The United States of Israel (and their European Dependencies).

Rachel Corrie


A Brief Abstract of the Past Century

It’s good to remind that supporting publicly the historical reconstruction outlined in the essay linked above can get you locked up in prison in the majority of the “free” Western Countries, fifteen (and counting) only in Europe. Horst Mahler, a 77 years old lawyer, has been sentenced to 13 year in prison in Germany for holding more or less a similar historical view. Only murderers (and NOT ALWAYS) get harsher punishments!

Now, that historical point of view can surely be criticized. It has the undubitable merit of pointing out the stone guest which is always missing in  the historical analysis of the past century (because it’s forbidden!), but it’s surely partial and many reservations could be outlined. In  fact, it’s just a summary.

Anyway, if you do not agree with a historical analysis, you can discuss, argue and contest  it, even fiercely, but you can’t outlaw it and persecute anyone who holds it, against your own State’s Constitution, against binding international norms, against all decency! Doing so is worse than a crime, it’s emeritus crap!

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


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