Almost twenty-five years ago, in May, one of the greatest mafia Prosecutor in Italy, Giovanni Falcone, was assassinated in a striking terror act at Capaci, in Sicily.

Since that day, everyone knew that his friend, Prosecutor Paolo Borsellino, not less great in disbanding mafia clans and their political covers, would be the next to be assassinated. He also knew it.

Nobody did nothing to prevent it. In July of the same year, Prosecutor Paolo Borsellino was assassinated in a not less striking terror act at Palermo, while he was going to pay a visit to his old mother.

No matter who materially did those assassinations, the real culprits were the brood of vipers in the security system, in the government and political chambers in Sicily and in Rome, who in substance indicated the targets and stood watching, with lower level executives also actively helping in the murders.


Mutatis mutandis, this is the same scenario which has played out in the assassinations of Arseny Pavlov (Motorola) and Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi), and all the others before them, in the Donbass. No matter the material executioners, the real culprits are the brood of vipers in Donetsk, Lugansk and in Moscow.

Demonocracy 101 – An International Crime Syndicate and Local Little Bitches!


The activity of the local little bitches can be compared to the infiltration of the “more subtle thought”, pointed out by St. John Climacus and Abba Isaac the Syrian,  a sort of “fifth column” inside the city, while it is under siege by the assaulting thoughts/armies outside the wall.

The strength of our soul is proven by victory over those passions which wage war by assault, indeed, but the fifth column prevents that strenght. The besieger thoughts/armies may then even not storm the city, as it is already captive.

This is the sad state of the nations, today.

I’m not willing to add much to what I have already said about the tragic situation in Donbass. I will just point out some facts to all the smart and smarter analysts out there, daily lecturing us about how things must be done.

Since the signing of the Minsk agreements, ALL the best known militia commanders (and several others less known) have been assassinated (none of them has died in battle), no serious investigation has been done amidst all the blah-blah of the Donbass political authorities (serious investigations bring fruits!), while hundreds of civilians keep being slaughtered daily in indiscriminate shelling by the Ukrainian Army (with Western media and governments jumping all over the place to tell us how much they deserve it).

Minsk III will authorize us to affirm that the carnage of the people in the Donbass is entirely caused by friendly fire.

You cannot fight demonocracy the demonocratic way! The only way is the way of Joshua, the son of Nun.


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