I challenge anyone to present the historical evidence that Halloween is indeed an ancient pagan festival that was celebrated by sacrifices of human to Satan (Samhain) and honoured demons with treats.

I challenge John Sanidopoulos to present any evidence that the modern celebration of Halloween is not a pagan festival.

It is true that Halloween was not born as a pagan festival, but it’s even more true that it has become such. Would please someone be so kind to point out what of the modern celebration of Halloween has to do with the devotion to All the Saints?

John Sanidopoulos would like you to think that this should not be a problem for Christians. More or less, it’s like to argue that Papism is not a heresy, from which any Christian should stay clean, because its origins are perfectly Orthodox.

It is true that Halloween has not its origin in an ancient pagan festival that was celebrated by sacrifices and treats to the dark powers, but it’s even more true that a lot of worshippers of the beast does exactly that in this night nowadays. John Sanidopoulos says that it’s okay for Christians to send their children out just this night, dressed exactly like the popular representation of those dark powers and playing like innocent walk-on of a collective immersion in the darkness.

It’s true that children have no real intention to do evil, they have no guilt, but it’s even more true that nobody of us is guilty for the ancestral sin, and yet all of us bear its consequences. Therefore, Christians should not listen to the sinuous and captivating whispers of the serpent and protect their children from harmful consequences. What consequences? At the very least, be caught in the net of what can be called the normalization of evil, which is in full swing in the powerful machine of demonocratic propaganda. Just take a look at every screen around you: demons, vampires, monsters, ghosts, witches, all of them presented as very cute, cool, beautiful, in a word…. desirable.

This teaches our children exactly the opposite of what they should be learning: that evil is not to be taken seriously, that it does no harm swimming cheerfully in an ocean of occult symbols, that you do not need to defend yourself from it. Do you know what happens when you do not defend yourself against evil? You end up conquered, possessed, separated from God!

Knowledge puffs up, and John Sanidopoulos is a very learned man.

Unfortunately, some that think of themselves as knowledgeable will swaddle (bind) “their spiritual children, as if they were babies in order to console them by telling them ‘it doesn’t matter, it’s nothing, as long as you have faith inside you’. While we see that St. Peter externally denied Christ, and it was a denial, they deny the holy mark of Christ, which was granted to them through the Holy Baptism – the Seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit”, by accepting the mark of the Antichrist. These will claim they have Christ inside them!

Unfortunately, some “knowledgeable” people shared the same logic during the years of the holy martyrs and tried to change the minds of the prospective martyrs. St. Basil the Great writes, in his speech on Martyr Gordios, “many people were being irrational by trying to convince the martyr to deny Christ with his words only, and keep his faith in his soul, in his inner disposition, claiming that God does not pay attention to our words but to our disposition. However, martyr Gordios was rigid in his belief and replied, “the tongue, which is created by Christ, cannot bear to utter anything against Him… Do not deceive yourselves, God cannot be mocked, he judges us according to our own mouth, he justifies us by our words, and by our words, he convicts us”.

Also, Dekios had issued a decree ordering Christians to avow the religion of paganism; those who did and offered a sacrifice to the idols, were granted a certificate and thus were saved from martyrdom. The Church considers these people who denied Christ, together with those who gave money to the committee of pagans and took the certificate without denying Christ, the so-called “liveloforoi”, as being apostates and sinners.


Despite what I just reported, unfortunately, we hear today a lot of nonsense from those considered “knowledgeable”. Some people say, “I will accept the identification card with the number 666, but I will put the sign of the Cross next to it”. Others say, “I will accept being marked on the forehead with the number 666, but I will also put the sign of the Cross next to it”. They think that by this way they can be sanctified, but this is only an illusion.

Only what is accepted with Holy Water is sanctified. For instance, water can be blessed and become Holy Water. Urine cannot be sanctified. A stone can be turned into bread by a miracle. Whatever is dirty, cannot be sanctified.

Saint Paisios, the Athonite

In fact, these knowledgeable ones seem to have undertaken a vow  of gate-keepers of modernity, of the spirit of this world. They are perennially worried to point out the exact dose of Orthodoxy (the Christian life) which must be allowed to the faithful. Invariably, their “pure hearts” allow just a modicum, Orthodoxy-light.

It’s true that a pure heart sanctifies every thing, but it’s even more true that there are things that cannot be sanctified!

It’s the Holy Spirit Who sanctifies, hearts and everything else, not men! This is a basic Truth all too often forgotten by these knowledgeable ones, who in their blindness imagine that the sanctifying power abides in their good intention or will.

In fact, the heart of John Sanidopoulos is so “pure” that he compares those who urge Christians to have their children stay clear of a pagan celebration (even if based upon wrong premises) to those who crucified our Lord and to those who persecuted and tortured the early Christians. Perhaps, the heart of John Sanidopoulos is so pure that little ones would be well-advised to go to his websites only if accompanied by (spiritual) parents.

It’s the spirit of the enemy who roams in the streets the night of Halloween nowadays, seeking whom he may devoure. Do not listen to John Sanidopoulos and stay away!


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