I have been long wondering about the reason why the Polish government has put in jail a citizen, a MP, for almost a year by now, apparently without any reasonable charges and spitting upon all the relevant Polish laws.

I think I have found it now; maybe not the only one reason, but still……

Mateusz Piskorski (head of the international observers, Polish MP): “The referendum has been organized professionally, considering there was very little time for all the institutions to prepare, all the staff for polling stations, for electoral commission.

Everything went like in a professionally prepared country with professionally prepared staff. And this is an interesting point. This indicates that Crimea has already created its own state institutions which are able to work even in such extraordinary conditions, even having such a short time preparing such a huge project – all-national referendum.

So when it comes to the whole evaluation of the referendum, I would like to stress not only that it was very professional but very calm, with all guarantees of safety at polling stations but without too much exposure of police presence at the polling stations, and so on. So very peaceful, calm.

It was organized according not only to the law of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea but also according to most basic, most important international standards.”

Mr. Piskorski is talking here about the 2014 referendum in Crimea, when 83.1% of Crimean voters went to the ballots and more than 96% of them chose to reunite with Russia.

The truth is the only thing which is not tolerated in a Western demonocracy.


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