The last word of science is the first word of the Bible.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

The biggest lie after the claim from a man in Rome to be the vicar of Christ is finally exposed!


Whenever a person even slightly illumined reads the Scriptures or sings psalms he finds in them matter for contemplation and theology, one text supporting another. But he whose intellect is still unenlightened thinks that the Holy Scriptures are contradictory. Yet there is no contradiction in the Holy Scriptures: God forbid that there should be. For some texts are confirmed by others, while some were written with reference to a particular time of a particular person. Thus every word of Scripture is beyond reproach. The appearance of contradiction is due to our ignorance. We ought not to find fault with the Scriptures, but to the limit of our capacity we should attend to them as they are, and not as we would like them to be, after the manner of the Greeks and Jews. for the Greeks and Jews refused to admit that they did not understand, but out of conceit and self-satisfaction they found fault with the Scriptures and with the natural order of things, and interpreted them as they saw fit and not according to the will of God. As a result they were led into delusion and gave themselves over to every kind of evil.

The person who searches for the meaning of the Scriptures will not put forward his own opinion, bad or good; but, as St. Basil the Great and St. John Chrysostom have said, he will take as his teacher, not the learning of this world, but Holy Scripture itself. Then if his heart is pure and God puts something unpremeditated into it, he will accept it, providing he can find confirmation for it in the Scriptures, as St. Antony the Great says. For St. Isaac says that the thoughts that enter spontaneously and without premeditation into the intellects of those pursuing a life of stillness are to be accepted; but that to investigate and then to draw one’s own conclusions is an act of self-will and results in material knowledge.

This is especially the case if a person does not approach the Scriptures through the door of humility but, as St. John Chrysostom says, climbs up some other way, like a thief (cf. John 10:1), and forces them to accord with his allegorizing. For no one is more foolish than he who forces the meaning of the Scriptures or finds fault with them so as to demonstrate his own knowledge — or, rather, his own ignorance. What kind of knowledge can result from adapting the meaning of the Scriptures to suit one’s own likes and from daring to alter their words? The true sage is he who regards the text as authoritative and discovers, through the wisdom of the Spirit, the hidden mysteries to which the divine Scriptures bear witness.

The three great luminaries, St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom, are outstanding examples of this: they base themselves either on the particular text they are considering or on some other passage of Scripture. Thus no one can contradict them, for they do not adduce external support for what they say, so that it might be claimed that it was merely their own opinion, but refer directly to the text under discussion or to some other scriptural passage that sheds light on it. And in this they are right; for what they understand and expound comes from the Holy Spirit, of whose inspiration they have been found worthy. No one, therefore, should do or mentally assent to anything if its integrity is in doubt and cannot be attested from Scripture. For what is the point of rejecting something whose integrity Scripture clearly attests as being in accordance with God’s will, in order to do something else, whether good or not? Only passion could provoke such behaviour.

St. Peter of Damascus

I think it’s high time to put definitely to rest all the “signs and wonders” of the forerunners and apostles of the Antichrist, which for the most part are fairy tales and stories for boys (even if pompously called “science”), taken seriously only by retarded adults or professional scammers, while the rest are mere technological advancements hindered and mutilated (remember Nikola Tesla) by the greed of the servants of Mammon.

All they have is a GROSS, CRASS LIE and the most formidable propaganda machine ever devised, with which they have been able to deceive, if possible, even the elects.

 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.  And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. 

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 

And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

I will not waste my time talking to the wonderful idiots out there who worship the Nothing. God is a logical necessity before all other things (Godel’s theorem is the mathematical proof that the world and all its creatures have a Creator), therefore the atheist is a deficient by definition! Neither I will talk to the archons of the wickedness in the high places, the conscious servants of those who “believe and tremble”. They know the Truth and have rejected Him, crucifying the Truth every day since two millennia ago!

I will only say a few words to those who claims to be Christians, as many of them are sincere in their love for the Lord but are led astray by the capillary indoctrination they are subjected to, since the birth, and by lukewarm shepherds and false teachers: you cannot believe a little in Christ and a little in the antichrists! You cannot believe a little in the Word of God and a little in the words of His enemies (and all they have are just words, not a single evidence or fact to support their fabulous claims!).

These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God: “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out of My mouth.

What does it mean in practice I will make clear in a few examples.

If the Holy Scriptures affirm that God created everything in six days and all the Holy Fathers of the Church (and I mean ALL!) have affirmed a literal meaning of those passages (that does not exclude other meanings, in the Holy Scriptures always coexist diverse layers of meanings and understandings, embedded in every passage, which does not exclude but complete reciprocally), well, that’s exactly what has happened, in that exact order! A Christian cannot think differently and continue to be a Christian! He will not even allow for a figurative interpretation about the word “days”, as if the Almighty would need billions of year to do something. He will not be intimidated by the cacophonic screams of all the scientifically certified lunatics and all the social-correctness possessed. That is his Faith and he has to explain nothing. It’s them who must explain how something can pop out from nothing by itself, how a language (the laws of nature, the biogenetic codes, the word of man) can create itself and have a meaning without an external convention and how exactly a gnat (but not all of them) became a horse.

If the Holy Scriptures talk of a precise genealogy since Adam and tell us the life duration of our forefather and his descendants, and all the Holy Fathers of the Church have always affirmed a literal reading of those passages, well, that means that a Christian knows the age of this world to be approximately seven millennia. He will not be intimidated by the raving laments of all the pathetic nonentities who think to exist only if they parrot the official narrative of their masters, he will just commiserate this sublime condensate of Stockholm syndrome and will plainly refuse to take seriously the Pavlov puppies. That is his Faith and he has to explain nothing. It’s them who must explain how exactly they are seeing the immediate aftermath of something allegedly happened 13.2 billions years ago, how exactly they calculate that time span and why their dating rituals (all based upon false postulates) fail all the time to give the correct answer when the age of the object to be dated is known.

If you are a Christian and do not believe that the Flood took away every living creature upon the Earth but those in the ark at the times of Noah or that the Sodomites were exterminated by fire and brimstone from Heaven, you are calling the Lord a liar (Luke 17, 26-29); you commune unworthily to His Body and Blood!

A few examples, but I hope clear enough.

Indeed, it makes no sense to say Jesus is the Second Adam, if Adam was not an actual historical human person.

Indeed, not one jot nor tittle of the Scripture will fail. Thus says the Lord, and His Word cannot be broken.

Indeed, if atheist darwiniacs are just deficient, willing to believe a LOGICAL IMPOSSIBILITY, “Christian” darwiniacs are the ultimate, absolute joke!

Mr. Kalyniuk in this article has not written something unpopular, he’s written something supremely stupid and shamefully blasphemous. Operetta’s Orthodox like him and many others before him and around him, instead of babbling about supposed fundamentalism (demonocratic newspeak to define the unwillingness to compromise the Word of God and the Scriptures and the Church Tradition), should rather explain the Fall in the light of the fables assuming that death (i.e. sin) pre-existed man in the creation for millions years. Why do we need a Saviour? Death is natural, isn’t it? Not only, it’s the way of God to create, by death and sufferings He made us…..

When He looked at His creation and saw that it was good and that it was very good, according to these braying donkeys, He was seeing a perpetual warfare to unfold across the whole spectrum of life, He was blessing a perpetual carnage rewarding the stronger with a few more moments of life to live in perpetual anxiety and with no other purpose.
This is their “god”, a god needing billions years to put something decent together, founded upon a perennial massacre and everlasting suffering, but for sure he is NOT the Christians’ God!

These blasphemous idiots are stating that the Most Sacred Womb, who contained the Uncontainable and gave human flesh to the Word of God, descended by a chimp, so that the ancestors of God once upon a time walked on all fours. Christ is the Son of Man and…the distant great-grandson of an orang-utan.

With Christians like them, who needs the antichrist? May the Lord burn their tongues, if they do not repent!

Every single word of the Genesis account of the creation and all the Holy Fathers of the Church confute their ravings, but in their pursuit of a greater condemnation they are willing to dismiss them all for a “scientific” theory that lacks every single element that makes a theory scientific and it’s an insult to the simple common sense. Yet they claim to be Christians and pretend to judge the Christians! FOOLS!!!

Evolutionary theory is not scientific, it is an enforced religious mythology.

They’d do better to follow the example of those Protestants and Roman Catholics, whose zeal they dismiss so lightly from the heights of their gullibility and delusion. Opposite to them, in their many errors those Protestants and Roman Catholics at least are not ashamed of the Gospel.

I just hope that these zealous brothers in error realize that must be refused the entire paradigm of the godless. This book, for example, is commendable, principally because it disproves their senseless fables using exactly their faked “science”, but it’s useless to know the truth, as the truth cannot be commingled with the falsehood, just as the light cannot be comprehended by the darkness. I repeat it again: you cannot believe a little in Christ and a little in antichrist!

Indeed, to fight and refute their most eclatant lies accepting the rest of their lies is not a service to God, Who must be worshiped in Spirit and Truth, but the making up of the next antithesis in the false and endless  world dialectics to be soon synthesized to his advantage by the owner of all the fabrics of human thesis and antithesis, the prince of this world. You cannot refute evolutionary bullshit accepting all the other paraphernalia of its mad and ludicrous prophets, like their dating rituals and billions years old Earth, just as you cannot refute a revolving Earth still accepting that you live upon a rotating ball with terra firma planets and trillions miles away stars in the outer space, where you can even travel or walk according to holliwoodian science.

You must reject all the signs and wonders of a worldview system meticulously and relentlessly built in the last five centuries with the only purpose to hide God and take over you, His image, to rule His creation and His creatures. A worldview system based entirely upon unsubstantiated fantasies and a capillary indoctrinaction through the control of every cultural production (ultimately, through the control of money), highly successful just because of our apostasy!

You must reject them all, even if only because they come from godless people. Even if you do not understand anything of the matter, the simple fact that it’s an enemy of God who’s talking must be enough for you to reject his words whenever they conflict with God’s revelation. If you are of Christ, stand by the Word of God!

They are of their father, the devil, the murderer since the beginning and the father of lies, all of them, included those who pay lip service to God but refuse His Word with their words and His commandments with their works and deeds, their way of life. They have lied all the time and about everything, they still lie and they will lie, all the time and about everything, unceasingly. They lie even when they (their belly, their lusts) have convinced themselves they are not lying. They lie even when they say something true, because they are saying it only because it’s useful at that moment to deceive you, just as their father did when he tempted the Lord quoting the Scriptures.

You must refuse their whole paradigm! All that you have been educated to believe is false, not just this or just that, everything! Everything but God is a lie!

Therefore I offer my repentance to God for my sin, committed in ignorance, and so should you, all of you who love the Lord and fear God.

All the other are kindly invited to abstain from annoying me with their babbling about the elves in their garden, who become invisible everytime someone wants to see them! Before you are allowed to speak about the mythical curvature of the Earth, for instance, you must present at least one real railway engineer who had to take into account that supposed curvature when laying down thousands miles of railroad tracks. Just one! That means that you shut up for eternity….

If you are too comfortable in the Truman show where you live or too terrified to leave it, at least do not disturb the adults outside. Be pampered by that loving nurse called gravity, good for every occasion, resolving every problem, that kind of magic able to keep billions tons of water attached and curved upon a spinning ball and preventing one billion square miles of air to be sucked out by the supposed vacuum of the alleged outer space, placing it at the same time in layers just fine for our not few needs (by chance, moreover….). Do not be worried by that tiny gnat on your walls, which is able to defeat such a gigantic force by a timid movement of its fragile wings, and keep on making fool of yourselves. It’s magic, after all, no need to submit to all the observable laws of physics.

If you want to believe that Hollywood production “Men on the Moon” is reality, you are welcome. Why should I disturb someone who so desperately needs to appear stupid beyond help? Anyway, if you know how it would be possible for a rocket to move in the supposed vacuum of the alleged outer space, indicating also where it could store that enormous quantity of useless fuel that you think is going to propel it in a vacuum, there is a million dollars waiting for you. WARNING: the fact that the idiot box in your living room says so is not an acceptable explanation to cash the prize.

If you are willing to bow your God-given mind to the absurdity of living upon a ball spinning on itself at 1,600 km/h and revolving around the Sun at 107,000 km/h, which is whorling across the galaxy at 800,000,000 km/h, which is shooting across the universe at a gazillion km/h, while all the stars we see stay on their exact daily rotating position all the time since the beginning of time, no problem. If your ambition in life is to be a clown, nobody will disturb you. Just shut up! Because if you dare to open your mouth to point out such idiocy to me, I’ll lock you up in my washing machine and start its program. Let’s see if you feel the spin or not!

The alternative is for you to come out of your cage, open your (God-given) eyes and be welcomed to the (God-created) reality!

Let God be true and every man a liar!

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