Never trust an atheist. In the best case, he’s dumb! In the worst…..

If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.            (sintesi in italiano)

Of course, when you bow to demonocracy, this is what you get. Demons want possession!

Unfortunately, atheists do not believe in demons. As I told you, they are are dumb. In the best case….


This man has just sold the entire Greek people and their land in slavery for (maybe) 86 billions euro IN CREDIT (for dummies…. it means that the sale is paid for by those who have been sold, not the buyers; a sort of leveraged buy-out, in short), forswearing every single promise made to be elected and betraying the will of his own people expressed just a week ago.


Representative Demonocracy at its best!

If you still do not understand who representative deputies really represent, well, forgive me, but you are stupid beyond repair. Just sit in your belief that you know better than the devil and wait for the next antithesis he will deliver you.


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