As I told you, there cannot be a Christian and an admirer of Lenin or Stalin united in the same person.

Israel Shamir has been kind enough to confirm it promptly with his last article, which is a real masterpiece of idiotic spiritual decay. It features all the themes dear to the antichrist in a single piece, daring moreover to equalize with the Church of Christ not only the schismatic who are at the very root of the total apostasy of the modern world, but also the beasts responsible of the worst persecution against Christ and his Church, whose hands drip with the blood of millions of Christians.

The saddest thing is that, as he claim to be a Christian Orthodox and live in Russia, probably he is allowed to the Holy Chalice, to eat and drink of his condemnation.

From the opposite extreme, the Saker, who continues to thank God because he is not like those publicans in the Patriarchate of Moscow and all Rus’, has been eager to echo Mr. Shamir’s daydreams, returning them in the form of fait accompli. The ultimate Unia so earnestly yearned by Mr. Shamir, so the Saker affirms, is already here.

The Saker hosts the humble feeling that the Church is to be found only where he is and it’s just a waste of time to look for Christianity elsewhere, where he is not. This is the core of his negative view of Christianity. Indeed, he has a very negative view of Christianity, repentance being an absolute alien concept to him; this is only natural, because he has never had nothing to repent of. Like his forefathers of old, he looks God directly in the eyes and thanks Him for his righteousness.

Of course, if you do not understand repentance, you will not find Christianity anywhere; that’s why he is still charging St. Peter with apostasy.

In all truth, I still am not able to say if the Saker is blaspheming the Holy Spirit, namely lying about Christ (and His Church) knowing to be lying, or he is simply deluded. What can be said for sure is that to have very good teachers, even one of the brightest figures of the ROCOR, is no guarantee of success. After all, Judas had the Lord Himself as teacher.

It must be noted that he does not hail anymore, at least publicly, a CIA plaything as the head of the “true orthodox church”, so there’s hope here. Please keep praying for the (still blind) Saker.


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