All the Holy Fathers keep on speaking through father Peter Alban Heers.

May the Lord hold the hierarchies of the Holy Rus’ in His Church at the next meeting in Crete.

To make sure His Holiness and all our hierarchies with whom they will be dealing in Crete, let them take heed of the blatant antichrist’s themes adorning the site of the meeting.

A meeting which will open and close in dates containing the number of the beast. This year is the only year of this decade where the numeric representation of its days may contain that number, in three occasions. Three days in a whole year, one year in a whole decade. They have chosen one of them to open a Orthodox meeting AND another of them to close it!

As you know, Christians do not believe in coincidences. Fortunately, man proposes and God disposes!

Glory be to God, His Church has been delivered from this temptation, avoiding the ambush in Crete, blasphemously called “Great and Holy Council”. Only the Church, in Her wholeness and acceptance defines a Holy Council, and the Church IS NOT Her hierarchies, who often have apostatized, starting just a few years after the Holy Emperor Constantine posed the foundations of the Christian Empire.

I pray to the Lord to remind Her hierarchies that the Church in Her wholeness has already accepted and professes what the Councils of St. Photios the Great and St. Gregory Palamas have spoken, in order for them to issue a formal acknowledgement of this fact, thus disposing once for all of the Papist sirens. This would be a much better use of their time than the continual pollution in the ecumenical charade. Amen!

To the robbers who are going to meet in Crete following procedures come out directly from the politburo of the antichrist, under the leadership of an arch heretic without a flock (but with dozens of “honorary bishops”, whatever it means – in Christianity, it means a wonderful nothing!), worthy successor of the wolves who have unceasingly pursued the destruction of the Church from within since the murder of the last Christian Emperor, we have a simple message: today the Councils of the Orthodox assembled outside Crete have known the apostates and, praying for their repentance, deliver them to the judgement of God!


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