The buffoon in the White House has just made clear once more that the devil lies even when he says something true.

American farts are not that much different from Greek farts; just more noisy and smelly.

As for the manufactured event posed by the Miles Palustris in Washington at the basis of his swampy aggression, the alleged chemical attack by Syria (a country UN-certified in 2014 as free of any chemical weapon), this is probably what has happened:

The bombing at Khaan Shaykhoon was conducted properly. The terrorists ….. deliberately placed Turk-manufactured Sarin gas inside a weapons warehouse sure to be bombed by Syrian bombers. When it was bombed, the gases were released……
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In short, the same, old, sick habit of Demonocracies: false flag!
They are of their father, the devil!
Apr 16

 Photographer falls to his knees in front a child burned by the terrorists the US govt has continued to support for the last 6 yrs

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