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February 17, 2018

The very bastion for Christians to defend the Church from all the snowflakes of Orthodisneyland.



February 14, 2018


Orthodox societies generally declined to execute even those who’d forfeited all expectation of mercy. This stemmed not from any sense that capital offenders were themselves victims, but from a sense that their lives belong to God alone.

Meanwhile, theological arguments for capital punishment failed to address that concern — even the precedent that executions are repeatedly mandated in the Old Testament. That is God’s Word, but must be understood in light of the Gospel, which shows less interest in the deaths of sinners.

More evidence emerged from church fathers. In his homilies on Cain and Abel, Ambrose of Milan asks why God spares the life of the first murderer, even marking him so others won’t slay him.

His conclusion: to teach us that, “The person who hasn’t spared the life of a sinner has begrudged him the opportunity for remission of sins and deprived him of all hope. He, will in fact be subject in equal measure to divine justice.” Executing a murderer deprives them of repentance, and is itself a sin.

Slowly, my support for capital punishment was chipped away by examining historic Christian norms.

Perhaps if pro-lifers are called hypocrites for supporting capital punishment — and progressives for thinking it’s okay to abort “fetuses” while murderers deserve life — then both are half wrong? Perhaps all life is God’s gift, and shouldn’t be taken away — not because of what that says about the condemned, but about us.


“Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man.”

Thus God said in the (new) covenant with the holy Patriarch Noah, just after He carried out an universal execution against evildoers. St. Ambrose somehow forgot that…

No man indeed touched Cain (nor Lamech), until the Lord wiped out entirely his seed. Then He did mark the assassins with that judgement: by men their blood shall be shed!

For Caesar does not bear the sword in vain…..

It’s also completely untrue that by executing a murderer you are depriving him of the possibility to repent. Before the execution is carried on, he has plenty of time (above all nowadays) to repent. In fact, facing his impending death, he is helped to think of his eternal lot. St. Ambrose somehow forgot even the wise robber….

I would fear above all to put again in circulation a murderer, because I am not sure if the blood of his (eventual) new victims would not be on me also.

It is then extremely disturbing the hypocrisy of comparing God-fearing pro-life people to all the snowflakes engaged in an implacable teomachy. The first fight to preserve the most innocent of the creatures of God and to punish the most wicked of them (bowing to the Statutes of God); the second fight to kill the innocent and preserve the murderers, unleashing them anew among the people (the usual satanic inversion of the Truth!).

It’s this comparison to be a sin, not executing a murderer. And it says a lot about he who uttered it.


February 2, 2018







PUPPET SHOW   (Lyrics here)


V  I  N  T  A  G  E          T  I  M  E



January 31, 2018

To all the wonderful global idiots out there, with much love.




Ladies and gentlemen, straight out of hell, let me introduce you to the SPACE BALLS REALITY SHOW….




January 20, 2018

Listening to this interview of Vladimir Putin, you can put definitely to rest the idea that Russia is developing a genuine Christian answer to an Antichristian world. Russia is on its way to become the umpteenth mere antithesis to the umpteenth thesis of worldly vanities, all of them doomed to be synthesized in the satanic blob which has ruled the world since the Fall.

First of all, Christianity was not invented by men. It has always been a God’s revelation, even in the times preceding the Incarnation of God the Word.

Second, the relics of Christian saints are preserved by the grace of the Holy Spirit , not by chemical mixtures.

Third, the Christian brotherhood has never resulted in the extermination of tens millions of other people. The Lord has never forced anyone.

Fourth, the Kingdom that the Christians hope for is not of this world. The Kingdom of God is not a formula to be applied forcefully to people, but the free choice of living a Christian life. Communism is the modern version of an ancient Christian heresy, chiliasm or millenarism: men pretending to build heaven on earth on their own (enslaving and exterminating every opposition). At first, it used to pay at least lip service to God, then it discarded Him altogether in the French and Russian variants of the Luciferian rebellion.

Christ has nothing to do with Belial!

Of course, an antithesis in Christian sauce is always preferable for a man starved in a spiritually empty or terminally sick world, where he must live. Yet, when they erect statues to the Soviet Patriarch; or mock the icons and relics of the saints; or join in the assembly of the heretics; or are drowned in some other way by the mermaids of this world; remember that you must be faithful to Christ and His Church, not to them.

And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.

P.S. – Truth to be told, there is this brave attempt to explain us that Vladimir Vladimirovich has not said what he has said. I’d be tempted to say that the patch is worse than the hole…. instead, I will just reassure nun Cornelia that, if I was a Russian citizen, I would vote for Putin without the slightest hesitation.

In fact, I would question the mental sanity of any Russian citizen not voting for Putin.


January 20, 2018

The Patriarchate of Alexandria’s appointment of six “deaconesses” in the Congo in February 2017 has prompted calls in some corners for other local churches to follow suit. In particular, a group of Orthodox liturgical scholars has issued an open statement of support for Alexandria, declaring that the “restoration of the female diaconate is such that neither doctrinal issues nor authoritative precedents are at stake.”

We, the undersigned clergy and laity, beg to differ and are writing now with three purposes: to question what was accomplished in the Congo, to clarify the historical record on the place of deaconesses in Orthodox tradition, and to point out the serious doctrinal issues raised by the appointment of deaconesses.

………….                KEEP READING

We therefore entreat all Orthodox hierarchs, other clergy, and theologians to uphold the dogmatic teaching of the Church concerning the creation and calling of man as male and female by resisting the divisive call to appoint deaconesses.

Add your name to the statement on the AOIUSA website.

NOTA BENE – I have obviously signed the statement, but I find it far too mild in the fight against the most ravenous wolves ever defiling Christianity.

Do not think that is an exaggeration. Do you know what has been the point of no return in the avalanche towards the abyss mankind is living today? Politically, it was the removal of the Christian Emperor; but socially, it has been the so-called liberation of women, with all its train of fake rights, equality and fulfilment. They have in this way broken the backbone of man, they have taken away the pillars of family and home, the glue of every community.

They have possessed the glory of men and trasformed them in mesmerized slaves of the beast, gears out of place, stupefied dolls whose top ambition is to be like a man (as if one failure, that of men to be men, was not enough!). Fallen queens, who have traded their kingdoms, their homes, for a tin crown in the world, like slaves in Saturnalia.

They have taken the supreme beauty of creation and transformed them in murderers, walking nightmares, disfigured bacchantes who devour their own flesh.

If such infection takes hold in the Church, there is no way back. You can see the fate of those ecclesial forms which have allowed women to ape the sacred service of the altar. It would be the end. The expectation of the coronation of the Antichrist would be all that is left.

In all the history of the Divine Revelation, God has NEVER called a woman to serve in the Holy Orders. NEVER! Beware of those strange beast. Consciously or not, they pursue the destruction of the Church.

I call for the immediate excommunication of all those who have signed or support the declaration here denounced, and the urgent pastoral appeal on all the faithful to avoid any contact with them. DO NOT SHARE EVEN THE AIR IN A ROOM WITH THEM!

They are of the same league of these filthy blasphemers.

Again, to avoid another age of catacombs for the Church, it is absolutely necessary to shut down all the so-called “theological academies”, which have poisoned and are poisoning whole generations of priests, who in turn envenom whole generations of Christians.

The only Academy in Christianity is the Monastery. Let the men willing to be clergy study there! Or let every teacher in those academies be an experienced monk or priest.

Just stop exposing future priests of the Most High to the teaching of men who are not even Christians. Christian is as Christian does!


January 4, 2018

After the strange courage of Edgars Rinkevics, now we have the strange democracy of “Mana balss”, according to which your voice is allowed to be heard publicly only if you support the abomination (they call it “pride”, because they are proud of the abomination) or whatever other “value” the alien interests which rule Latvia in spite of the people pursue.

It’s not the first time they do it and will not be the last. Get used to enjoy your freedom, o people of Latvia: you will be absolutely free to do whatever they want!
It’s demonocracy, baby!

Try to organize a manifestation in support of something considered taboo by those alien interests (for example, to adopt the same law they have in Russia to protect children from the abomination propaganda), and you will see how much is worth your “pulcēšanās briviba” and the “demokrātijas pamatvērtībās” with which all the hypocrites here fill their mouths.


December 7, 2017

In this article, which at OrthoChristian have published unedited, to their shame, the so-called Orthodox Church in America refers to the Christian Empire as “the Czarist Regime”.

We little ones of Christ are left wondering if the so-called Orthodox Church in America will ever learn to speak like a Christian does. For their sake, indeed, as if you don’t speak like a Christian you cannot possibly act like a Christian.

In case you wonder, Christians speak the truth!


December 6, 2017

In a piece of journalisme extraordinaireIsrael Shamir outlines the desirability to follow the very creative Saudi solution to national budget problems, instead of the genocidal austerity. A solution hailed and praised by the New York Times, no less!

Sure, there is a much less truculent and much more effective way to permanently eliminate those problems: the reappropriation by the Nations of their monetary sovereignty, to be exerted according to its fundamental postulates.

A good start would be the Icelandic Way.

Alas, for that you need a Resistance that at long last stops fighting according to the rules decided by the Demonocratic Empire, which moreover apply only to those who resist the Empire, never to the Empire itself. Do not hold your breath!

P.S. – In the centenary of the restoration of the Patriarchate in Russia, I’ve thought apt to compliment Mr. Shamir excellent skill with an open letter of St. Tikhon to that horrendous piece of shit he’s so fond of.


December 3, 2017

General Slobodan Praljak

General Ratko Mladic fell also victim, a few days before, of the kangaroo court based in Hague.