I was born in an under-developed, impoverished, hungry country where the sky is permanently overcast with dark clouds—of course, in the spiritual sense. I am speaking of Switzerland, and especially of the city of Geneva—the center of world freemasonry and finances, the stronghold of obscurantist heresy, and a materialistic megalopolis that is enjoying the lulling, stable comfort that easily protects it from the numerous everyday tragedies of humanity.

This is the incipit of a wonderful interview to subdeacon Pierre Haab, a convert from Roman Catholicism. You can understand from the first sentence that it is really worthy the time needed to read it.

Indeed, brothers, we were born in the same error. All of you who still are there, you must just come and see!

The “Undivided” Church of the first millennium had five great Patriarchates or branches. When the Roman Patriarchate changed the Nicene Creed and caused the Great Schism in 1054, the Roman branch was severed from the other four. A great branch severed from a tree still looks green and alive. The larger it is the longer it takes to wither and die. Likewise, the Roman branch still looked strong and vigorous when it was first broken from the Vine, but as we have seen in our survey of Church history it was in fact slowly rotting away until the rot became fully apparent after Vatican II. All of what had long been called Christendom in Western Europe and the Americas has now become post-Christian.

Fr. Victor Novak

The Orthodox Western Rite


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