Equality means believing a child living 5,000 miles away is as precious as the one sleeping in your nursery.

I believe that, absolutely! Now, please go tell it to the people living together with that child 5,000 miles away. Above all, go tell to the serial mass murderers whom you worship to stop bombing those people and their children living 5,000 miles away.

I wish also to invite you to stand by your statement fully, fighting against the assassination of your children before they even get to the nursery, but I fear your head exploding if forced to face some basic applied logic.


These braying donkeys are not jokes, cartoon characters, they are for real, there are hordes of them everywhere in the West. They represent the insane part and the great majority of the worshipers of the Beast, the rest being psychopaths, who generally do not believe the bullshit and the depravity they teach and promote. They represent the terminal phase of mankind, the zombie apocalypse is here.


If you want to fight against this cupio dissolvi of mankind, you must ignore the meat fodder (apart from beating the crap out of them when they become violent) and concentrate on the head of these crazed limbs.

Impeach and take away George Soros, for example, and ten millions of those nitwits will fade away worldwide.

Make public the financing inflow and outflow (with details of every payment made) of every NGO, forbidding any foreign donation to them above 100 $/euro, and peace will reign upon your land.

Dissolve the statal indoctrination system and divide the gazillion dollars/euro it fagocitates every year evenly to every household, for them to spend on local educative institutions of choice,  and you have almost done it.

However, if you want a guarantee of success, the Way is only one: repent, turn to Christ again, begging Him to restore in this world the Christian Caesar, governing according to the Decalogue you can find at the end of this Solemn Recapitulation.



  1. Raphael Pallavicini Says:

    I fully agree. So don’t be surprised when you’ll see it translated into Florentine on my buseca.☺

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