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September 25, 2017

Four years more of conservative social-demonocratic misery for German people, who possibly will get to their next electoral theatre as a minority in their own land, which is the fate waiting every European nation under the demonocratic rule headquartered in Brussels, duly executed by the possessed local demonocratic representatives.

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September 7, 2017

I beg you on my knees, sisters: do not kill your children!

“When you go for an abortion, you are cold on the inside from fear and doubts. There is no faith, only emptiness…

“Actually, you know that you’re doing something horrible, but everyone tries to persuade you that it’s from fear for your health, that you’re scared of the operation. But health has nothing to do with it—you’re going to kill your child, and the horror is all from that. Everyone says that at such an early date there’s nothing there—it’s a lie. Everyone knows the baby is already alive and real, from the first day. Only the lies of those around you and your own insecurities can push you to such a path.

If only I had known then that the moment of becoming pregnant is the moment when the Lord Himself had decided to bestow a child upon me and make me a mother! And it means that God Himself knows I am ready. If only I had understood that there is an enemy who is making haste to destroy my soul, rob my child of life, and to do so he lies, and frightens, leading me to despair, and there’s a whole army around me helping him in this. If only I had known then that the Lord never abandons even one mother without help and sustenance. We need only to pray to Him, and He will help. If only I had known that I would never be able to forgive myself for this choice. If only I had known that parents are special people to whom God has given to a specific child, to make his life better and more secure, to protect him, and most importantly, to love him. If my mama had said, ‘Don’t worry, dear, I’m with you,’ then nothing could have made me walk that corridor.

You don’t need much to not walk this path: Believe that everything will be okay, rely on God with all your heart, and most importantly, don’t listen to the enemy. Death is what the enemy has chosen for us. The Lord gives life everlasting! And to all those who have gone through this, I say: All the pain in your life is from unrepentant sin. Make haste to God and repent, and He will heal your soul. Everything can change, as long as we’re alive.”


September 1, 2017

According to the servants of the father of lies (John 8, 44), in Latvia the average gross salary is 927 euro. Not bad, isn’t it? It’s a pity, however, that the calculation criteria are the following:

At the Children Hospital of Riga, nine nurses take a gross salary of 500 euro while the Chairman of the Board of the institution 5,000 euro.

Therefore, in the la-la-la land the average gross salary of hospital workers is 1,000 euro, but in Latvia the average gross salary of 90% of the people is something between 500 and 600 euro, with almost no benefit attached (that is, the worker must pay for transportation, healthcare, lunch and everything else).

In the la-la-la land, they cannot understand why the population has decreased by a quarter since the indipendence in 1992, through emigration and demographic deficit (that is, people do not make children). In Latvia, 90% of the people know very well the reason why for that.

There are lies, damned lies, amazing lies and astonishing lies. Then there are statistics, the truth of the antichrist!

Oh please, do not think that the system is broken and can be fixed; the system is designed this way. You must get rid of the system, you must get rid of the masonic republic, you must get rid of demonocracy.


July 22, 2017

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July 17, 2017

For their prayers, o Lord, and the intercessions of Your All Pure Mother, give us the strenght to complete our repentance, deign Yorself to accept it, and restore the Christian Emperor to this perishing world. Amen.

santi martiri imperiali

We truly hope that the rampant freedom of mass disinformation media in our society will soon be replaced by a healthy censorship, which obstructs the mouths of those with a seared conscience, those who belong to the party of destruction, those whom Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin called degenerates.

One simple provision of law would suffice for that, but it is fully enforceable only under the Christian Emperor:

The conscious public lie is a criminal offence punished with three years of imprisonment, ten years for public officials and a life sentence for justices and public prosecutors. It carries a perpetual banishment from every public office and cannot be pardoned.

Even the defendant (including his lawyer) in a criminal process cannot lie. He can stay silent, but he cannot lie. The lawyers and the witnesses in a criminal process assume the role of public officials. Nobody can be forced to witness.

No ownership greater than 15% must be allowed in press and media enterprises for any individual or corporation. News and information are always considered public domain (i.e., there is NO right to lie).

To be sure, there was no abdication.

…”In these decisive days in the life of Russia, WE have deemed it OUR duty to facilitate for OUR people a close unity and alliance of all popular forces for the quickest attainment of victory, and, in agreement with the National Duma, WE have deemed it proper to abdicate the Throne of the Russian State and relinquish the reins of Supreme Power. Not wishing to part from OUR beloved Son, We pass OUR legacy to OUR Brother, the Grand Duke Michael Aleksandrovich, and bless His mounting upon the Throne of Russia. We exhort OUR Brother to rule over state affairs in full and inviolable unity with the representatives of the people in legislative institutions, on the principles that will be established by them, swearing to it with an inviolable oath. In the name of OUR ardently beloved Homeland, WE summon all loyal sons of the Fatherland to fulfill their holy duty to it by obeying the Tsar in the difficult moment of universal trials, and to help Him, together with the representatives of the people, establish the Russian State upon a path of victory, prosperity, and glory. May the Lord God help Russia.”
Pskov, March 2, 1917, 15:00.

Was this document a Manifesto of the Tsar’s abdication of the Throne? No, it was not. First of all, because this document was deliberately composed by the Tsar in violation of the law. Nicholas Aleksandrovich could not, had no right to hand over the monarchic power to his brother in the presence of a living heir. The fact that such an abdication was unlawful was already apparent at that time to all those who surrounded the Tsar, both the intentional traitors and their cowardly fellow-travelers. There is no provision at all in the law of succession for the abdication of a Tsar.

Staff Colonel Mordvinov writes in his memoirs about the obvious illegality of passing on the power to Michael Aleksandrovich:

“They are in doubt whether the Tsar has the right to hand the Throne over to Michael Aleksandrovich, bypassing the Heir Apparent, and they are checking the fundamental laws. I already know in advance that logically it is hardly likely that they would contradict the general laws, according to which a guardian cannot renounce any of his pupil’s rights, which means that until Alexis Nikolayevich attains his majority, the Tsar cannot hand the Throne over, neither to Michael Aleksandrovich, nor to anyone else. We swore an oath of fealty to the Sovereign and to his legal Heir, and as long as Alexis Nikolayevich is alive, there is only one legal Heir.”

The Tsar’s telegram to Headquarters, falsely called the “Manifesto of Abdication,” was the Sovereign’s last appeal to the Army. This telegram made it clear to every honest and loyal officer that the Tsar was being constrained, that this was a coup-d’etat. This is precisely why the Tsar chose the format of a telegram to Headquarters, knowing that it would be immediately dispatched to the troops by the triumphant traitor-generals, but among the troops there were still commanders and soldiers who remained loyal to the Tsar, to their oath, to their fealty sworn on the cross.

…. to this end he composes an intentionally unlawful document and sends it out as a telegram to his entire army, giving his people and the troops and their commanders who swore fealty to him a last chance not to forswear their oath, and tries to prevent his people from breaking their oath, from violating the Conciliary oath of 1613.

This was the only document in the history of the Russian State which the Tsar signed with a pencil. With this same pencil he underlined in those difficult hours the following sacred lines: “Ye are risen up in your fathers’ stead, ye progeny of sinful men” (Num. 32:14); “Every imagination and thought of their hearts was continually only evil” (Gen. 6:5).

Tsar Nicholas Aleksandrovich’s last appeal to his Army on March 2, 1917 went unheard.

There was no abdication.
The power in Rus’ lands is still exercised unlawfully.
The oath was broken.
The Tsar and the Heir were assassinated in a satanic ritual.
The land and the people still live in a lie.
They can escape it only by calling anew the Tsar from them through a new Council. His name, as Tsar, must be Alexis!


July 1, 2017


“L’animo mi dice che non sono vissuto inutilmente, perché ho fatto del bene ed ho gioito per il bene fatto”.

E noi gioiamo perche’ le puzzole morali e lo stuolo interminabile di sozzura che gli striscia dietro, responsabili della sua persecuzione e di infiniti lutti, continuano a sbattere il grugno contro il suo esempio e la sua opera e la sua eredita’. Sempre piu’ forte!

Quattordici anni fa prendeva commiato da questa vita il Professor Luigi Di Bella.

prof Di Bella

Tra i piu’ grandi dei pochi, veri scienziati del secolo scorso, ideo’ la piu’ efficace cura contro il cancro attualmente disponibile. Ove non contrastata con ogni mezzo a disposizione dai servitori dell’oscuro padrone, avrebbe potuto salvare milioni di vite. Molte migliaia ne ha salvate, o ne ha prolungato considerevolmente la durata, senza sofferenze. Milioni potrebbe ancora salvarne, se i pupazzi delle potenze dell’aria desistessero dal percorrere la strada che li precipitera’ all’inferno.

La sua cura, fondata su una visione olistica e personale del malato, si basa su principi assolutamente naturali (non brevettabili quindi, e questo spiega l’ostracismo assoluto riservatole dai burattini politici delle multinazionali farmaceutiche e dalla Panza accademica). Se adottata dall’amministrazione sanitaria, oltre a curare effettivamente le persone,  farebbe risparmiare molte decine di miliardi annualmente alle casse dello Stato, costando solo una frazione dei veleni chemioterapici e permettendo una vita assolutamente normale al malato durante la cura. Invece no, coloro che si sono impadroniti della cassa pubblica continuano pervicacemente a rifiutare il rimborso delle spese della cura a chi vuole intraprenderla (spese comunque pesanti per uno stipendio medio mensile), dopo aver  intascato i loro soldi in tasse  per tutta  la vita, ma sono ben contenti di sborsare venti volte tanto a sindacati criminali farmaceutici stranieri se uno acconsente a  farsi avvelenare. In pratica, condannano ad  una morte lenta ed  atroce milioni di persone ogni anno. Voi continuate pure a credere che il diavolo non esiste!

Il Professor Luigi Di Bella accolse la sua vocazione di medico nel senso del dovere cristiano della misericordia.

Diede, e nulla chiese in cambio.

Sopporto’  la sua passione con l’umilta’ di coloro ai quali appartiene il Regno dei Cieli.

A lui sia Eterna Memoria.


Approfondimenti   ***     Il Sistema Sanitario Demonocratico ed il Metodo Di Bella

I Siti Ufficiali   ***      MetodoDiBella         DiBellaInsieme

La Vita e le Opere del Professore nella Biografia del figlio Adolfo


June 23, 2017
In pratica, tutti coloro che ricoprono cariche governative in quasi tutte le nazioni occidentali dovrebbero essere incarcerati a vita, insieme ai due terzi dei componenti dei loro corpi legislativi, in base alle leggi contro il terrorismo che loro stessi hanno approvato.
Come è cominciato il conflitto in Siria? L’opinione prevalente in Occidente è che le prime proteste a Homs sono iniziate pacificamente, e che le cose sono precipitate (escalation) perché il governo ha reagito in modo violento.
Questo è una sciocchezza totale. Ho visto con i miei occhi come questa cosiddetta sollevazione popolare si è presentata a Qara. Un venerdì sera, nel novembre 2011, sulla strada verso il Vicariato dove ero invitato, ho visto un gruppo di circa quindici giovani presso la Moschea centrale. Gridavano che Assad era un dittatore, e che doveva lasciare il paese. Poi ho visto altri ragazzi che hanno fotografato queste scene. Hanno fatto tantissimo chiasso che mi ha dato i brividi. L’ho riferito al Vicario, ma lo sapeva già. Ha detto che già da tempo erano venuti qui alcuni uomini da fuori della Siria, per fare rumore, e invitando i giovani locali a scattare foto e video. Se consegnavano questi materiali ad Al Jazeera, avrebbero ricevuto denaro. “
Il ministro olandese degli affari esteri Bert Koenders ha dichiarato che Assad dovrebbe essere processato dalla Corte penale internazionale dell’Aia per i crimini di guerra.
Koenders è proprio come gli altri cosiddetti leader europei. E’ un ragazzino che fa il gioco di imperatore, pur non accorgendosi di non aver vestiti addosso. Chiunque, anche con mezzo cervello può vedere che lui è un burattino degli americani, dicendo esattamente le cose che è costretto a dire. Colui che serve gli interessi di potenze straniere e distrugge la vita delle persone di altre nazioni è un leader terrorista, indegno del nome di un uomo di stato.
Guarda l’attacco con il gas velenoso in Goutha, vicino a Damasco, nel 2013, per cui Assad è stato accusato immediatamente. È così difficile capire che i terroristi erano dietro tutto questo?
Un anno prima dell’attacco con il gas velenoso, Obama ha detto che , “l’uso di armi chimiche implica una linea rossa”. In quel momento ogni giornalista dovrebbe aver pensato: “questo suona come il Presidente Bush, il quale ha detto che ” entro 48 ore, le armi di distruzione di massa dell’Iraq devono venire alla superficie”.
Ma i giornalisti si lasciano di nuovo ingannare. (come no, nello stesso modo in cui una puttana si lascia ingannare da quello che la paga! ndM)
Una Commissione internazionale d’inchiesta è stata inviata a Damasco, accompagnata dai media di tutto il mondo, e subito dopo il loro arrivo, c’è stato questo attacco enorme di gas velenoso, praticamente sotto il loro naso. Che tempismo, no? E questo precisamente a Ghouta, che è un’area disabitata, dove il popolo era già fuggito molto tempo fa. Entro due ore sono saltate fuori immagini con bambini morenti nelle stanze. Immagini di una qualità da Hollywood. Hanno scoperto che alcune foto sono stato scattate molto tempo prima e altre foto solo due ore dopo l’attacco. E da nessuna parte c’erano in vista le madri in lutto.
Tuttavia i padri e le madri erano assolutamente in lutto, ma essi non vivevano a Ghouta. I padri e le madri si trovavano a 200 chilometri di distanza, nei loro villaggi nei dintorni di Latakia. Loro hanno riconosciuto i loro figli nelle foto. Due settimane prima dell’attacco di gas velenoso infatti, i loro villaggi erano stati attaccati dai terroristi, che avevano rapito i loro figli. Così, questi bambini nelle immagini erano infatti bambini rapiti da Latakia, che sono stati uccisi per fare un colpo mediatico. Com’è possibile che ci siano tanti stupidi giornalisti che non hanno capito questo?
Tutto questo è ben documentato nella relazione della madre Agnes-Mariam.
Tutta l’intervista puo’ essere letta qui.
English version.


May 23, 2017

As Collins relates, going to other galaxies is problematic for humans because of the obviously brief lifespan, but what about AI?

Jay Dyer

Well, going to other galaxies is problematic, indeed, for the very simple fact that there are no galaxies outside the fictions and the artists’ impressions produced by NASA & associates, and propagandized by modern snake oil salesmen (they call them scientists, however).

Anyway, that ludicrous scam is the idol that nobody is willing to renounce, including smart people who have come near the Truth, thanks just to their smartness. Yet, that idol is the most easy to smash, just a few days of research would suffice.

The problem is that, usually, these smart people think that their progress towards the Truth comes by their own merits, so that they stay fundamentally unchurched and bound in the wisdom of the world. The funny end is that their vast knowledge ties them even better to the most idiotic thing born out of the fallen human mind: the spinning-ball shooting across an infinite universe populated by stellar systems bound together by magic (they call it gravity, however).

Failing to call unceasingly for the Lord’s mercy, they remain blind to Whom belong all knowledge, so that they are doomed, in the best case, to stay entrapped in the dialectical mirror games they denounce.

The irresistible lightness of the world….

Their recurrent report about the Artificial Intelligence scarecrow is no less ambiguous. It’s perplexing their belief in the possibility for man to create an artificial (autonomous) will: you need a person to have a will and only God can create a person!

Machines without mankind are just empty shell, and they will stay that way.

Sometimes I even fear that these smart people’s keen immersion in deep looks at the darkness has lesser to do with their love for the Truth than with a hidden hope for the darkness to look back at them.

NOTA BENE – When I say “smart people”, it is said without any irony. The author in case is among the soundest philosophers in circulation today.


May 8, 2017

A people able to elect Macron as president with 65% of voters after five year of Hollande presidency deserve everything they have done and will do to them.



May 7, 2017

Publishing this pile of garbage, a collage of rehashed lies by Kerenskian nostalgics, the editor has brought the website credibility to the same level of the credibility of the ISS.

If Gregory was innocent, then they, the ideologues of the anti-Christian Western world, therefore most of the Russian aristocracy and the State Duma, most of the generals and even some clergy, most of the journalists and most of the people, as well as the Western-founded Soviet State, are guilty of slandering him, murdering him and are also guilty of the murder of the canonized Imperial Family. Guilty too are all who believed in the lies without question and all who continue to believe in these money-making (money is always a motive for evil) lies and myths and even spread them. After all, these are the people who three months after the murder, on Kerensky’s Masonic orders, dug up Gregory Rasputin’s corpse and on 11 March 1917 incinerated it.

Was this the act the act of Orthodox Christians or any other Christians? Was this the act of Christian patriots who loved the Tsar, the Little Father? Who could have carried out such a blasphemous act, but apostates, occultists and anti-Christian secularists? Even if all or just part of what they claimed had been true, would that have justified such profound hatred for a corpse? Nobody has done this or even proposed to do this with the corpse of the Bolshevik mass murderer and blasphemer Lenin, which, amazingly, still lies in its chemical soup in Moscow. Surely the only people who could have carried out this act were atheists and satanists. However, in some sense, all who continue to spread these slanders are indirectly taking part in this same blasphemy.


Through Gregory Rasputin we see exactly who were the enemies of Russia and of the ideals of Holy Rus: all those who believed in and spread the slanders about him and the Imperial Family. The fact that many of these were treacherous and jealous members of the Romanov Family and other millionaire aristocrats makes no difference. Nor does the fact that among these were most of the generals and also senior members of the clergy like Protopresbyter George Shavelsky. The fact that, as Prince N. D. Zhevakhov, the deputy lay head of the Holy Synod, revealed over 90 years ago, Gregory Rasputin was murdered by British spies makes no difference. They could not have operated without the widespread and even popular support for such Russian traitors.

It is no secret that Gregory Rasputin had a gift of healing that medical science could only jealously acknowledge without understanding—it is a fact of history. That he had the ability to heal the Tsarevich Alexei, who could have become the greatest, most merciful and wisest of all Russian Tsars, is a fact of history. That he was a devout man of prayer and pilgrim to Jerusalem and the holy places of Russia who very well knew the Holy Scriptures, the Lives of the Saints and Orthodox services is a fact of history. That he made several prophecies about the future of Russia, the Tsardom, his own murder and the future of the world, all of which came true in detail, is a fact of history. For Gregory Rasputin knew the price of suffering, both moral and physical.

If he was innocent, then the untold suffering after December 1916 makes sense. …. still ongoing 100 years after 1916. The end to our suffering has not yet come.

Father Andrew Phillips

 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out of My mouth.