This is a silence that has existed for centuries in the Church, it has become part of the sad tradition of the Church.

Fr. Ted Bobosh

The sad tradition of the Church!?? Are you rebuking the Holy Spirit?

We, the Church, honor a woman as the most glorious creature, above every created person and angels: the Most Holy Theotokos.

Above Her glory for us there is only the Triune God.

Yet all Her preaching was only a few words: “Everything He says to you, DO IT!”
A few words which reveal Her as above every theologian.

The Lord rebuked the apostles and chose women as the first witnesses of His Resurrection, yet He ordained no woman (as God has NEVER done!).
He loved them, as the Church does; there is no silence, we sing their praises continually.

Yet now a priest caught in feminist itches declares he loves them more than Christ and His Church. The Lord and His Church should apologize to the world, first of all to him, of course, a poor soul suffering in the sad tradition of the Church. Sad, he’s said just so, “the sad tradition of the Church”. He has called the work of the Holy Spirit sad…..

May the Lord burn his tongue, if he does not repent!

He gives us the example of St. Paul, obviously forgetting that St. Paul states that women must keep silent in the Church and must cover their heads. When he will remember it, he will inform us, the Church, that he loves women even more than St. Paul.

He speaks of deaconesses, without evidently knowing what they were: they WERE NOT female deacons. But he SHOULD know it!

May the Holy Myrrhbearers preserve us with their prayers from Orthodisneyland and its bizarre preachers!

Of course, their fear of the apostles exists only in the crooked mind of a priest who should be severely reprimanded by his bishop, a priest who dared ask for metanoia from the Holy Spirit.

Find the tomb of your Lord empty and see an angel saying you that He is resurrected, and be sure that you will be filled with fear. Fear of Divine things, too big for you, which you don’t even really understand.
Even the apostles were afraid at first when they saw the resurrected Lord.

His innuendos are shameful, as if alluding to a habit of abuse by the apostles (and the Church after them) of faithful women. They were even worse than those who crucified the Lord, according to his brays, for the holy women were not afraid to stand by the Cross or to go to the tomb, but they were afraid of the Lord’s chosen ones.

This is pure poison injected in the little ones! His blasphemous mouth stopped just short before requiring some kind of affirmative action in the name of gender equality.

Maybe he don’t, but we know of what spirit he is!


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