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October 31, 2015

I challenge anyone to present the historical evidence that Halloween is indeed an ancient pagan festival that was celebrated by sacrifices of human to Satan (Samhain) and honoured demons with treats.

I challenge John Sanidopoulos to present any evidence that the modern celebration of Halloween is not a pagan festival.

It is true that Halloween was not born as a pagan festival, but it’s even more true that it has become such. Would please someone be so kind to point out what of the modern celebration of Halloween has to do with the devotion to All the Saints?

John Sanidopoulos would like you to think that this should not be a problem for Christians. More or less, it’s like to argue that Papism is not a heresy, from which any Christian should stay clean, because its origins are perfectly Orthodox.

It is true that Halloween has not its origin in an ancient pagan festival that was celebrated by sacrifices and treats to the dark powers, but it’s even more true that a lot of worshippers of the beast does exactly that in this night nowadays. John Sanidopoulos says that it’s okay for Christians to send their children out just this night, dressed exactly like the popular representation of those dark powers and playing like innocent walk-on of a collective immersion in the darkness.

It’s true that children have no real intention to do evil, they have no guilt, but it’s even more true that nobody of us is guilty for the ancestral sin, and yet all of us bear its consequences. Therefore, Christians should not listen to the sinuous and captivating whispers of the serpent and protect their children from harmful consequences. What consequences? At the very least, be caught in the net of what can be called the normalization of evil, which is in full swing in the powerful machine of demonocratic propaganda. Just take a look at every screen around you: demons, vampires, monsters, ghosts, witches, all of them presented as very cute, cool, beautiful, in a word…. desirable.

This teaches our children exactly the opposite of what they should be learning: that evil is not to be taken seriously, that it does no harm swimming cheerfully in an ocean of occult symbols, that you do not need to defend yourself from it. Do you know what happens when you do not defend yourself against evil? You end up conquered, possessed, separated from God!

Knowledge puffs up, and John Sanidopoulos is a very learned man.

Unfortunately, some that think of themselves as knowledgeable will swaddle (bind) “their spiritual children, as if they were babies in order to console them by telling them ‘it doesn’t matter, it’s nothing, as long as you have faith inside you’. While we see that St. Peter externally denied Christ, and it was a denial, they deny the holy mark of Christ, which was granted to them through the Holy Baptism – the Seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit”, by accepting the mark of the Antichrist. These will claim they have Christ inside them!

Unfortunately, some “knowledgeable” people shared the same logic during the years of the holy martyrs and tried to change the minds of the prospective martyrs. St. Basil the Great writes, in his speech on Martyr Gordios, “many people were being irrational by trying to convince the martyr to deny Christ with his words only, and keep his faith in his soul, in his inner disposition, claiming that God does not pay attention to our words but to our disposition. However, martyr Gordios was rigid in his belief and replied, “the tongue, which is created by Christ, cannot bear to utter anything against Him… Do not deceive yourselves, God cannot be mocked, he judges us according to our own mouth, he justifies us by our words, and by our words, he convicts us”.

Also, Dekios had issued a decree ordering Christians to avow the religion of paganism; those who did and offered a sacrifice to the idols, were granted a certificate and thus were saved from martyrdom. The Church considers these people who denied Christ, together with those who gave money to the committee of pagans and took the certificate without denying Christ, the so-called “liveloforoi”, as being apostates and sinners.


Despite what I just reported, unfortunately, we hear today a lot of nonsense from those considered “knowledgeable”. Some people say, “I will accept the identification card with the number 666, but I will put the sign of the Cross next to it”. Others say, “I will accept being marked on the forehead with the number 666, but I will also put the sign of the Cross next to it”. They think that by this way they can be sanctified, but this is only an illusion.

Only what is accepted with Holy Water is sanctified. For instance, water can be blessed and become Holy Water. Urine cannot be sanctified. A stone can be turned into bread by a miracle. Whatever is dirty, cannot be sanctified.

Saint Paisios, the Athonite

In fact, these knowledgeable ones seem to have undertaken a vow  of gate-keepers of modernity, of the spirit of this world. They are perennially worried to point out the exact dose of Orthodoxy (the Christian life) which must be allowed to the faithful. Invariably, their “pure hearts” allow just a modicum, Orthodoxy-light.

It’s true that a pure heart sanctifies every thing, but it’s even more true that there are things that cannot be sanctified!

It’s the Holy Spirit Who sanctifies, hearts and everything else, not men! This is a basic Truth all too often forgotten by these knowledgeable ones, who in their blindness imagine that the sanctifying power abides in their good intention or will.

In fact, the heart of John Sanidopoulos is so “pure” that he compares those who urge Christians to have their children stay clear of a pagan celebration (even if based upon wrong premises) to those who crucified our Lord and to those who persecuted and tortured the early Christians. Perhaps, the heart of John Sanidopoulos is so pure that little ones would be well-advised to go to his websites only if accompanied by (spiritual) parents.

It’s the spirit of the enemy who roams in the streets the night of Halloween nowadays, seeking whom he may devoure. Do not listen to John Sanidopoulos and stay away!



October 31, 2015
Br. Joseph (Jose Munoz-Cortes) with the myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon.

The chosen of  the Iveron icon of the Most Holy Theotokos


October 28, 2015

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.


The first revolution took place in Eden!

Man then claimed self-government, listening to the woman who had already succumbed to the lies of the enemy and cutting himself off from Life, which abides only in God. His achievements were so appalling that the High Majesty in Heaven did erase almost every form of life from the face of the Earth, when Noah entered the ark.

Out of His unfathomable love for mankind, the Word Himself took our flesh by the Holy Spirit from the Most Holy and Ever-virgin Mary to restore the Truth and the Way to Life, suffering the most atrocious humiliations and pain in that same flesh just to return us a hope of salvation.

Even preserving our free-will, His wonders and the testimony of His saints were so amazing that the most powerful Empire ever existed did finally bow to the Lord under Constantine the Great and became Christian under Theodosius the Great. Every earthly power did then recognize its legitimacy only from God, until the See of Rome was seized in 1014 by barbaric and semiliterates from Germanic tribes, who considered the Divine Grace as some kind of magic power bestowed on them by some rituals.

In the first ten centuries of the Christian era the spirit of genuine faith and piety was still strong enough in Christians that it enjoyed every time a brilliant victory over the “spirit of Antichrist”… and the Church of Christ, despite all the heavy trials it endured, was triumphant over its enemies.

But then by the middle of the eleventh century the “spirit of Antichrist” had so firmly taken root in the West that it was able to completely tear away a whole half of Christendom from union with the Universal Church.

St. Justin Popovich


The Pope of Rome destroyed then the common Christian faith, declaring that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father AND the Son, rebuking the Lord Himself who said that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father THROUGH the Son (His Word). After this, he exiled the Incarnated Son to Heaven, as if He was actually dead, assuming His prerogatives with the title of Vicar of Christ, the Son of God, and by sick logic consequence claimed that the Holy Spirit proceeded from him too, settling himself as the universal feudal lord and abasing the Kingdom of God to a kingdom of this world, in the wake of the delusions of the good old Sanhedrin.

The Pope of Rome was the first Protestant, and the protest is still going on. He did protest against the rule (and the Word) of God, in Heaven and on Earth, revolting against the unity of the Trinity with the pretension to establish a sort of constitutional monarchy (if not a democracy) in Heaven and a tyranny on Earth. He was the first Humanist too, the first of the plethora of deluded idiots hell-bent on establishig heaven on earth. The outcome is always the same: hell on earth and millions of incarnated images of God sacrificed to the devil in spectacular bloodbaths. The God-man, Christ, is a wonder and a mystery and the only way; the man-god is just a laugh, the sick and tragic laugh of a madman!

The Pope of Rome was the first act of the Second Revolution, the first act of the second (and final) fall of man, this time from God Incarnated. The first act and the foundation of the countless false dialectics designed in the fabric of the evil one and entrusted to his archons (a few) and his playthings (a multitude impossible to number), to befuddle and mesmerize men in the pursuit of their complete separation from the One True God (every other “god” is good for the evil one, being just one of his masks).

The most eclatant of this false dialectics was the Reform, which did oppose the thesis of the Papacy with the antithesis of settling every man as a Pope. Just a laugh….. the sick and tragic laugh of a madman!

The second act, DIRECTLY linked to (and CAUSED by) the first, played out in three stages, each preparatory to the successive, with the purpose of removing, after the exile of Christ, every vestiges of sacral power from earthly kingdom (king’s power still recognized God as its only source), thus facilitating the unleashing of a vortex of false (social and political) dialectics upon people, to trap and blind them, but with the ultimate goal of achieving a complete cultural genocide of Christians (not shunning actual genocide, the blood of Christ(ians) being the only thing which gives them, the devil and his progeny, an illusion of satiety).


The first stage took place in England, under the guide of the monster called Cromwell. It was financed by Jewish money from Holland and Praga and saw the first regicide. Once they seized the power, this band of assassins tried to abolish the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord (Christmas) and slaughtered more than a million Christians in Ireland. They inaugurated years of obtuse terror as method of government and were the seed of a hundredfold harvest for their dark master, with every trace of Christian piety and devotion gradually erased in that land, which became then the headquarter of the Antichristian Empire. At this point, it started to materialize for all its practical purpose.

Spiritually, the mystery of iniquity was already at work when the Lord still walked among men, but all its precedent efforts were limited to influence and to infiltrate the operate of the sovereigns and were somehow frustrated by the still great christian awareness of the people and by the lack of the definitive weapon to erase gradually that awareness: the control upon monetary emission and usury.

All of these impediments were overcome thanks to that horrid plaything of the devil called Oliver Cromwell (helped before by worthy heirs of William the bastard, the destroyer of Orthodox England upon papal invitation, like the serial murderer Henry VIII). His and his band of assassins’ exploits, and those of his followers, paved the way for the establishment a few decades later of the Bank of England, the Trojan horse inserted in the vital fluid of economy (money) and the cornerstone of what will gradually become the parasitical edifice of the contemporary monetary system. A system which permit the creation at will of money for selected fews, money having value exclusively for the guarantee that the Sovereign (the people) gives to it, and made available to the Sovereign only through the payment of interest to the selected fews, who are also able to direct this money where they want. It’s no wonder that these selected fews have ended up controlling everything today, a control hidden in plain sight, with men not being able to see it because Christ has been taken away from them. Deprived of the Logos, they are not able anymore to give a meaning to anything.

Thanks to that horrid plaything of the devil called Oliver Cromwell, the mystery of iniquity started to incarnate, the nucleus of the Demonocratic (Antichristian) Empire (transnational like every Empire) was formed and endowed with a plan (leaked in some form at the beginning of the past century) and suitably armed for its task. It proceeded at once spreading its spiritual poison to Europe, to bring to the logical conclusion the Papist blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (unforgivable, as the Lord said!): the total removal of Christendom, starting with the simulacra still offering a sort of resistance to the enemy in the West and aiming at the heir of St. Constantine, the Christian Emperor, residing in Moscow after the fall of Constantinople.

The plan had these principal features:

a) to keep the whole of Europe in a state of permanent war, playing blinded brothers (deprived of the Holy Spirit and, therefore, of the Sacramental Communion with the Lord) one against the other and all against all the others, to avoid the most natural political and economical outfall of their common spiritual (religious and cultural) background, that is the unity of continental Europe and its alliance with the great power uniting east and west under a Christian Caesar, Russia.

b) to infiltrate all the vital ganglia of the state power with their agents of corruption, to hijack that power towards actions benefiting exclusively the hidden master, with the ultimate aim to castrate the royal power, harnessing it at first and then completely substituting it with elective assemblies, whose power resides on nothing else than the whims of fools (emphatically called “the people”) controlled by the masters of discourse (see point c), and it is questioned every few years through the myth called “free elections”. A very convenient façade of “people representatives” who represent only themselves and their master(s), producing chaos and injustice and a state of permanent uncertainty and instability, through the release of thousands upon thousands of contradictory and useless laws. God has given just seven commandments to men to regulate their interrelations, and these sesquipedalian idiots think that thousands of laws are needed every year for every nation under the sun. The sick and tragic laugh of a madman …..

c) to take over all educative and cultural institutions and to control every source of information and influence of the public opinion, so that man could be educated and trained since the birth by the devil and his apostles, and people’s habits of mind and vision of the reality could be carefully forged and lead wherever the dark master decides, in a game of mirrors that drowns the spiritually blind in waves of false thesis and antithesis, whose synthesis is always a further step for humanity far from Christ and towards its perdition.

All these features/purposes were (and are) to be carried forward progressively and concurrently and none of them, it will never be stressed enough, would have been possible to achieve without the usurpation of the monetary sovereignty, the (nowadays total) monopoly upon monetary emission and selective usury. The plan, implemented implacably, has been highly successful since the beginning and registered a gigantic leap forward with the second stage of the second act of the second fall of man: the so-called French Revolution.


The second stage took place in France, under the guide of several useful idiots, who were the first to be slaughtered afterward, as the madness was going on (the salary of sin is death, as St. Paul said, and their master always pays his due). It was financed by Jewish money, through the operating arm of masonic lodges, and obviously saw the murder of the French king. Their plan was denounced by the Divine Providence, Who struck dead one of their couriers with a thunderbolt in Bavaria; Bavarian authorities promptly informed the Royal Courts in France and all Europe, but nobody paid the due attention, a testimony of the already enormous degree of infiltration achieved by the Demonocratic Empire’s agents of corruption.

As soon as they seized power, this band of assassins indulged for years in an orgy of assassinations, culminated in the killing of one million Christians in Vendee. They abolished all Christian feasts and established the cult of Reason, a goddess still worshiped by millions of imbeciles nowadays worldwide. Those excesses were stopped only by Napoleon, a son of the revolution who interrupted the revolution (as Stalin in Russia 150 years later), saving what was possible to save from the madness targeting the full destruction of the people and the nation. He was nevertheless manipulated in senseless fratricidal wars in Europe, where European people lead by blind sovereigns busily continued to destroy each other, attempting again (after the sack of Constantinople in 1204)  to get rid of the Christian Empire and take possession of its riches. In the aftermath of the first stage, there were the so-called religious wars and the attempt of Charles XII; in the aftermath of the second, there were the so-called Napoleonic wars and the attempt of Napoleon; in the aftermath of the third, there were the so-called World wars and Germany and Russia played again one against the other in an epic bloodbath (at that point, the Christian Empire was already destroyed, the task was to seal the sepulchre). They are learning today (once again) that, no matter how well you seal the tomb and watch over it, in Christ and with Christ there is always the Resurrection; and they are mad, really mad at that!

In the chaos obviously the Demonocratic Empire was prospering and growing. The spiritual poison of the French revolution, distillated in the works of men enlightened in their own mind and camouflaged under charming and empty words to make men deprived of the Logos love their chains and their gallows, spread like epidemic across the whole Europe and crept inexorably in the Christian Empire, thanks to the masters of public discourse, increasingly controlled and regimented as the most powerful weapon of the Antichristian Empire. In less than a century, they made it ready to launch the final assault against the Christian Emperor, in a move lucidly foreseen by a keen observer in Germany.


The third and final stage took place in Russia, the seat of the Christian Emperor. In 1917 the patient and meticulous infiltration in the highest ranks of the Russian Christian Empire by the demonocratic agents and means of corruption and their spiritual poison, initiated already at the time of Peter and Catherine, with the abolition of the Patriarchate and the harassment of monastic life, reached its apogee: the great majority of the Russian elites were by then deluded apostates (like 500 years before in Constantinople), with the rest being purely nominal Christians (the lukewarm), and they acted by consequence. They perjured and betrayed the Tsar, took him prisoner and, usurping the power, pursued the mythical chimera called democracy (an elegant way to define the rule of the mob(ster), getting as usual demonocracy. The judgement of the Lord was brought quickly upon those despicable perjurers and traitors of His Anointed and their fatherland.

Less than six months later, these pathetic nonentities were wiped out by the Bolsheviks, open worshipers of the beast (at least, they were honest), they were killed and exiled, meeting the fate of all the useful idiots of this world. All the playthings of the devil are expendable for their master. The Bolsheviks’ takeover was financed by Jewish money from New York, where the Demonocratic Empire had obtained its definitive weapon of mass control, the Federal Reserve, just four years before, and it was lead by Jews (up to 90-95% of Bolsheviks leaders at the beginning). Once they seized the power, they did set off the most horrendous Christians’ mass murder ever recorded, not even under Diocletian, desecrating and destroying hundreds of thousands churches and monasteries as a side dish. In general, in the time between the revolution and the outbreak of the second world war more than one third of all the inhabitants of the former Empire had been either murdered or starved to death or imprisoned or forced to emigrate. All was done for the freedom and prosperity of humanity, of course; all for justice and the pursuing of the earthly paradise of self-governing man. The sick and tragic laugh of a madman…..

A few months after their take over, they carried out an order directly from New York: the brutal assassination of the Imperial Family (the Tsar, his wife and their four children), in a clearly satanic ritual, and the destruction of their relics. After seventeen centuries, Christendom was no longer! He who did restrain the mystery of iniquity had been taken out of the way, and a stupefied humanity was to taste the outcome in the third and final act: the revolution against man!

And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.


Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

After the immolation of the Christian Emperor upon the filthy altar of their father (John 8, 44), all the powers of Hell did break loose and swamped the earth. In a geometric progression, the Demonocratic Empire in less than a century has seized the former Christendom almost completely and control it “democratically” with an iron fist. All the powers of the State (which had been at first opportunely divided – Mark 3, 24) have been put at the service of the Antichrist, like all the educative and informative institutions and every cultural production; today man is educated by the devil since the cradle and till the grave, raised and indoctrinated by the antichristian gospel at every step of his formation and in every place he find himself, his own home included. Christ is completely banished from every public place and every public discourse, unless it’s a faked version of Him devised by their own mind and preached by countless apostates who still usurp the title of Christians. The result of course is mankind complete stupefaction, daze, numbness, despair: man is disappearing amidst a complete loss of meaning (Logos), which no amount of “scientific” fables or “humanistic” idiocies can substitute, in the name of a “freedom” which is the most heavy chain ever put on him.

Man is the image of God. Separated from its source, what is left of an image? Nothing! Exactly!

What is left is the beast and a worshipper of the image of the beast. A beast is irrational, so that in the name of this freedom of man, hundreds of millions of men have been slaughtered worldwide in the last century and billions have been lost to false idols, like drugs, alcohol, immorality and depravity, false equality, faked rights, demonic correctness, myriads of useless gadgets, addictive shopping, manic fashions and voyeurism; a mob played and lead at will by the sophisticated minds of the archons of the dark master. In the name of the liberation of woman, women have been forced out of their kingdom, their home, to join and compete with their husbands and sons for a place in the ranks of salaried slaves, labouring the most part of their life in a frenetic and useless economic system, whose turnover is for the most part composed of crap, concocted exclusively for modern Shylocks to exact their pounds of flesh as parasitical middlemen. Women free at last to kill their sons and daughters in their wombs for the most futile reasons or no reason at all, except that freedom to worship those idols, in the most gigantic human sacrifice ever made to Moloch or Baal or any other name used by the devil to disguise himself.

Women who think that their most important achievement is to be like men. Women gone crazy!

A beast is irrational, but a human beast can be much worse: he can be stupid! He can give the exclusive rights upon the vital fluid of economic life (and his material survival), money, to a few unaccountable individuals and even pay them for the rights he has relinquished. After that, he can spend centuries wondering the reasons why of all the injustices and dramatic inequalities in the world, and today be genuinely surprised of the fact that a few hundreds families controls directly more than half of the wealth of the world and indirectly pretty much everything else. He is stupid, after all!

He can believe that he, image of the Triune God, is the accidental produce of an universe which is the accidental produce of casual and purposeless hits of particles, which are the accidental produce of the nothingness. He can believe that he, image of the Triune God, is the distant nephew of a cercopithecus and that a metallic box can accidentally evolve in a fridge and later maybe in a computer. He can believe that the word, a language, can develop by itself, without a given and external convention. He is very stupid, after all. A scientifically certified stupid!

He can believe that in a September morning of fourteen years ago all the laws of physics took a vacation in New York, just because a bunch of professional liars say so. He can believe that the truth is whatever a talking box in his living room relates, whatever…. he can even believe that gender is just a social construct, that in the name of tolerance is allowed to be intolerant towards opposing belief, that he has no rights to teach his children and protect them from pernicious assaults in the classroom during their formative years, that he decides the politics of his country, that it is right to kill in the name of humanity and to imprison in the name of freedom, to silence in the name of free speech and to unleash perpetual insecurity in the name of national security. He can believe in a perennial fiction, happily caged in a Truman show as long as some crumbs from the golden calf keeps on dropping upon him and the latest hypnotic devices (the most potent of which are the false dialectics) keeps him busy and thoughtless. He gives now and then a look around to take comfort in the crowd doing exactly the same things, shallowly chattering away his vacuous desperation between empty or impotent talk and cheap, fugitive pleasures. He is the human beast, after all, the most docile and ever-fearing beast, whose cage does not need to be locked; he is the best jailer of himself and his neighbour.

The most stupid of them are also the noblest: those who want to break free and claim justice, but on their own, deaf to the Lord’s warning: “without Me, ye can nothing”! Paradoxically they are the best allies of the hidden master, who uses them skilfully to stage what he appreciates the most: spectacular bloodbaths, which have grown ever more savage, epic and merciless as the time goes by. They are also the best raw material to stage one more thesis or antithesis to be synthesized in a more firm satanic grip on human societies, one more false dialectic to bind them all more tightly with a brand new narrative camouflaging the same masters, the perfect tool to keep the masses mesmerized and lost away from their only hope and salvation: Christ and His Church.

I stop here, lest I fall into temptation. After all, under many aspect I have been one of these stupids for a long time. Perhaps, the right word is stupefied, as if under a spell, thanks to an unceasing and all-pervasive indoctrinaction and propaganda, against which without Christ there is no real defence.

It suffices to say that this self-governing man has now reached the ultimate logical stage of his pretension: he’s claiming self-government from himself, from every single ontological quality of a man.  He is with alacrity “progressing” toward his cupio dissolvi, the disappearance of man, where his ludicrous claim to be the measure of everything while at the same time claiming to be nothing more than a bestial accident produced by a cosmic accident will meet its proper fate: the drowning in a giant cosmic laughter!

In fact, he seems to long for his annihilation, exhausted by a millennium of separation from God and a haunting awareness of his inadequacy on his own. Alas, he will not get that, as God’s gifts are irrevocable: he will not meet eternity dead, he will meet it dying. He will be dying forever!


Only God knows the future, but it depends entirely on us, our choices.

There will not be a fourth act of the second and final revolution against God. The third act which is now unfolding will be the final blasphemy of a man cheated into separation from his only Source of Life and Meaning and, consequently, from everything and everybody else. Men against women, sons against fathers, daughters against mothers, wives against husbands, state powers against state powers, old against young, workers against entrepreneurs, employed against unemployed, ethnicity against ethnicity, local against foreigners, and so on and so forth; this is the sheet music that the devil plays and a hypnotized mankind dance, blind to the falseness of all the narratives laid under all those artificial divisions, produced only by a sapient creation and use of phony thesis and antithesis, through the destruction of the Sovereignty and the possession of the public discourse. Man has been shattered!

There will not be a fourth Rome, but the third Rome can be restored, completing the slow and unfolding repentance that has earned the Russian lands the slow and unfolding miracle of the last fifteen years. The repentance will not be complete and it will not be accepted and the Christian Emperor will not be returned until the mummy of that apostle of Antichrist will defile the sacred heart of Holy Rus’ sovereignty, until children of God will be murdered with impunity in the womb of disgraced women in the lands of Holy Rus’, until the financial sovereignty will belong beyond the borders of Holy Rus’ and every other Nation. The completion of this repentance for the apostasy, the perjury and the betrayal of a century ago depends on every single man and woman who belong to Holy Rus’ and on every Christian, wherever he or she lives.

The repentance must involve at long last a proper and devote veneration to the first Christian Emperor, St. Constantine the Great, in every place there are people who boast themselves to be Christian and in every local church. God will not hear our prayers for the restoration of the Christian Empire if we do not venerate the first and greatest Christian Emperor, the founder of Christendom, if we do not defend him against the slanderous farts of the servants and playthings of the Slanderer.

I don’t know if the Christian Emperor will be returned to this perishing world nor who he will be, but his name must be Alexis, the man of God that the last Tsarevich would have become had he not been assassinated by the progeny of the devil doing the works of their father. One thing is for sure: the Romanov family has no claim upon the Throne. The heir has been assassinated, just like at the time of Godunov the accursed. The Times of Troubles which have unfailingly followed the sacrilege, just like at that time, will come to an end when the people conciliarly (that is, the Church) will call the Emperor anew from among them, just like at that time. They can very well call a Romanov again, but the Romanov have no claim upon the Christian Throne.

I don’t know if the Christian Empire will be restored to this perishing world, but I know that it will not last if a few but very precise norms are not strictly enacted and enforced. They are:

1) Authority derives from God and is empowered exclusively in His Anointed, the Christian Emperor, who is bounded by God’s commandments, Christian Tradition and the present decalogue in its practice.

2) The only elective assemblies are those chosen by local residents of cities and regions in their autonomy, with no legislative power other than what is necessary to regulate the ordinary administration of the territory and the ordinate unwinding of trade and citizens’ lives at large, none of which are Emperor’s duties nor he interferes in them.

3) Every region and autonomous entity of the Empire elects FOR LIFE three representatives to form a consultative Council for the Emperor to be advised and informed, as the bond of the Emperor with his subjects. Two third of them in agreement can block Emperor’s decrees for the time necessary to the people to accept or reject them in a referendum.

Every elective official must attend every session of his elective body, under penalty of decadence. Every public office is incompatible with any other office and any private job or enterprise.

4) The only aristocracy is the aristocracy of service, with NO HEREDITARY prerogatives and titles. The norm includes the Emperor’s familiars.

5) Courts of Justice are headed and organized locally by magistrates nominated FOR LIFE by the Emperor among a list of 33 names of worthy men compiled by the three representatives for each region and autonomous entity of the Empire, and must be accessible free of charge. Every civil (including commercial) sentence is appealable to the elective body of the city where it is pronounced (appeal must be charged), every criminal sentence with prison term more than five years is appealable to the Emperor (if the Emperor dismiss the appeal, punishment is aggravated by a third). 

The Public Prosecutor is nominated by the Emperor for every region and autonomous entity of the Empire and is the head of the criminal police. Prosecution is mandatory for all violent crimes and for all crimes against the public order and the public faith. Every signed denounce must be properly investigated.

All jurisdictional conflict are resolved by the Council of the Empire with a majority resolution; if internal to a single region or autonomous entity, it’s resolved by a majority of its three representatives. Their decisions are not appealable.

6) The conscious public lie is a criminal offence punished with three years of imprisonment, ten years for public officials and a life sentence for justices and public prosecutors. It carries a perpetual banishment from every public office and cannot be pardoned.

Even the defendant (including his lawyer) in a criminal process cannot lie. He can stay silent, but he cannot lie. The lawyers and the witnesses in a criminal process assume the role of public officials. Nobody can be forced to witness.

7) No foreign ownership must be allowed in press and media enterprises. Nobody can own more than one of them. News and information are always considered public domain (see point 6: there is NO right to lie).

8) The monetary sovereignty belong exclusively to the Emperor, who exercise it according to its fundamental logical postulates, so that no man, woman or children of the Empire will lack food and a decent place to stay.

9) Apart from custom duties for foreigner goods or domestic goods to be exported, when deemed necessary, the only taxation allowed is a patrimonial tax in the amount of 1% for patrimonies up to 250,000 euro, 10% for patrimonies up to one million euro (one billion for corporations), 25% for patrimonies up to 250 millions euro (ten billions for corporations) and 95% for patrimonies exceeding this last threshold.

For corporations, the last two thresholds are increased by double the amount of the annual salary paid to every workers employed, and do not include any plant or asset necessary for the production of goods. Public corporations are exempt and transfer all their income to the imperial or local treasuries every year. Their managers are public officials and their balance are public domain (again, see point 6).

No economic activity is allowed to entities not registered in the territories of the Empire. The individual owners of every corporation must always be immediately identifiable by the public.

10) Education and healthcare are free, but never obligatory. They are structured locally, according to local needs and particularities.

Regions and autonomous entities of the Empire may introduce a local tax on sales. The total amount of these taxes must go entirely to sustain education and healthcare and cannot exceed 10% of sales, with total exemption for food, medicines and public services.

Nobody can be forced in his choice of education and healthcare treatments. The father and the mother choose for their children; no external interference is allowed, without their consent. The life of children is sacrosanct, since their conception. The criminal law protect them against abuse and unjustified harshness, with punishment aggravated by a third.

Children may ask to be put out of their family and under the protection of the Emperor.

The life of men is sacrosanct, until their natural death. The blood of premeditated or multiple murderers will be on them. The murder of a pregnant woman is a multiple murder.


Walking in this narrow path, the Christian Empire will be able to stand against all the satanic hordes, as if built on solid rock, delaying even for centuries the epilogue of the third act, the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, where the Antichrist will be enthroned, and the day of reckoning for mankind.

In any case, brethren, do not be obsessed with the end of the world. This world will end for anyone of us in a short time.

Please, pray for this sinner.

October 15/28, 2015

Martyr Lucian, presbyter of Greater Antioch (312)


October 24, 2015


Non è consigliabile mettersi a leggere per conto proprio, soprattutto il Vecchio Testamento (e la Rivelazione di San Giovanni), che sono al di fuori della portata di comprensione spirituale di chiunque vi si avventuri senza guida.

E’ proprio il Vecchio Testamento che mi imbarazza oltre ogni cosa, perche’ ho provato a leggerlo prima. Davvero non capisco cosa c’entra un ammasso di storie di violenze, massacri, spargimenti di sangue in abbinamento con delle regole di alimentazione che sembrano fatte da un gourmet mentalmente malato con l’Insegnamento di Cristo, e come puo’ questo andare insieme anche ai dieci Comandamenti? Che sono al di fuori della portata di comprensione, sono d’accordo, ma di quale spirito parli? E’ questo forse uno dei casi quando la persona viene chiamata a credere contemporaneamente a due cose diametralmente opposte e apparentemente non collegabili?


Questa e’ un’obiezione del piffero, ed e’ vecchia come il cucco. E’ stata usata dai nemici di Dio sin dal XVIII secolo per negarne l’esistenza (almeno nella forma della Persona Trinitaria che si e’ rivelata con l’Incarnazione di Cristo; ogni altra forma per loro va bene, essendo solo una delle tante maschere di chi li possiede).

Ancora oggi viene usata da tutta la moderna compagnia berciante di idioti scientificamente certificati per lo stesso fine, e viene ripetuta a pappagallo da sedicenti cristiani che NON SANNO NULLA di Cristo.
Tutto quello che sanno e’ quello che si immaginano nelle loro testoline vanitose per soddisfare le loro passioni o i loro desideri; in ultima analisi, per auto-giustificarsi. Non sapendo nulla di Cristo, e’ chiaro che non capiscano il nesso indissolubile tra Cristo ed il Vecchio Testamento, che e’ una lunghissima e tormentata preparazione all’Incarnazione del Messia in adempimento della promessa fatta ad Abramo.
E’ altrettanto chiaro che non riescano a capire che una enorme parte del Vecchio Testamento e’ semplicemente una descrizione di avvenimenti, di cio’ che e’ accaduto nella storia di un popolo scelto, poiche’ discendente nella carne da Abramo, la cui FEDE e’ la fonte di ogni benedizione per ogni nazione, per tramandare quella fede ed essere il veicolo mondano di Cristo, per dargli carne e sangue nella persona della Santissima Vergine e per essere il primo chiamato alla nuova e salvifica alleanza.
Tutta questa storia, una storia di continue cadute ed apostasia e continuo ritorno in penitenza ai precetti di Dio fino alla divisione finale in coloro che accettarono il Messia e coloro che lo rifiutarono, ribellandosi a Dio e pretendendo nella loro pazzia di sostituirsi a Lui, NON HA ALCUN VALORE PRESCRITTIVO.
Per quanto riguarda i tanti precetti della legge di Mose’, alimentari e di comportamento in generale, essi erano ritenuti evidentemente necessari dalla divina sapienza per tenere a freno le passioni di uomini e donne che prima della Rivelazione Trinitaria e senza la mediazione di Cristo non avevano il potere di farlo per Grazia, grazie cioe’ allo Spirito Santo che agisce nel mondo attraverso Cristo, che e’ la Parola di Dio. Mancando questo, essi dovevano essere tenuti in riga, per cosi’ dire, per mantenere la santificazione necessaria (ogni privazione accettata in nome di Dio santifica) e rimanere il popolo nel cui grembo si sarebbe incarnato il Figlio di Dio, il Messia.
Tutti questi precetti sono stati quasi totalmente dismessi da Cristo, che e’ l’adempimento della Legge (e ha confermato tutti i Comandamenti), e dagli Apostoli e dai Padri della Chiesa, attraverso i quali parla lo Spirito Santo, in quanto non piu’ necessari per i Cristiani, che si nutrono direttamente di Cristo nei Misteri della Sua Chiesa, il Corpo di Cristo, la Sua Sposa fedele.
Ed e’ solo lo Spirito Santo che da’ comprensione, la vera conoscenza. Tutta la conoscenza del mondo non serve a nulla per la conoscenza di Dio (cio’ che Egli si degna di rivelarci). E solo la conoscenza di Dio ti fa conoscere il mondo.
Questa comprensione spirituale, questo discernimento nello Spirito, e’ possibile solo in Cristo, e quindi solo nell’istituzione che ci ha lasciato, dopo la Sua Ascensione al Padre, per istruirci e guidarci verso la salvezza fino a quando Egli verra’ di nuovo, stavolta nella Sua Gloria, per giudicare i vivi ed i morti e regnare in eterno su nuovi cieli ed una nuova terra: quell’istituzione e’ la Chiesa.
Questi sono dei passi delle Scritture presi dalla lettura stabilita per oggi:
Therefore, since we have such hope, we use great boldness of speech— unlike Moses, who put a veil over his face so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the end of what was passing away. But their minds were blinded. For until this day the same veil remains unlifted in the reading of the Old Testament, because the veil is taken away in Christ. But even to this day, when Moses is read, a veil lies on their heart. Nevertheless when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.
2 Cor 3, 12-16

Now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying, “Arise and go toward the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” This is desert. So he arose and went. And behold, a man of Ethiopia, a eunuch of great authority under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians, who had charge of all her treasury, and had come to Jerusalem to worship, was returning. And sitting in his chariot, he was reading Isaiah the prophet. Then the Spirit said to Philip, “Go near and overtake this chariot.”

So Philip ran to him, and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah, and said, “Do you understand what you are reading?”

And he said, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” And he asked Philip to come up and sit with him. The place in the Scripture which he read was this:

“He was led as a sheep to the slaughter;
And as a lamb before its shearer is silent,
So He opened not His mouth.
In His humiliation His justice was taken away,
And who will declare His generation?
For His life is taken from the earth.”

So the eunuch answered Philip and said, “I ask you, of whom does the prophet say this, of himself or of some other man?” Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture, preached Jesus to him. Now as they went down the road, they came to some water. And the eunuch said, “See, here is water. What hinders me from being baptized?”

Then Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.”

And he answered and said, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”

So he commanded the chariot to stand still. And both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water, and he baptized him. Now when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, so that the eunuch saw him no more; and he went on his way rejoicing. But Philip was found at Azotus. And passing through, he preached in all the cities till he came to Caesarea.

Acts 8, 26-40


La comprensione spirituale e’ data solo in Cristo (e la Sua Chiesa). Non e’ per caso che la Chiesa non prescrive letture del Vecchio Testamento nel calendario giornaliero liturgico e di preghiera, se non in rari casi e solo dai Profeti, dai Proverbi, dai Salmi e dalla Genesi (che anche ad una lettura superficiale testimoniano di Cristo), ne’ della Rivelazione di San Giovanni; cio’ accade proprio perche’ non sono letture adatte a chi non ha sviluppato ancora pienamente quella comprensione (oltre che per il fatto che la Vecchia Alleanza e’ adempiuta e superata in Cristo). Per lo stesso motivo, la Chiesa prescrive di essere guidati costantemente dai Padri nella lettura ed interpretazione di tutte le Sacre Scritture; per evitare il tragico fato dei papisti e dei protestanti, che hanno rimesso il velo sui loro occhi ed accecato di nuovo il loro cuore, e hanno perso la comprensione cristiana, la conoscenza di Cristo.

A Cristo appartengono solo coloro che gli si affidano in fede, totalmente, come dei bambini. Nelle Sue stesse parole, a meno che non diventiamo come bambini, dandogli la mano con completa fiducia e lasciandoci guidare, crocifiggendo la nostra mente e ringraziando per ogni cosa, non entreremo nel Regno dei Cieli.

Luke 10, 21

In that hour Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit and said, “I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babes. Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Your sight.

Anche questo verso e’ preso dalle letture scritturali di oggi. Credi che sia un caso che le letture scritturali di oggi riguardino e rispondano esattamente ai dubbi che tu hai posto ieri? Ebbene, ti posso assicurare che con l’Onnipotente e l’Onnisciente NON ESISTONO COINCIDENZE!

In questo mondo bisogna viverci, non appartenerci. Questo mondo non ha risposte da dare. Smetti di cercare Cristo tra i suoi nemici o tra gente che e’ accecata dalla loro velenosa propaganda. Cerca la Verita’ (Giovanni 14, 6) dove si trova: nella Sua Chiesa.

Che Dio ci aiuti!

Saturday October 24, 2015 / October 11, 2015

The Scripture Readings

2 Corinthians 3:12-18
Luke 5:27-32
Acts 8:26-39 Apostle
Luke 10:1-21 Apostle

Holy Apostle Philip of the Seventy, one of the seven deacons (1st c.).


October 22, 2015

The Life of the Holy Hierarch Jonah of Manchuria


October 21, 2015

The genealogy of Christ, the eternal King and High Priest.


October 20, 2015

dalla pagina Facebook di Aleksej Zhuravko   (Traduzione in italiano di Padre Ambrogio)


A volte quando guardo l’Ucraina ho la sensazione che il mio paese sia scivolato attraverso lo specchio di Alice.

I liberatori sono diventati “colonizzatori” e gli assassini di bambini sono diventati eroi.

Criminali condannati e schizofrenici diagnosticati servono nella polizia.

I “guerrieri della luce” stanno bombardando donne e bambini, mentre i “terroristi” ricostruiscono le scuole.

Il governo che parla di libertà di parola e di dignità imprigiona i giornalisti che osano parlare.

Le sanzioni contro gli altri fanno male solo a noi stessi.

Anche il “paese aggressore” e “occupante” sta facendo tutto al contrario!

Putin ha recentemente invitato la squadra paralimpica ucraina ad addestrarsi in Crimea… qualcosa non quadra… ho letto molta della nostra stampa ucraina e da questa so che in Crimea finisci quasi certamente in carcere o anche fucilato per aver mostrato qualsiasi segno di ucrainismo… potrebbe essere che i media ucraini stiano mentendo a noi e al mondo?

Ma per essere onesti sono stupito da quanto la Russia e la sua leadership si siano comportati in modo calmo per tutto questo tempo. Hanno davvero agito come un fratello saggio o come un genitore.

L’Ucraina, come una ragazza adolescente con gli ormoni in subbuglio, corre per tutta la casa, prendendo i muri a testate e facendosi male, e urlando “Vi odio! Avete rovinato la mia vita! Se solo fossi nata in una famiglia diversa sarei felice! Siete dei mostri!”

Il genitore si limita a stare in silenzio, guardando sua figlia con la tristezza negli occhi, e poi, quando l’adolescente si addormenta, entra nella stanza della figlia e la copre con una coperta in più, in modo che non prenda freddo di notte. Il genitore sa che gli ormoni adolescenziali passeranno, ma la parentela è per sempre.

Amici, la Russia avrebbe potuto spazzare via l’Ucraina dalle mappe molto tempo fa, se lo avesse voluto.

La Russia avrebbe potuto deportare in un colpo tutti i milioni di ucraini che vivono e lavorano in Russia, e provocare un collasso sociale in Ucraina.

La Russia avrebbe davvero potuto inviare truppe in e distruggere l’esercito ucraino, come sta facendo ora con l’ISIS.

La Russia potrebbe chiudere le imprese di proprietà ucraina come la fabbrica Roshen di Poroshenko a Lipetsk.

La Russia potrebbe semplicemente chiudere i suoi mercati ai beni ucraini e far collassare la nostra economia (Per la perdita del piccolo mercato della Crimea innumerevoli imprese ucraine stanno soffrendo – immaginare che caos potrebbe infliggere la Russia sulla nostra economia, se escludesse completamente le nostre merci dal proprio paese)

Ma “l’occupante” non sta facendo niente di tutto ciò. “L’aggressore” sta invece dando sconti all’Ucraina sul gas, ci rifornisce di energia elettrica e ha preso un milione di profughi ucraini.

Nelle parole del grande filosofo Winnie the Pooh, “Questo è il tipo sbagliato di api!” Abbiamo un aggressore molto strano e di tipo sbagliato che ci aiuta invece di farci del male.

Onestamente, l’Ucraina è davvero scivolata attraverso lo specchio di Alice!


October 19, 2015

The stumbling block for all the “wisdom” of this world.


October 17, 2015

The question of the authorship of the Dionysian corpus is an interesting and ever-present one. It seems to be almost universally accepted in today’s scholarly world that the author is not, in fact, the historical St. Dionysius whom St. Paul converted, but is rather a “Pseudo” Dionysius. But what, if any, is this pseudo’s connection to the historical St. Dionysius, and what is his true identity? Many theories are bandied back and forth.

However, as faithful Orthodox Christians, we are also obliged to consider the witness of the Church itself. Fathers reading and interpreting the Dionysian corpus understood St. Dionysius himself to be the author, and the liturgical service in his honor attributes the writings to him. Thus we ought to give consideration to the articles below, two by the Rev. John Parker who translated St. Dionysius in the late nineteenth century, and one by the eminent Romanian theologian Fr. Dumitru Staniloae, who lay out arguments for the traditional, Dionysian authorship of the works. Both consider, among other things, the supposed Neoplatonic influence upon the Dionysian writings, and question if perhaps, in fact, the Neoplatonists were influenced rather by St. Dionysius?

* * *

I would humbly surmise that we are obliged to consider ONLY the witness of the Church itself. Read the articles here….


October 15, 2015

Let’s hope that the multitude of useful idiots of the devil take heed of this late denounce coming out from the belly of Babylon (qui in traduzione italiana) and stop their path to the abyss.

If ignorance will be computed to justification, stupidity will not!