Another convert sign is the dogmatization of details. Thus, for a few converts the Six Days of Creation must be interpreted literally as six 24-hour periods, otherwise their faith is worthless. And yet the Church has never set such literalism as dogma. Six days may indeed mean six 24-hour periods, but we should not be ignorant of other interpretations or, above all, that most of the Church Fathers are completely silent on the subject because it is so unimportant – the salvation of our souls does not depend on such details.

Father Andrew

For (alas) many priests of the Triune God, the Word of God should not have so much importance. May the Lord have mercy on me, because I’m going to lose my patience toward a man so much better than me.

Father Andrew has evidently forgotten what the Scripture says….

It was evening and it was morning, a day!

If someone is willing to call it something different from what is the universal meaning of a day, he is not merely shunning a literal interpretation, he is substituting his fantasies to the Word of God! Fantasies, moreover, that assume the Almighty in need of more time to put something decent together.

If for God a day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day, that is only for God, Who lives outside time as He Who Is. It’s not so for us, creatures made in time and living in time in a changing world (i.e. a world subject to time), waiting for the new heavens and the new earth. For us a day is a day and a year is a year, and the Scripture with its so precise words was given for us, to make us understand (among all the other things) what a day is, the signs and the seasons, the divine constitutional order of our lives in this world: in six days He created and He rested in the seventh, sanctifying it!

It was evening and it was morning, father Andrew, a day! And those words are repeated in every day of the Creation, every day is defined in such a way: it was evening and it was morning, the second day and the third and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth… You may think that the Word of God was just wasting words here, we poor converts fear to think alike.

This poor convert would also like to remind you that every Christian is a convert, nobody is born Christian! Many have just the good pleasure of the Lord to be born in a Christian land and family and thus get a great help in their conversion by the Grace of the Sacraments and the examples of those around them, but all of them have to turn to Christ, to choose Christ, to convert. All of them, all the time! Therefore, the only difference is in the sincerity of our love for the Lord, a judgement which is very prudent to leave to the Lord Himself, Who alone knows the hearts. We can judge only by the fruits, when they are known. If you want to know the fruits of the wavering of Christians’ faith in the Word of God, just take a look around you.

We poor converts are ignorant of different interpretations of the Genesis account of the creation for a very simple reason: there are none, at the least in the Holy Fathers of the Church, none! And most of the Holy Fathers are silent on the subject just because it was considered obvious, evident, established! Therefore, to say that the Church is silent on this matter is misleading at best.

You may consider the matter unimportant, maybe under an unconscious intimidation facing the mundane powers and their gross, crass lie pompously called science, so obsessively propagandized everywhere, but we poor converts will humbly stand by the Word of God. Indeed, we are sure that our salvation rests on such “details” as confessing God and His Word. Our faith is not so weak to bow to a bunch of professional liars and their fairy tales, we are not so insecure in our faith to doubt between the Word of God (and of the Holy Fathers) and the cackles of His enemies.

And a fig for this world!


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