The Saker is right!

Of course, coincidences do happen.
And the fact that they never happen to the usual suspects is…. well, a coincidence.

In fact, what pattern can you claim when you are faced with just four ambassadors’ sudden death in less than two month (plus another diplomat in Russia, plus Primakov, and let’s stop to the Foreign Minister personnel, otherwise we’ll have problem of space), all of them in hot and very hot spot (Greece, Turkey, India), including Churkin, the most important diplomatic asset (UN ambassador with veto power) after Lavrov?

Come on, it happens all the time. Search the diplomatic history of any nation and you will see how many times it has happened…… I was not able to find a single occurrence, never, but it is notorious that I am such a lousy researcher.

And do not forget the terrible retaliation they would expose themselves – those fanciful assassins, I mean. They might very well say goodbye to the appellative “partners”…. Who would dare?

Saker is right. Move on! There’s nothing to see here…..


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