Serbia is enjoying the blessings of representative democracy <= the devil inside!

We can now draw the conclusion that street unrest in Serbia that from the beginning seemed stage managed and lacked the feel of a genuine expression of popular discontentment, is at this stage just that – a charade. It was a warning dry run, a carefully orchestrated exercise to send an intimidating message to the regime and to lay the infrastructural groundwork for the real Color Revolution that is to come. It will break out promptly, and just as “spontaneously” as the current rehearsal, as soon as the foolish regime is irredeemably discredited and renders itself utterly useless by complying with the suicidal demands that have been put to it, in the vain hope of gaining favor and thus extending its tenure.

Our hypothesis will be tested and found proven or wanting very shortly. Watch carefully the overweening imbeciles’ performance on the three key fronts: Russia, NATO, and Kosovo, for signs of their imminent downfall and relegation to the dunghill at the hands of those who raised them up to ephemeral prominence in the first place.

It will be a fitting comeuppance for undereducated morons who were not paying attention in school while the class was discussing Goethe’s Faust and learning about the fate of those who enter into bargains with the Devil.

Stephen Karganovic


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