“If you are reproached for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.”

by Iben Thranholm

(qui si puo’ leggere l’articolo in italiano)

Recently Marie Krarup, a member of the Danish Parliament for the Danish People’s Party – contacted me to say that the EU task force East Stratcom has placed me on a list branding me as a pro-Russian propagandist and is accusing me of spreading Russian disinformation.

This organisation was set up in March 2015 by the European Council to implement an action plan on strategic communication to address what it labels ”Russia’s on-going disinformation campaigns”, allegedly aiming to destabilize European democracy. To this end, East StratCom ”publishes two public weekly newsletters to stay up to date with the latest disinformation stores and narratives”. Have a look at EastStratcoms website.

This was shocking news to me. Marie Krarup requested a consultation with Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen. She found that the task force accusation violated my constitutional rights under Danish law to exercise freedom of speech, and found this to be stark evidence of the EU usurping undemocratic and totalitarian privilege to list commentators, pundits and journalists that criticize EU policies and EU leaders.

The minister disagreed. He stated that Iben Thranholm deserved her listing as a pro-Russian agent and should remain so listed. He indicated that I was hired by the Kremlin to destabilize Europe. Despite the consultation, this remains his position. No action has been taken to amend the list. No further comment has been offered on the case in the media.

The consequences may be dire. If the conflict with Russia escalates, the state will have the right to imprison me as an enemy of the state. Already now I have been branded a traitor and unpatriotic. Many opinion leaders and colleagues have composed and published an open letter criticizing the ministry. Social media have been brimming with support, but my government remains stubborn in its accusation that I am a Russian agent. This means that I am no longer protected by the state of which I am a national.

The title of the article is not entirely correct. Iben Tranholm is not hated by those who hate Russia – they would love a godless Russia. Iben Tranholm is hated by those who hate Christ!

The Soviet Union of old was at least coherent with its silly ideology. The Soviet European Union of today cannot even boast that coherence, with its pretension to be based upon freedom, democracy and rule of the law. It’s a farcical construct which has its place in a Kafka’s novel, not in reality. Reality will vomit it out in a short time!

The old communists repeated the party line to crowds keeping their tongues firmly in cheek. The global democratic society lets you scream and shout against the party line, yet it expects you to appropriate it totally, making it your own line of thought, with full knowledge that you are lying to yourself.

And this is the revelation of the method: we are all, to a man, supposed to become liars; in the first place, by lying to ourselves consciously and transparently. (READ MORE)

In the meanwhile, all those who stand by the truth, above all us Christians, who are unworthy servants of the Truth (and the Way and Life), must be ready to suffer for Him, in this Union of Lies which tolerates everything but Christ.

It’s demonocracy, baby!

The persecution will not be hidden anymore and it will spread to other states. Maybe here in Latvia we will again be protected by the prayer of St. John of Riga, but are here enough prayer to St. John, to God? We’ll know it soon enough.


For his prayer, o Lord, have mercy on the Latvian land and the peoples who live here. Protect them from the evil one and his puppets, deliver the peoples of Latvia from their lies and murderous plans. Amen!

Holy father John, hierarch and martyr, pray to the Lord for us!


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