CRETIN – What are you doing? Why are you crossing yourself and bowing tens of times?

ORTHODOX – I’m asking for God’s mercy.

CRETIN – I thank God that I am not like you. I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour (how kind of me!), and now I’m saved. I don’t waste my time like you do.

ORTHODOX – Glad for you. As a sinner, I’m afraid I’ll have to keep on asking for God’s mercy until I leave this world, through the prayers and intercessions of the Theotokos.

CRETIN – Idolater!

ORTHODOX – Isn’t Christ your Lord and Saviour?

CRETIN – Sure!

ORTHODOX – Who gave birth to Christ, who gave Him man flesh?

CRETIN – Mary!

ORTHODOX – Doesn’t God command to honor the father and the mother?

CRETIN – Of course!

ORTHODOX – Are you saying that the Lord does not observe a commandment He Himself has given to us?

CRETIN – I’ve never said that!

ORTHODOX – Then the Lord honors His mother. Therefore let us venerate whom the Lord honors and let us ask the favor and the intercessions of whom the Lord honors. But you feel free to continue venerating yourself, the saved-one.

NOTA BENE – At this point, a Christian will have pity of this brother lost in the delusion of his fallen mind and will not add anything else. He will refrain from pointing out to his vain brother that the Body and the Blood sanctified and glorified by the Lord for our salvation, by Whom we unworthily are nourished in the Eucharist, were given to Him by the Most Holy Theotokos.

The risk is real that this simple matter of fact would blow out his head, so better keep silent, praying that the Lord would save him from his saved vanity.

Jekabpils Icon of the Mother of God

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