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August 16, 2017

If certain priests of the Most High revered the Word of God with the same zeal with which they defend the scientific narrative that has hypnotized men in recent centuries, the whole Italy would become Orthodox within a decade.

Alas, zeal without knowledge brings no fruits, never, not even when it is put to the service of the enemy. The few paragraphs produced by our priest are a blaze of nonsense and apodictic statements, such as the one claiming that the theory of the mad ball wandering in a demential universe is supported by “millions of empirical evidence”.

The reality is that every verifiable experience tells us exactly the opposite. Anyone who is free from conditioning or bondage can easily check it by himself.

This is not the case for our priest, who will even refuse to give a glimpse to the world around him, in fear of annoying the idol possessing him. An idol that is pompously called “science,” but that’s actually a big, fat lie tied to the most formidable propaganda machine that ever existed.

An idol whose ridiculous oracles are unable to present a single empirical evidence in favor of their whirlgig, apart from assertions like “there are elves in my garden but they become invisible whenever someone else wants to see them”, or with the attribution of magical creative power to mathematical formulas.

Just so! The world has been filled with idiots who think that if a mathematical formula (a mere language) can describe something, then it can also create it or, at least, that something it desribes must be real. In short, it’s like pretending that Gandalf was created or is real just because Tolkien perfectly describes him.

The thing is not surprising, since their master has spent his entire existence aping God, whose Word is the only One who creates!

So much so that our priest doesn’t let us know a single one of those millions of evidences supporting his crazy ball. He just mentions “photographs and movies of all kinds”. Photographs and movies that anyone who has not sacrificed his brain (or his soul) to that idol knows very well to be nothing but computer graphics, “artist impressions”, photoshop and movie products (these last are of very poor quality; real movies, like “Gravity”, are much more likely).

The solemn defender of the scientific faith also throws in a heartfelt appeal to avoid subverting society. Wow! Indeed, telling the truth has always caused contortions and spasms to this world, which is based and maintained upon a systematic lying. However, it would have been better he had used more suitable words, such as “do not disturb the prince (of this world)”.

The Lord said he had not come to bring peace to the world, but a sword. It would be interesting to know what reaction our priest would have had to His Word, if he had lived when the Son of God walked among men. I hope he would not have ripped up his attires.

And when the Apostle teaches that the whole world lies in evil, what is the reaction of our priest? Has even the Apostle perhaps developed a “pathological dependence on conspiracy theories”?

Finally, our priest runs to seek relief for his beloved ball to John Sanidopoulos, about whose strange logic we have already had the occasion to wonder.

Even this time the character does not deny his role as guardian of worldly orthodoxy; he delights us with another superb show of rabbit logic. If you listen to his humbugs, you get the impression that the holy Fathers of the Church were all believers of the ball in never-ending top spin inside a demential universe, with the exception of Lattanzio and another I have never heard of (both are not holy Fathers, anyway). Not only that, he disputes that until a few centuries ago the belief in a flat earth, immovable, at the center of the universe, was almost universal.

Of course, the truth is exactly the opposite. Men have always believed, from the beginning of time and everywhere, in a flat earth, fixed and immovable at the center of the universe, with a few exceptions (Eratosthenes, Pythagoras and some other eccentrics), until a few centuries ago, when the mystery of iniquity began to embody and with implacable efforts succeeded in developing in men the abysmal idiocy necessary to believe in the nonsense so dear to our zealous guardian of scientific orthodoxy.

Incidentally, Colombo’s journey, just like Magellan’s circumnavigation, is perfectly feasible on a flat earth, whose map you can see below. In fact, they are feasible only upon a flat earth. Try navigating upon a ball, if you do not believe it.

Map of the World

Oh crap! I forgot the gravity …… that magical force that keeps attached to the mad ball trillions tons of rock and earth, gazillions liters of water (curved moreover, something never seen in nature) and a billions square miles of air (also kept neatly in layers), and billions of people and buildings upside down, everything rotating about it at a thousand miles an hour, but which benevolently lets itself be won by the fragile wings of a sparrow and also allows us to take a few hops now and then.

Well, simple idiocy is not enough to believe in such a thing. It takes a flaming idiocy! An idiocy burning with devotion for the idol that requires such a belief.

At least when such belief has been pondered analytically a few days, instead of simply taking it for granted, as all of us have done, following the programming and mental hypnotism that today are called education and information. In fact, every man get a globe almost together with maternal milk.

With regard to the holy Fathers of the Church, not one of them has ever believed in the nonsense that the orthodox guardians of the world’s spirit defend at the sword. There are not many of them who have dealt with the issue, but for the simple reason that it was not an issue.

These were all things taken for granted, considered obvious, self-evident, not necessitous of analysis, also because they are not immediately relevant to Christian faith and soteriology (while not lying, not deceiving, not being ashamed of the Word of God, not falling into the delusion that it’s possible to believe a little in God and a little in His enemies, are extremely relevant to them).

Nor have they ever felt the need to dogmatize the matter. It would have been like dogmatizing that hot water burns. The Holy Church dogmatizes when there are controversial matters, this has never been controversial until the (rather recent) advent of the scientific idol.

In any case, all the holy Fathers of the Church who have explicitly dealt with this matter have univocally taught the literal meaning of the biblical narrative of Genesis and of the world’s chronology. All of them have affirmed the earth as the immovable center of the universe, perhaps without using the word “flat”, for the simple reason that there was no need to do it. At that time, men had not yet been sufficiently deprived of the Logos to be able to believe that they lived on a mad ball.

Also, all of them who have examined the even more recent bullshit known as “Darwinian evolution”, have condemned it as heretical.

I challenge anyone to present evidence of the contrary!

Of course, there is no war between faith and science. The faith of Christians is in the Truth and the legitimate science can do nothing but to experience and confirm what is true. The war against Truth has been declared by the scientist idol erected by the enemy upon fables for feeble-minded adults and served also by those who should serve instead the altar of the Most High.

The only true thing said in the mental swoon of our priest is that idiots, like the poor, will be always with us, until the Day of Judgment. Some of them, in the inscrutable good pleasure of the Lord, are dressed in priestly attire.


July 20, 2017

Starting from her impudent itches to commune during the menstrual cycle to her latest exploit, this woman’s conduct is a disgrace and should be prevented to further defile the angelic life.

Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says.

And if they want to learn something, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is shameful for women to speak in church.

To be sure, we have a woman as the most prominent theologian in the Church, and we venerate her as the most glorious creature: the All-Pure and Ever-Blessed Theotokos.

All Her preaching were a few words:”Whatever He will say to you, do it!”.

A few words, which epitomize Christianity.

Yet, we have this woman who seems to think that the monastic life consists in drinking coffee and maundering, who wastes millions of words to corrupt Christ’s flock in not doing what He says.

“Go, and sin no more!”

She is a well gone dry and a disgrace, and it’s a disgrace no less the fact that she’s allowed to continue sowing confusion and scandals in the Church.


June 23, 2017
In pratica, tutti coloro che ricoprono cariche governative in quasi tutte le nazioni occidentali dovrebbero essere incarcerati a vita, insieme ai due terzi dei componenti dei loro corpi legislativi, in base alle leggi contro il terrorismo che loro stessi hanno approvato.
Come è cominciato il conflitto in Siria? L’opinione prevalente in Occidente è che le prime proteste a Homs sono iniziate pacificamente, e che le cose sono precipitate (escalation) perché il governo ha reagito in modo violento.
Questo è una sciocchezza totale. Ho visto con i miei occhi come questa cosiddetta sollevazione popolare si è presentata a Qara. Un venerdì sera, nel novembre 2011, sulla strada verso il Vicariato dove ero invitato, ho visto un gruppo di circa quindici giovani presso la Moschea centrale. Gridavano che Assad era un dittatore, e che doveva lasciare il paese. Poi ho visto altri ragazzi che hanno fotografato queste scene. Hanno fatto tantissimo chiasso che mi ha dato i brividi. L’ho riferito al Vicario, ma lo sapeva già. Ha detto che già da tempo erano venuti qui alcuni uomini da fuori della Siria, per fare rumore, e invitando i giovani locali a scattare foto e video. Se consegnavano questi materiali ad Al Jazeera, avrebbero ricevuto denaro. “
Il ministro olandese degli affari esteri Bert Koenders ha dichiarato che Assad dovrebbe essere processato dalla Corte penale internazionale dell’Aia per i crimini di guerra.
Koenders è proprio come gli altri cosiddetti leader europei. E’ un ragazzino che fa il gioco di imperatore, pur non accorgendosi di non aver vestiti addosso. Chiunque, anche con mezzo cervello può vedere che lui è un burattino degli americani, dicendo esattamente le cose che è costretto a dire. Colui che serve gli interessi di potenze straniere e distrugge la vita delle persone di altre nazioni è un leader terrorista, indegno del nome di un uomo di stato.
Guarda l’attacco con il gas velenoso in Goutha, vicino a Damasco, nel 2013, per cui Assad è stato accusato immediatamente. È così difficile capire che i terroristi erano dietro tutto questo?
Un anno prima dell’attacco con il gas velenoso, Obama ha detto che , “l’uso di armi chimiche implica una linea rossa”. In quel momento ogni giornalista dovrebbe aver pensato: “questo suona come il Presidente Bush, il quale ha detto che ” entro 48 ore, le armi di distruzione di massa dell’Iraq devono venire alla superficie”.
Ma i giornalisti si lasciano di nuovo ingannare. (come no, nello stesso modo in cui una puttana si lascia ingannare da quello che la paga! ndM)
Una Commissione internazionale d’inchiesta è stata inviata a Damasco, accompagnata dai media di tutto il mondo, e subito dopo il loro arrivo, c’è stato questo attacco enorme di gas velenoso, praticamente sotto il loro naso. Che tempismo, no? E questo precisamente a Ghouta, che è un’area disabitata, dove il popolo era già fuggito molto tempo fa. Entro due ore sono saltate fuori immagini con bambini morenti nelle stanze. Immagini di una qualità da Hollywood. Hanno scoperto che alcune foto sono stato scattate molto tempo prima e altre foto solo due ore dopo l’attacco. E da nessuna parte c’erano in vista le madri in lutto.
Tuttavia i padri e le madri erano assolutamente in lutto, ma essi non vivevano a Ghouta. I padri e le madri si trovavano a 200 chilometri di distanza, nei loro villaggi nei dintorni di Latakia. Loro hanno riconosciuto i loro figli nelle foto. Due settimane prima dell’attacco di gas velenoso infatti, i loro villaggi erano stati attaccati dai terroristi, che avevano rapito i loro figli. Così, questi bambini nelle immagini erano infatti bambini rapiti da Latakia, che sono stati uccisi per fare un colpo mediatico. Com’è possibile che ci siano tanti stupidi giornalisti che non hanno capito questo?
Tutto questo è ben documentato nella relazione della madre Agnes-Mariam.
Tutta l’intervista puo’ essere letta qui.
English version.


May 31, 2017

Rev. Vasileios Thermos

Without underestimating the pain of persecuted Christians, I am deeply disappointed by the comments I read. Those brothers and sisters seem to forget that all human beings are children of our Father. They also seem to ignore that Christ Himself was merciful to foreigners (Canaanite woman, Roman officer) and that He used images of foreigners (Good Samaritan) in parables to teach us about equality of all and that sometimes Christians betray what they are called for.

I am also concerned about the rise of nationalism throughout the Orthodox Church. This is a betrayal of the Gospel. A narrow-hearted, scared, bitter Christianity is a sign of an insecure faith. Let’s pray for our ecclesiastical body which neglect their mission

A Sinner

“I pray for them: I pray NOT for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.”

Thus says the Lord!

The Lord Who showed mercy to the centurion and the Canaanite woman BECAUSE of their faith in Him.

A faith so great that the Lord stated He had not find in Israel, in the case of the Roman centurion.

A faith so great to consent humbly to be compared to dogs by the Lord, in the case of the Canaanite woman.

Let’s pray that reverend clergymen comfortably sitting in the fat belly of Babylon will stop talking about what they do not understand!

Clergymen always refusing to call the unrepentant world by its name, yet always ready to judge their brothers for reminding them the Word of the Lord.

Clergymen even daring to rebuke the Holy Spirit and to charge the apostles with abusive misogyny.

Clergymen claiming that all men are children of God. The vanity of their heart pushes them to pursue and appease the spirit of the world, so that they are able to utter such theological idiocies.

All men are CREATURES of God! There is only One Son and many adopted children of God, but none of these adopted children can be found outside Christianity.

Water-soluble clergymen….. Saint Paisios the Athonite spoke of them and of the flock they corrupt.

The Lord rebukes them! Their fruits are always the loss of the soul of the Nation.


May 31, 2017

This is a silence that has existed for centuries in the Church, it has become part of the sad tradition of the Church.

Fr. Ted Bobosh

The sad tradition of the Church!?? Are you rebuking the Holy Spirit?

We, the Church, honor a woman as the most glorious creature, above every created person and angels: the Most Holy Theotokos.

Above Her glory for us there is only the Triune God.

Yet all Her preaching was only a few words: “Everything He says to you, DO IT!”
A few words which reveal Her as above every theologian.

The Lord rebuked the apostles and chose women as the first witnesses of His Resurrection, yet He ordained no woman (as God has NEVER done!).
He loved them, as the Church does; there is no silence, we sing their praises continually.

Yet now a priest caught in feminist itches declares he loves them more than Christ and His Church. The Lord and His Church should apologize to the world, first of all to him, of course, a poor soul suffering in the sad tradition of the Church. Sad, he’s said just so, “the sad tradition of the Church”. He has called the work of the Holy Spirit sad…..

May the Lord burn his tongue, if he does not repent!

He gives us the example of St. Paul, obviously forgetting that St. Paul states that women must keep silent in the Church and must cover their heads. When he will remember it, he will inform us, the Church, that he loves women even more than St. Paul.

He speaks of deaconesses, without evidently knowing what they were: they WERE NOT female deacons. But he SHOULD know it!

May the Holy Myrrhbearers preserve us with their prayers from Orthodisneyland and its bizarre preachers!

Of course, their fear of the apostles exists only in the crooked mind of a priest who should be severely reprimanded by his bishop, a priest who dared ask for metanoia from the Holy Spirit.

Find the tomb of your Lord empty and see an angel saying you that He is resurrected, and be sure that you will be filled with fear. Fear of Divine things, too big for you, which you don’t even really understand.
Even the apostles were afraid at first when they saw the resurrected Lord.

His innuendos are shameful, as if alluding to a habit of abuse by the apostles (and the Church after them) of faithful women. They were even worse than those who crucified the Lord, according to his brays, for the holy women were not afraid to stand by the Cross or to go to the tomb, but they were afraid of the Lord’s chosen ones.

This is pure poison injected in the little ones! His blasphemous mouth stopped just short before requiring some kind of affirmative action in the name of gender equality.

Maybe he don’t, but we know of what spirit he is!


May 8, 2017

A people able to elect Macron as president with 65% of voters after five year of Hollande presidency deserve everything they have done and will do to them.



May 7, 2017

Publishing this pile of garbage, a collage of rehashed lies by Kerenskian nostalgics, the editor has brought the website credibility to the same level of the credibility of the ISS.

If Gregory was innocent, then they, the ideologues of the anti-Christian Western world, therefore most of the Russian aristocracy and the State Duma, most of the generals and even some clergy, most of the journalists and most of the people, as well as the Western-founded Soviet State, are guilty of slandering him, murdering him and are also guilty of the murder of the canonized Imperial Family. Guilty too are all who believed in the lies without question and all who continue to believe in these money-making (money is always a motive for evil) lies and myths and even spread them. After all, these are the people who three months after the murder, on Kerensky’s Masonic orders, dug up Gregory Rasputin’s corpse and on 11 March 1917 incinerated it.

Was this the act the act of Orthodox Christians or any other Christians? Was this the act of Christian patriots who loved the Tsar, the Little Father? Who could have carried out such a blasphemous act, but apostates, occultists and anti-Christian secularists? Even if all or just part of what they claimed had been true, would that have justified such profound hatred for a corpse? Nobody has done this or even proposed to do this with the corpse of the Bolshevik mass murderer and blasphemer Lenin, which, amazingly, still lies in its chemical soup in Moscow. Surely the only people who could have carried out this act were atheists and satanists. However, in some sense, all who continue to spread these slanders are indirectly taking part in this same blasphemy.


Through Gregory Rasputin we see exactly who were the enemies of Russia and of the ideals of Holy Rus: all those who believed in and spread the slanders about him and the Imperial Family. The fact that many of these were treacherous and jealous members of the Romanov Family and other millionaire aristocrats makes no difference. Nor does the fact that among these were most of the generals and also senior members of the clergy like Protopresbyter George Shavelsky. The fact that, as Prince N. D. Zhevakhov, the deputy lay head of the Holy Synod, revealed over 90 years ago, Gregory Rasputin was murdered by British spies makes no difference. They could not have operated without the widespread and even popular support for such Russian traitors.

It is no secret that Gregory Rasputin had a gift of healing that medical science could only jealously acknowledge without understanding—it is a fact of history. That he had the ability to heal the Tsarevich Alexei, who could have become the greatest, most merciful and wisest of all Russian Tsars, is a fact of history. That he was a devout man of prayer and pilgrim to Jerusalem and the holy places of Russia who very well knew the Holy Scriptures, the Lives of the Saints and Orthodox services is a fact of history. That he made several prophecies about the future of Russia, the Tsardom, his own murder and the future of the world, all of which came true in detail, is a fact of history. For Gregory Rasputin knew the price of suffering, both moral and physical.

If he was innocent, then the untold suffering after December 1916 makes sense. …. still ongoing 100 years after 1916. The end to our suffering has not yet come.

Father Andrew Phillips

 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out of My mouth.


April 30, 2017

Out of his schismatic mouth, the Saker continues bare-headed to slyly sow confusion and division in the Church of Christ.

Let him be anathema!


April 28, 2017
It’s demonocracy, baby!
On April 25th, the Polish anti-NATO activist, reputed scholar, and leader of the political party Zmiana who has been imprisoned on no formal charges since May 2016, Mateusz Piskorski, was assaulted and severely beaten by an Internal Security Agency (ABW) officer.
While being hauled to yet another closed-doors prosecution session, Piskorski was beaten to the ground with a baton and kicked several times after reminding the young ABW officer handcuffing him that his official medical recommendations stipulate that he be handcuffed from the front. 
Upon arriving to the prosecutor’s office, Piskorski’s lawyers immediately called for medical assistance. A doctor examined Piskorski and concluded that his injuries were “significant.” The 39-year-old political prisoner’s lawyers have submitted official court complaints for unsanctioned violence. 
Mateusz Piskorski was arrested on May 18th, 2016 two days after he warned that US troops deployed in Poland would seek to “pacify” opposition according to NATO’s new “anti-hybrid war” doctrine. Zmiana‘s party office and members’ homes were simultaneously raided by Polish security agencies who confiscated anything they could get their hands on from books to Polish flags. While mostly foreign and state Polish media were quick to allege that Piskorski was arrested for espionage on behalf of Russia, China, Iraq, and/or Iran, he has remained in prison without any formal charges, and his “trials” are closed to the public. Nearly a year later, Poland’s security services have yet to find or present any evidence that Piskorski is guilty of any crime.


April 24, 2017

Weighted up a very long series of precedents, above all those in Greece and in the United States, it appears prudent to consider whoever wins the French election a fart, until proved otherwise.

One thing’s for sure, anyway: