Just recently someone wrote to me that he believed that the earth was flat and that dinosaurs never existed because their fossils had only recently been discovered. Yet the Psalms say that: ‘He hath made the round world so sure, that it cannot be moved’. To be very old-fashioned is not the same as following the Tradition, which is much more radical than being old-fashioned. Such extreme conservatism also has to be repented for.

Father Andrew Phillips has graciously conceded an interview to himself where he has stated the bizarre sentences quoted above.

The Psalms say the truth, of course. In fact, the world is round. It’s not a ball gone crazy though, the earth is a flat circle.

Map of the World

This is affirmed in countless other excerpts of the Scriptures, all of them the good father has forgotten to mention.

Apart from the unequivocal scriptural affirmation (the Word of God, you know), there is the univocal teaching of all the holy Fathers of the Church. All of them, I repeat, all of them teach that the earth is the flat and immovable center of the universe.

As for the dinosaurs, the current reported narrative about them is most certainly a hoax. Anyway, the Scripture mentions the Leviathan, so that gigantic animals can very well have existed (in fact, they exist even today), but for sure not hundreds of millions years before man. Before the good father thunders his indignation, I must warn him that the cronology of the world is unequivocally affirmed in the Scripture, Gospels included, and univocally teached by all the holy Fathers of the Church. All of them!

Evidently, the man of the correspondence believes as every single holy Father of the Church has believed.

We must therefore sadly conclude that this feminist priest who dared to ask repentance from the Holy Spirit is not the only one able to make such blasphemous demands.

In all truth, father Andrew is not so bold like another priest of the Most High, to whom also that corrispondence was addressed, a priest who’s dared to oppose to the Word of God and the Holy Tradition of His Church some freemasons, comparing moreover one of them, one of the most despicable, to the Holy and Glorious Prophet John the Baptist (the greatest of all born from a woman, according to our Lord). Father Andrew at least cited (vainly) a quote from the Scripture.

It must be said that, apart from the biblical and patristic guidance, common sense alone should be sufficient to dismiss ludicrous claims like men living upon a spinning ball, et similia. I’m sure that corrispondence provided plenty of resources to consider and analize, but to no avail. Priests of the Most High will not even look unto them, in fear to anger the universal idol to whom they reverently bow, pompously called science, but in fact a gross, crass lie united to the most formidable propaganda machine ever conceived to hide God and steal His creatures.

They will unquestionably worship the gravity, for instance, that magical  gigantic force able to keep attached to their beloved ball thousands of trillions tons of rock and earth, gazillions liters of water (curved moreover, something never seen in nature) and a billion square miles of air (also kept neatly in layers), and billions of people upside down, all rotating about it at a thousand miles an hour, but which benevolently lets it be won by the fragile wings of a mosquito and even allows us some little hop every now and then.

Idiocy is not enough to believe something like that, at least when you stop to take it for granted, as everyone of us has done (they give us a globe almost together with maternal milk), and start thinking about it.

A flaming idiocy is necessary to believe such a thing, an idiocy burning with devotion for the idol which requires such belief through its clownesque oracles.

Therefore, I am left with a question: are priests of the Most High God able to repent?


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