciate che ritornino a casa, in modo che, attraverso l’assiduità della frequenza, essi profittino meglio, e nessuna preoccupazione, nessuna occupazione estranea ai loro studi li distraggano; e quando si tratta di imparare per voi non una scienza comune, ma la più grande delle scienze, la scienza di piacere a Dio e di acquistare i beni celesti, voi credete che sia sufficiente occuparvene una o due volte per caso? Che assurdità! Avete dubbi sul fatto che questa sia una scienza che richiede molta attenzione? Ascoltate: Imparate da me, dice il Signore, che sono mite e umile di cuore (Matteo 11,29). Altrove, il profeta  dice: Venite, figli miei, ascoltatemi, vi insegnerò il timore del Signore (Salmo 33,12). E ancora: fate attenzione e vedrete che io sono il Dio vero (Salmo 45,11). È necessaria quindi una grande applicazione a chi vuole imparare la scienza delle cose spirituali.

San Giovanni Crisostomo

Look, I am not acquainted with Mr Trump. I have never met him. I do not know what he will do in the international arena, so I have no reason either to attack him or criticise him for whatever reason or to defend him, no matter what. We will not even ask the Nobel Committee to give him a Nobel Prize for mathematics or physics or any other subject. I have absolutely no grounds for that. However, these leaks are obviously fabricated.

When Mr Trump came to Moscow a few years ago – I don’t remember exactly when – he was not a politician. We were unaware of his political ambitions. He was just a businessman to us, one of the wealthiest men in America. Does anyone think that our special services are chasing after every American billionaire? Of course not. It’s nonsense. That’s my first point.

Second, concerning the allegation that Trump arrived in Moscow and the first thing he did was meet with Moscow prostitutes. First, he is an adult and, second, he has for many years sponsored beauty contests and had the chance to meet the world’s most beautiful women. Why would he run to a hotel to meet up with our girls of limited social responsibility? Although they are, of course, the best in the world. But I doubt that Trump fell for it.

Finally, there’s one more consideration. Prostitution is an ugly social phenomenon. Among other things, young women engage in it because they cannot make a decent living otherwise. To a great extent, the guilt lies with society and the state.

People who order these kinds of fabrications, which are now being used to smear the US President-elect, and use it to advance their political agenda are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral constraints at all. By the way, Russia is constantly dealing with such people, our opponents. The fact that such methods are being used against the President-elect of the United States is certainly unparalleled and has never happened before. This indicates the significant level of degradation among political elites in the West, including the United States.

But I very much hope that common sense will prevail.

Vladimir Putin



January 17, 2017

The collection of signatures for the pro-family European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Mum Dad & Kids” will continue until 3 April 2017, i.e. one year after its official commencement. This has been confirmed by a letter that the President of the ECI, Edite Frivaldszky, has addressed to Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans.

In that letter, she also requested the Commission to remove from its website INCORRECT INFORMATION, according to which the signature collection were to end at an earlier date.

ndM – Business as usual for the demonocratic elite in EU: lie, lie always, and then lie a little more! Lately there are also “technical problems”, making difficult to sign the petition on line.

May the Lord wither their generation.