St Justin of Celje

“Here we have a crucial dilemma and choice: either the God-man or Man!

Before us we have an offspring of the Devil, which is called European Humanism. The peak of this diabolical humanism is the desire to become good through evil, to become god through the Devil. The Second Vatican Council comprises a rebirth of all of European Humanism, a rebirth of a corpse. Because, from the moment that the God-man Christ is present in the terrestrial world, all of Humanism is a corpse. The dogma of man’s (Papal) Infallibility itself is nothing less than the hair-raising funeral of all Humanism, from the Vatican, which raised it to a dogma, to the satanic Humanism of Sarte. Within the Humanistic pantheon of Europe all the gods are dead, with the European Zeus (the Pope) at their head. “The foundation of all Humanism, even that of the Vatican, is pride, the faith in man’s reason and intellect. All Humanism returns man to idolatry, to a two-fold death, spiritual and physical.

As Humanism distances itself from the God-man it is slowly transformed into nihilism. In this way, in the European West, Christianity was gradually changed into Humanism. Slowly and persistently over a long period of time, they lessened the God-man and in the end diminished him into a man, into the infallible man of Rome and into the no-less infallible man of Berlin. With this change there appeared, on the one hand, Western Christian/Humanism Maximalism (Papism) and on the other hand Western Christian/Humanism Minimalism (Protestantism), which seek a minimum from Christ, and oftentimes nothing at all. In both cases Man is placed in the place of Christ as that which is of the highest value and that which is the ultimate criteria, the result of which is the transformation of Western Christianity into Humanism.

This replacement of the God-man with man was manifestly shown in the obvious replacement of the Christian God-man methodology with humanistic methodology. “Here is the wellspring of the Aristotelian philosophical primacy in scholasticism, the casuist method and the Inquisition in ethics, the Papist diplomacy in international relations, the Papal State etc. What naturally follows is that now, in Europe, they are contemplating replacing humanistic Christianity with the ancient polytheistic religion, something that has already begun. “In a wider historical context, the western dogma of infallibility is nothing other than an attempt to revive and perpetuate dying European humanism and by extension the civilization itself. Every effort and attempt to equate Christianity with the spirit of this present age, with the transient movements of some other age in history and, in addition, with various political parties or regimes, removes from Christianity that specific worth, which renders it the world’s sole religion of the God-man.

“Satan wars against Christ through many and various people: through Herod, and Nero, but even more dreadfully through Arius. Coming out of the god-murdering and self-destroying Judas, Satan entered into Arius! What in fact is Arianism? From where does it originate? Its metaphysical side is rooted in Satanism while the psychological in rationalism. It is an attempt to replace the Christian Laws of the Holy Spirit with the rationalistic laws (the categories) of Aristotelian logic. Newman was correct when he wrote: ‘Aristotle was the bishop of the Arians!’ (The 18 Arians of the Fourth Century, p. 31). Every heresy is an offspring of the Devil. Saint Athanasius underlines this emphatically: ‘The Devil is the creator of heresies.’ “Arianism has not been buried yet. Today it is more in fashion then ever before and has been propagated more than in any other age. It has been propagated as the soul of the body that is modern Europe. If one looks into European culture they will find Arianism hidden in its depths. “With the ‘leaven’ of Arianism all European philosophy has been leavened along with its science, civilization and, in part, its religion. Both Papism and Protestantism have managed to poison the masses of Europe with vulgar Arianism. Arianism, like a chameleon, can change externally, in its essence however it is always the same.

“With much pain and agony the race of man has forged for itself a supreme divinity, which it worships as that which is of the highest worth and standard. This supreme divinity is summed up thus: “Man is the measure of all things.” All of European Humanism, from the most primitive to the most noble and refined, from basest fetishes to Papism, all are based on faith in man, as he is in his given psychophysical empirical condition and historicity. In this way idolatrous humanism and, above all, Greek humanism was elevated to dogma. The value, the criteria of Greek culture, of Greek civilization, poetry, philosophy, art, and political science has been raised to dogma: “Man is the measure of all things!” And what does all of this mean? It means the elevation of idolatry to dogma! For this reason, in the final analysis, all of Humanism has idolatrous and polytheistic origins. All of the Humanism of European man is, in essence, nothing other that an incessant rebellion against the God-man Christ.

“Everywhere man replaces the God-man. The man of European humanism has taken his place on every European throne. However, outside of the God-man, man does not exist – only as subhuman, half-human or non-human. Without the Godman, man is in danger of being reduced to a devil-like creature, because sin is simultaneously the power and image of the devil. Humanistic anthropocentrism is, in its essence, devil-centrism, because both seek the same thing: to belong to themselves, for themselves. “And so it is only natural and logical that, in such a world that ‘lieth in wickedness,’ there can exist no kind of compromise in a man who follows the God-man! Our Orthodox Church does not change its faith nor does it change the means with which it fights every form of Arianism. And as it defeated the old Arianism, so it defeats every form of new Arianism, including its modern European form.”


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