Rev. Vasileios Thermos

Without underestimating the pain of persecuted Christians, I am deeply disappointed by the comments I read. Those brothers and sisters seem to forget that all human beings are children of our Father. They also seem to ignore that Christ Himself was merciful to foreigners (Canaanite woman, Roman officer) and that He used images of foreigners (Good Samaritan) in parables to teach us about equality of all and that sometimes Christians betray what they are called for.

I am also concerned about the rise of nationalism throughout the Orthodox Church. This is a betrayal of the Gospel. A narrow-hearted, scared, bitter Christianity is a sign of an insecure faith. Let’s pray for our ecclesiastical body which neglect their mission

A Sinner

“I pray for them: I pray NOT for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.”

Thus says the Lord!

The Lord Who showed mercy to the centurion and the Canaanite woman BECAUSE of their faith in Him.

A faith so great that the Lord stated He had not find in Israel, in the case of the Roman centurion.

A faith so great to consent humbly to be compared to dogs by the Lord, in the case of the Canaanite woman.

Let’s pray that reverend clergymen comfortably sitting in the fat belly of Babylon will stop talking about what they do not understand!

Clergymen always refusing to call the unrepentant world by its name, yet always ready to judge their brothers for reminding them the Word of the Lord.

Clergymen even daring to rebuke the Holy Spirit and to charge the apostles with abusive misogyny.

Clergymen claiming that all men are children of God. The vanity of their heart pushes them to pursue and appease the spirit of the world, so that they are able to utter such theological idiocies.

All men are CREATURES of God! There is only One Son and many adopted children of God, but none of these adopted children can be found outside Christianity.

Water-soluble clergymen….. Saint Paisios the Athonite spoke of them and of the flock they corrupt.

The Lord rebukes them! Their fruits are always the loss of the soul of the Nation.

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