N.B. – Take from these videos only the information, the facts that expose the current cosmology for what it is, fairy tales for retarded adults and ludicrous fictions for minus habens. As long as the author(s) remain blind to the very logical consequences of their finding, they cannot help you to escape the satanic grip firmly established upon men in the last five centuries.

Apart from God, the ONLY TRUE GOD, the Living Triune God of Christianity, you cannot possibly break free from the manifold deception of the devil, endorsed by his great whores, his little bitches and the multitude of his puppets, men deprived of the Logos.

As long as these truth-seekers do not recognize their Creator, bowing to Him and His Incarnated Word, Christ Jesus, they will lead you on the same road to nowhere, after tortuous detours to titillate theirs and your pride, to meet once again the prince of this world with a brand new suit and a brand new narrative to bind you better to his fate of destruction.

He who does not gather with the Lord, scatters! Only in Christ the search for the Life, the Truth and the Way is over. He who is not for Him is against Him, no matter if he realizes it or not. There is not a third way: either God or His enemies (whose number includes all those people full of good intentions….).


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