There is one thing which infallibly unites the Demonocratic Empire and the so-called Axis of Resistance (that is, the variegated front which supposedly resists and fights it): the absolute, unwavering and incontestable faith in the existence of atomic bombs, spinning balls and space travel.*

These evincible hoaxes (click on the links provided above) are sacred dogma both for the satanic cabala and those who allegedly oppose them (both share also faith in the chimerical beast called democracy). In fact, the antithesis always shares the axiom of the thesis; that’s the reason why it always leads to more of the same (satanic blob ruling the world).

The opponents of the Demonocratic Empire, who naturally refuse to call it by its proper name, are even more faithful in defending those sacred dogma, sometimes to the point of fanaticism. Now, it’s beyond dispute that those who share the same dogma, share the same religion.

This sharing is not necessarily willing or conscious, but it nevertheless results in the practical worship of the father of lies. Willing or not, for all practical purpose, they lead astray, far from the Truth, and the saddest thing is that they do it in the name of the truth.

It’s what I call the irresistible lightness of the world, this world, which keeps them prisoners with snares delving in the most deep recesses of their flesh, no matter how much their spirit is willing or how much they thirst for truth and justice. This world is still the only thing we are able to conceive (those snares entrap me too, under different aspects), even when we are aware of the gross, crass lie upon which it’s founded and rests.

Only the Lord has won this world, laying waste of those snares in His Cross and Resurrection. Whoever does not gather with the Lord, he just scatters!

Only the Truth will set you free, but the Truth is One; oddments of truth here and there will not do it!

*Please note that Anders Bjorkman debunks space travel using the same fake science of their proponents, and that’s good enough, but the real reason why space travel are not possible is that there is no outer space to begin with.


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