Comments about this article concerning the joint declaration of the Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis     (versione in italiano)

Reader Andreas Moran:
We should not use the word ‘heresy’ in a polemical way, to the face of the Romans, and we should try to discern what is heresy and what is schism: as to the difference, see the letter of St Basil the Great to Amphilochius. But in an article on this site (and elsewhere) we see that the highly esteemed Metropolitan Athanasius of Limassol describes the Romans as heretics.


Metropolitan Athanasius defines Roman Catholics as heretics just because they are heretics. Do you think that the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Son, the immaculate conception of the Most Holy Theotokos and the infallibility of the Pope (along many other things) are not contrary to the Orthodox dogma?

About the difference between heretics and schismatic, it is nothing substantial.  Whoever cut himself out of the Church (even because of the behaviour of someone inside or leading the Church) is a schismatic, and whatever his justification is, it’s heresy.
That’s axiomatic: we BELIEVE in the Church!

Provided that, the absolutely correct remarks of father George are absolutely superfluous in this case.

…we need not worry about diplomatic and political PR documents signed by clergy, but we do have to worry about the draft document on heterodoxy that is being proposed for the Crete meeting next June, because that claims not to be a diplomatic or a political document, but a document expressing the Orthodox Faith. It is completely unacceptable as it stands because it claims in its first words that there is only One Church, the Orthodox Church and then goes on to contradict that statement in a haze of vagueness.

Father Andrew Phillips       (LINK)

We must remember our Lord’s command: be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. We must remember the sad fate of Tertullian; there is no salvation outside the Church, indeed!

Let’s then pray to the Lord that our hierarchs and shepherds will not leave Her, reneging the pristine Tradition they have received from the Apostles through the Holy Fathers by the love of God in Jesus Christ.

I wholeheartedly agree, anyway, with the statement that Roman Catholics (the flock more than their hierarchies) are our natural and best allies in the fight against the armies of the Antichrist, camouflaged under “tolerance”, “rights” and “values”.

Western “democracy” tolerates everything but Christ, recognizes the rights of everybody but Christians’ and pursues any value opposite to the Lord’s Statutes.

After all, there is a millennium of Christian Faith and Communion we share with Roman Catholics and that shared legacy is broken but cannot vanish.

We are only solidly sure that besides Christ there is no other door to the Kingdom of Heaven, and that before us is the straightest path to this door. But we do not know whether some will get to this door by side roads, and we let God judge this, fearing to do so ourselves

St. Nicholas of Japan


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