The “Mom, Dad and the Kids” initiative is a “European Citizens’ Initiative” that started from Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, France, Portugal and Germany, against “the increased undue pressure from Brussels in recent years to redefine marriage”.

It requires the support of a million EU citizens by December 10, and so far has gathered a third of the required signatures.

I could be justified to think that less than 400,000 Christians are left in the European Union. I prefer to think that the initiative has been very well hidden by the ruling elite (and their media whores) in the European demonocracies, so that Christians there are simply unaware of it. Alas, the result does not change.

You can still sign it here.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – The collection of signatures for the pro-family European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Mum Dad & Kids” will continue until 3 April 2017, i.e. one year after its official commencement. This has been confirmed by a letter that the President of the ECI, Edite Frivaldszky, has addressed to Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans. In that letter, she also requested the Commission to remove from its website incorrect information according which the signature collection were to end at an earlier date (ndM – business as usual for the demonocratic elite in EU: lie, lie always, and then lie a little more!).


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