For their prayers, o Lord, and the intercessions of Your All Pure Mother, give us the strenght to complete our repentance, deign Yorself to accept it, and restore the Christian Emperor to this perishing world. Amen.

santi martiri imperiali

We truly hope that the rampant freedom of mass disinformation media in our society will soon be replaced by a healthy censorship, which obstructs the mouths of those with a seared conscience, those who belong to the party of destruction, those whom Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin called degenerates.

One simple provision of law would suffice for that, but it is fully enforceable only under the Christian Emperor:

The conscious public lie is a criminal offence punished with three years of imprisonment, ten years for public officials and a life sentence for justices and public prosecutors. It carries a perpetual banishment from every public office and cannot be pardoned.

Even the defendant (including his lawyer) in a criminal process cannot lie. He can stay silent, but he cannot lie. The lawyers and the witnesses in a criminal process assume the role of public officials. Nobody can be forced to witness.

No ownership greater than 15% must be allowed in press and media enterprises for any individual or corporation. News and information are always considered public domain (i.e., there is NO right to lie).


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