“We must make a very important conclusion from the events of a century ago: we must atone for their sins and those of our ancestors by our good works; we must build a kind and just society, we must overcome sin in our personal and communal lives, seeing the sorrows of those who are weak, feeble, hungry, bare, thirsty, or in prison or in hospitals.”

Just as is currently happening in Ukraine, so in the years after the Russian revolution, brother rose up against brother, shedding blood with terrible cruelty, Patriarch Kirill noted. And those who participated in the revolution later fell victim to Soviet repressions, receiving payment for their wicked deeds. “God’s judgment on the bloody events of 1917 has already happened in the history of our nation, just as it occurs in the personal life of every person,” he added.

The Reigning Mother of God Icon, one of the holiest icons of Russia, was also brought to the Liturgy. It was found in the church in Kolomenskoye Park on March 15, 1917, the day that Tsar Nicholas II abdicated abdication was forced and forged by the betrayers of the Anointed ruler, the Christian Emperor (correction by Maedhros).

Repentance for that blasphemous cataclysm, which unleashed all the power of Hell upon the earth, removing “he who did restrain”, must be offered by every Christian worth His name, everywhere. The restoration of the Christian Empire is the only hope to reverse the satanic grip which has taken hold on human societies since the apostasy of a century ago.

By apostasy the First Rome fell, XI century; by apostasy fell the Second, XV century; by apostasy fell the Third, XX century.

A Fourth there will not be, but the Third may be restored.


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