I’ll not indulge in pindaric pseudogeostrategical flight about this disgusting murder. More or less, are valid for it the same considerations I made about the disgusting murder of “Batman” (and Yevgeny Ischenko…. and the mayor..).

The only difference could be that, while in the homicide of Bednov their responsiblity was direct, this time LPR authorities may be only a helpful background.

Those who justified the former assassination are also justifying this murder, complete with professional slander and sophisticated political nonsense to dress up what drives these crimes: vulgar pecunia! You would be well advised to avoid Fort Russ: their agenda is the defence of interests other than the Donbass people. At least, the Saker and many others pretend to don’t understand, so preserving a bit of decency.


I won’t even bother to reply to replies….
Just a few words: whoever affirms that this is a job from Kiev or their puppeteers is either a gigantic idiot or a gigantic vermin!

There’s something rotten in (Novo)Russia.     You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Without the truth, there cannot be any freedom, only a different kind of slavery. Maybe more pleasant, more convenient, even decent… but ultimately it’s always slavery to sin. It never ends well!

Europeans do not realize that they miss Christ, Who’s all they need. Russians do not realize that they have Christ and they do not need anything else. In the mesh of this millenary double braided misunderstanding, the devil’s dialectics forge the perpetual slavery and every tragedy of the human kind.

Be merciful to Alexej Borisovich, o Lord. Even if he did never ask for it, I shall ask for him: be merciful to Alexej Borisovich, o Lord.

Be merciful to the werewolves, o Lord!

Be merciful to Oles’, o Lord, in the fortieth day since he was so unjustly murdered.


Give them rest in your womb, as they fought Your enemy and our enemy — the primordial murderer and the father of lies — and those whom of that father do the works. Your Word cannot be broken!

Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.


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