This is a very good analysis by the Saker about the year just passed by. Apart from minor imperfections, it’s probably the best you can get by human reasoning (applied to those specific matters). You can go so far as to call it orthodox, in the sense of true, correct, uncompromising. Alas, it is so only according to the carnal mind, as the author is currently severed from the Church, the only place where the real discernment, the spiritual one, is possible. Therefore, he ultimately fails to locate, in the endless game of mirrors erected by the enemy, the real source behind the last assault upon the baptismal font of the Rus’: that is, the “wickedness in the high places”.

The reason is always the same: to get rid of Christ, i.e. whoever still witness Him today in the world, because they are the last obstacle to the official consecration of the beast as the ruler of the world. Geopolitics, ethnography, economics, are all smoke-screens activated in the fabric of the countless false dialectic produced by the evil one to satisfy exactly the carnal mind. This mind will tell you that there is no place for anything else when it comes to analyze history, the actions of men in time, and that is exactly what reveals it for what it is: a carnal mind, fallen, therefore unable to understand properly, outside the boundaries of a fallen world, which is nothing else than a prison whose key mankind willingly delivered to the snake. There’s no place for the Spirit in that prison. Yet, Orthodoxy is the testimony of the Incarnation, and the Incarnation is exactly the Spirit (newly) united with the visible reality, so that no analysis can grasp the truth of things if it separates them again. All the history of the world since the Incarnation is nothing else than the chronicles of the unceasing and implacable efforts of the enemy (of whom the human actors are only the playthings, or archons in a few cases) to separate again this world and mankind from the Spirit (Who is conveyed only by the Word) of God. These effort are hugely successful nowadays, everywhere.

Therefore the Saker incurs three errors in his excellent analysis:

1) The correct name for the Empire is the Demonocratic Empire.

2) Most of the lands currently called Ukraine are of the utmost importance for Russia (as Kosovo for Serbia), not economically nor politically, but spiritually (which is the only thing that matters), and they cannot be left to the rule of the antichrist! Brzezinski may not understand why, but he points out the correct battle plan for the Empire.

3) The Europeans will redeem themselves from the bondage to the beast only returning to Christ and to their rich and left behind legacy of thousands upon thousands of Western Saints from the time before the Frankish coup, which took away the Patriarchate of Rome and all West from the Church and handed it over to a feudal lord. Riots and revolutions will end up with just more of the same, as it’s always been. The only revolution which frees men is a spiritual revolution against the hackers of the soul, the only change really needed is called repentance (metanoia), but mind you: this means resisting, disobeying and rejecting every secular rule and law which goes against Christ and God’s Commandments, no matter how (materially) frightful the consequences! Mind you: no compromise is possible here! Either you refuse to compromise or you are lost!

What will bring the new year, the future? God knows the future, but it depends entirely on us. It’s just a function of our choices and the choice is really simple today: it’s the choice between the Church (because there is no Orthodoxy outside the Church) and the demonocracy, between the Sons of God (who are copiously present, blinded, outside the Church) and the progeny of the devil.

Russia is today the only country on the right path to repentance, but do not delude yourself. Until she will get rid of the mummy which still defiles the sacred heart of her power and of the law permitting the murder of her children before their birth, her repentance will not be completed. No country honoring an apostle of the evil one and killing in serie the most innocent of the sons of men, surpassing thus by several order of magnitude the wickedness of Herod, can confide upon God’s favor and victory. The only victory available will be an apparent one, with Russia transformed in a mere antithesis in the false dialectic with which the prince of this world rules men

There will not be a fourth RomeEither you restore the Third Rome or this world will enfold itself very quickly in the spiral of its cupio dissolvi.

May God help His people and forgive our weakness.


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