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May 23, 2017

As Collins relates, going to other galaxies is problematic for humans because of the obviously brief lifespan, but what about AI?

Jay Dyer

Well, going to other galaxies is problematic, indeed, for the very simple fact that there are no galaxies outside the fictions and the artists’ impressions produced by NASA & associates, and propagandized by modern snake oil salesmen (they call them scientists, however).

Anyway, that ludicrous scam is the idol that nobody is willing to renounce, including smart people who have come near the Truth, thanks just to their smartness. Yet, that idol is the most easy to smash, just a few days of research would suffice.

The problem is that, usually, these smart people think that their progress towards the Truth comes by their own merits, so that they stay fundamentally unchurched and bound in the wisdom of the world. The funny end is that their vast knowledge ties them even better to the most idiotic thing born out of the fallen human mind: the spinning-ball shooting across an infinite universe populated by stellar systems bound together by magic (they call it gravity, however).

Failing to call unceasingly for the Lord’s mercy, they remain blind to Whom belong all knowledge, so that they are doomed, in the best case, to stay entrapped in the dialectical mirror games they denounce.

The irresistible lightness of the world….

Their recurrent report about the Artificial Intelligence scarecrow is no less ambiguous. It’s perplexing their belief in the possibility for man to create an artificial (autonomous) will: you need a person to have a will and only God can create a person!

Machines without mankind are just empty shell, and they will stay that way.

Sometimes I even fear that their keen immersion in deep looks at the darkness has lesser to do with their love for the Truth than with a hidden hope for the darkness to look back at them.


May 8, 2017

A people able to elect Macron as president with 65% of voters after five year of Hollande presidency deserve everything they have done and will do to them.



May 7, 2017

Publishing this pile of garbage, a collage of rehashed lies by Kerenskian nostalgics, the editor has brought the website credibility to the same level of the credibility of the ISS.

If Gregory was innocent, then they, the ideologues of the anti-Christian Western world, therefore most of the Russian aristocracy and the State Duma, most of the generals and even some clergy, most of the journalists and most of the people, as well as the Western-founded Soviet State, are guilty of slandering him, murdering him and are also guilty of the murder of the canonized Imperial Family. Guilty too are all who believed in the lies without question and all who continue to believe in these money-making (money is always a motive for evil) lies and myths and even spread them. After all, these are the people who three months after the murder, on Kerensky’s Masonic orders, dug up Gregory Rasputin’s corpse and on 11 March 1917 incinerated it.

Was this the act the act of Orthodox Christians or any other Christians? Was this the act of Christian patriots who loved the Tsar, the Little Father? Who could have carried out such a blasphemous act, but apostates, occultists and anti-Christian secularists? Even if all or just part of what they claimed had been true, would that have justified such profound hatred for a corpse? Nobody has done this or even proposed to do this with the corpse of the Bolshevik mass murderer and blasphemer Lenin, which, amazingly, still lies in its chemical soup in Moscow. Surely the only people who could have carried out this act were atheists and satanists. However, in some sense, all who continue to spread these slanders are indirectly taking part in this same blasphemy.


Through Gregory Rasputin we see exactly who were the enemies of Russia and of the ideals of Holy Rus: all those who believed in and spread the slanders about him and the Imperial Family. The fact that many of these were treacherous and jealous members of the Romanov Family and other millionaire aristocrats makes no difference. Nor does the fact that among these were most of the generals and also senior members of the clergy like Protopresbyter George Shavelsky. The fact that, as Prince N. D. Zhevakhov, the deputy lay head of the Holy Synod, revealed over 90 years ago, Gregory Rasputin was murdered by British spies makes no difference. They could not have operated without the widespread and even popular support for such Russian traitors.

It is no secret that Gregory Rasputin had a gift of healing that medical science could only jealously acknowledge without understanding—it is a fact of history. That he had the ability to heal the Tsarevich Alexei, who could have become the greatest, most merciful and wisest of all Russian Tsars, is a fact of history. That he was a devout man of prayer and pilgrim to Jerusalem and the holy places of Russia who very well knew the Holy Scriptures, the Lives of the Saints and Orthodox services is a fact of history. That he made several prophecies about the future of Russia, the Tsardom, his own murder and the future of the world, all of which came true in detail, is a fact of history. For Gregory Rasputin knew the price of suffering, both moral and physical.

If he was innocent, then the untold suffering after December 1916 makes sense. …. still ongoing 100 years after 1916. The end to our suffering has not yet come.

Father Andrew Phillips

 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out of My mouth.


April 30, 2017

Out of his schismatic mouth, the Saker continues bare-headed to slyly sow confusion and division in the Church of Christ.

Let him be anathema!


April 28, 2017
It’s demonocracy, baby!
On April 25th, the Polish anti-NATO activist, reputed scholar, and leader of the political party Zmiana who has been imprisoned on no formal charges since May 2016, Mateusz Piskorski, was assaulted and severely beaten by an Internal Security Agency (ABW) officer.
While being hauled to yet another closed-doors prosecution session, Piskorski was beaten to the ground with a baton and kicked several times after reminding the young ABW officer handcuffing him that his official medical recommendations stipulate that he be handcuffed from the front. 
Upon arriving to the prosecutor’s office, Piskorski’s lawyers immediately called for medical assistance. A doctor examined Piskorski and concluded that his injuries were “significant.” The 39-year-old political prisoner’s lawyers have submitted official court complaints for unsanctioned violence. 
Mateusz Piskorski was arrested on May 18th, 2016 two days after he warned that US troops deployed in Poland would seek to “pacify” opposition according to NATO’s new “anti-hybrid war” doctrine. Zmiana‘s party office and members’ homes were simultaneously raided by Polish security agencies who confiscated anything they could get their hands on from books to Polish flags. While mostly foreign and state Polish media were quick to allege that Piskorski was arrested for espionage on behalf of Russia, China, Iraq, and/or Iran, he has remained in prison without any formal charges, and his “trials” are closed to the public. Nearly a year later, Poland’s security services have yet to find or present any evidence that Piskorski is guilty of any crime.


April 26, 2017

Whoever fears God is my neighbor.

Even if they have a flawed knowledge of Him, if they fear Him in spirit and truth, they are my brothers; not in Christ, but in Adam and in our holy father Noah, through whose righteousness all of us live today.

 Then Peter opened his mouth and said: “In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality. But in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him.

Of course, we must also remember that the centurion Cornelius, after those words, meekly listened to St. Peter and was baptized. He did not proceed to lecture St. Peter about the Faith!

Therefore, I just wish them to abstain to speak about our Faith, the faith of the Christians, because it’s really annoying to be lectured about Christianity by non-Christians. When they do, as the author of the good essay linked above makes plenty clear, they do not know what they speak about.

As the Lord remembered to the Samaritan woman that the salvation was from the Jews, we, His unworthy servants, will always testify to our brothers in error that the salvation is from the Christians.

We will also remember to ourselves that the judgement is of the Lord!

Apart from that, it’s absolutely true that our political (moral and social) views are pretty much identical, once muslims will at long last allow a man to choose freely his faith. It’s high time for them to understand that the Almighty has no need nor use for slaves. What good a slave can do for the One Who may whatever He pleases?

They should also understand that the sin of a man is a matter between him and His Creator; only the public display of sin, its apology and preaching, its disturbance and subversion of the social order, must be forbidden and punished.

I’d say that even Communists could be welcomed in this political alliance, once they flush down the toilet Marx, Lenin, Stalin and all of their other idols; once they understand the sheer madness to pursue the well-being of man while considering him nothing more than a piece of meat; once they will learn to respect what God’s law protect with two commandments: private property.

Once they come to their senses, they will realize that our social goals are pretty much the same. The only problem here is that, in my poor understanding, no atheist should be allowed to public offices!

In all truth, only a fool can say there is no God.


April 24, 2017

Weighted up a very long series of precedents, above all those in Greece and in the United States, it appears prudent to consider whoever wins the French election a fart, until proved otherwise.

One thing’s for sure, anyway:



April 12, 2017

Serbia is enjoying the blessings of representative democracy <= the devil inside!

We can now draw the conclusion that street unrest in Serbia that from the beginning seemed stage managed and lacked the feel of a genuine expression of popular discontentment, is at this stage just that – a charade. It was a warning dry run, a carefully orchestrated exercise to send an intimidating message to the regime and to lay the infrastructural groundwork for the real Color Revolution that is to come. It will break out promptly, and just as “spontaneously” as the current rehearsal, as soon as the foolish regime is irredeemably discredited and renders itself utterly useless by complying with the suicidal demands that have been put to it, in the vain hope of gaining favor and thus extending its tenure.

Our hypothesis will be tested and found proven or wanting very shortly. Watch carefully the overweening imbeciles’ performance on the three key fronts: Russia, NATO, and Kosovo, for signs of their imminent downfall and relegation to the dunghill at the hands of those who raised them up to ephemeral prominence in the first place.

It will be a fitting comeuppance for undereducated morons who were not paying attention in school while the class was discussing Goethe’s Faust and learning about the fate of those who enter into bargains with the Devil.

Stephen Karganovic


April 10, 2017

There is one thing which infallibly unites the Demonocratic Empire and the so-called Axis of Resistance (that is, the variegated front which supposedly resists and fights it): the absolute, unwavering and incontestable faith in the existence of atomic bombs, spinning balls and space travel.*

These evincible hoaxes (click on the links provided above) are sacred dogma both for the satanic cabala and those who allegedly oppose them (both share also faith in the chimerical beast called democracy). In fact, the antithesis always shares the axiom of the thesis; that’s the reason why it always leads to more of the same (satanic blob ruling the world).

The opponents of the Demonocratic Empire, who naturally refuse to call it by its proper name, are even more faithful in defending those sacred dogma, sometimes to the point of fanaticism. Now, it’s beyond dispute that those who share the same dogma, share the same religion.

This sharing is not necessarily willing or conscious, but it nevertheless results in the practical worship of the father of lies. Willing or not, for all practical purpose, they lead astray, far from the Truth, and the saddest thing is that they do it in the name of the truth.

It’s what I call the irresistible lightness of the world, this world, which keeps them prisoners with snares delving in the most deep recesses of their flesh, no matter how much their spirit is willing or how much they thirst for truth and justice. This world is still the only thing we are able to conceive (those snares entrap me too, under different aspects), even when we are aware of the gross, crass lie upon which it’s founded and rests.

Only the Lord has won this world, laying waste of those snares in His Cross and Resurrection. Whoever does not gather with the Lord, he just scatters!

Only the Truth will set you free, but the Truth is One; oddments of truth here and there will not do it!

*Please note that Anders Bjorkman debunks space travel using the same fake science of their proponents, and that’s good enough, but the real reason why space travel are not possible is that there is no outer space to begin with.


April 7, 2017

The buffoon in the White House has just made clear once more that the devil lies even when he says something true.

American farts are not that much different from Greek farts; just more noisy and smelly.

As for the manufactured event posed by the Miles Palustris in Washington at the basis of his swampy aggression, the alleged chemical attack by Syria (a country UN-certified in 2014 as free of any chemical weapon), this is probably what has happened:

The bombing at Khaan Shaykhoon was conducted properly. The terrorists ….. deliberately placed Turk-manufactured Sarin gas inside a weapons warehouse sure to be bombed by Syrian bombers. When it was bombed, the gases were released……
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In short, the same, old, sick habit of Demonocracies: false flag!
They are of their father, the devil!
Apr 16

 Photographer falls to his knees in front a child burned by the terrorists the US govt has continued to support for the last 6 yrs