Four commanders of the defenders of the people of Novorussia.

Not one of them has been killed in battle!


Risultati immagini per alexander bednov batman


Risultati immagini per alexei mozgovoi


Risultati immagini per PAVEL DREMOV


P.S. – This cat, hosted in the Saker’s blog, is not a cat; it’s hyenas’ vomit.

The vomit of some hyenas in Moscow, which together with local compradores are waging war on the people of Donbass, in perfect unity of purpose with other compradores from all over the Ukraine and the resident evil in Kiev.

Bednov, Mozgovoy, Dremov, Pavlov and others were all on their path, because that same people they wanted to defend and had ability to do it. That’s all!

Demonocracy 101: an International Crime Syndicate and local little bitches. Be sure, it’s the local little bitches (and our apostasy) which are the pillars of the Demonocratic Empire, not the other way around.

The only question is: why is that beast (the cat) allowed there?

Do not hold you breath waiting for an answer, not even the question is permitted there. Probably because it lacks the necessary requirements of bestiality.

UPDATE – To his credit, the Saker has just cleaned his house from the vomit.

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