As my good deed for the day, I’ve decided to help poor Saker to establish some indisputable facts about the assassination of the Novorussian field commander Alexander Bednov, known as Batman.

1) Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Bednov was brutally assassinated in a premeditated ambush by Lugansk “People Republic” current leadership, using spectacular and devastating firepower.

2) The post-hoc accusations against him could be stirred against ANY field commander fighting in the Donbass and are less severe than the accusations widely voiced against the head of the Republic. This is a polite way to say that those accusations are bullshit! By the way, just a look at him, his words and way to speak, would suffice to disprove them. Take a look (and compare with the other side):

3) The current leadership of the Lugansk “People Republic” is a direct expression of Moscow, imposed through “elections” not less farcical than those held in the rest of the Ukraine.

These indisputable facts seem suitable for us to draw a few logical conclusions.

1) As long as the current leadership of the Lugansk “People Republic” will remain in power, the Russian government carries on the (political) responsibility for this murder.

2) If this is the case, this murder is so absolutely disgusting that you can safely write off the Donbass insurrection (and Russia at large) as something capable of producing a real alternative to the Demonocratic Empire. All that they will be able to produce is a mere antithesis, which will be chewed together with the thesis and spitted out in the usual synthesis: more of the same devilish blob which rules the world. This does not mean that they are on the same level of their antagonists, they are different, but it’s the mere difference that separates any antithesis from any thesis in the same fabric of the countless false dialectic produced unceasingly by the enemy (who is one and the same) to divide and subdivide human societies in order to conquer and rule them.

3) The only alternative is Christ, the Word of God and the only Conveyor of His Spirit (yes, this is a faith-based article). However, a Christian can certainly settle for a lesser good, but never for a lesser evil! A lesser evil is just the longer and devious way to the same destination: the abyss! The moment that you pretend to fight the devil using his tools and habits, i.e. all the world paraphernalia of all the smart people who since the beginning have thought to know better than the devil, the devil has already won and your fight becomes useless. Innocent people will suffer under the thesis and under the antithesis, as it’s exactly the case with the poor people in the Donbass, while the dialectic rages on.

They talk, negotiate and legitimate the rapists. plunderers and killers of the people in the Donbass, while assassinating treacherously those who that same people have bravely defended against all odds. If you don’t see the madness of all this, it means that you are mad too!

Hope it helps! Oh, I know, I know…. mine is just idealism, unfitting for the real world and all the smart and smarter analysts and experts know surely better, and they will surely demonstrate it with countless words. I have just a plea: when they stop talking serious business, may they just take a look around?


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