At Odessa, more than two years ago, European politicians did reach the bottom. A few days ago, they have started to dig, placing themselves beneath contempt!

Probably this is the countermeasure they have in mind:

Or maybe, they will delight us with some other bullshit royale like the Bana Project.


In short, they are forcing European citizens to pay (more) for their own brainwashing, not realizing that nobody with half a brain is taking them seriously anymore. The problem for the decent people is that in Europe, after a century of demonocracy, there are a lot of people who do not even have half a brain anymore.

Fake news? Nay, the problem is their fake conscience! They are of their father, the devil!

Western politics and media today are one and the same scam, which has brought hypocrisy to a level NEVER EVER registered in mankind’s history.


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