….. I wish to humbly suggest to the author that it’s not prudent for a Christian to be so prudent about Masonry. There is an absolute, total, irreducible inconsistency between being a Christian and being a mason (freemason or whatever else)!

“E non partecipate alle opere infruttuose delle tenebre, ma piuttosto condannatele apertamente. Di  quelle cose che si fanno da costoro in segreto è una vergogna perfino parlare”

Such an inconsistency should exist also between being a mason and being a public official or doing whatever activity involving the public faith, but it’s by now too late for that, as every western State is in their hands today (while a lot of zombified people still complain about the Church interference).

I wish also to reassure him about the ultimate satanic essence of Masonry. It’s not an exotic statement uttered by President Adams, but the unequivocal position of the Church of Christ, unchanged over the centuries.      (READ ALL)


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