Whoever fears God is my neighbor.

Even if they have a flawed knowledge of Him, if they fear Him in spirit and truth, they are my brothers; not in Christ, but in Adam and in our holy father Noah, through whose righteousness all of us live today.

 Then Peter opened his mouth and said: “In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality. But in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him.

Of course, we must also remember that the centurion Cornelius, after those words, meekly listened to St. Peter and was baptized. He did not proceed to lecture St. Peter about the Faith!

Therefore, I just wish them to abstain to speak about our Faith, the faith of the Christians, because it’s really annoying to be lectured about Christianity by non-Christians. When they do, as the author of the good essay linked above makes plenty clear, they do not know what they speak about.

As the Lord remembered to the Samaritan woman that the salvation was from the Jews, we, His unworthy servants, will always testify to our brothers in error that the salvation is from the Christians.

We will also remember to ourselves that the judgement is of the Lord!

Apart from that, it’s absolutely true that our political (moral and social) views are pretty much identical, once muslims will at long last allow a man to choose freely his faith. It’s high time for them to understand that the Almighty has no need nor use for slaves. What good a slave can do for the One Who may whatever He pleases?

They should also understand that the sin of a man is a matter between him and His Creator; only the public display of sin, its apology and preaching, its disturbance and subversion of the social order, must be forbidden and punished.

I’d say that even Communists could be welcomed in this political alliance, once they flush down the toilet Marx, Lenin, Stalin and all of their other idols; once they understand the sheer madness to pursue the well-being of man while considering him nothing more than a piece of meat; once they will learn to respect what God’s law protect with two commandments: private property.

Once they come to their senses, they will realize that our social goals are pretty much the same. The only problem here is that, in my poor understanding, no atheist should be allowed to public offices!

In all truth, only a fool can say there is no God.


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