The debate about universalism has been closed by the Holy Spirit in 553 A.D. (it’s not so hard to understand, even for minds of fallen men):

9. If anyone says or thinks that the punishment of demons and of impious men is only temporary, and will one day have an end, AND that a restoration (ἀποκατάστασις) will take place of demons and of impious men, let him be anathema.

10. Anathema to Origen ….., who set forth these opinions together with his nefarious and execrable and wicked doctrine and anyone who holds to these thoughts, protects them and by any other way and reason will dare to repeat them.

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In fact, the debate should not even be started, because our Lord (the Word of God, you know…) states UNEQUIVOCALLY against these possibilities in SEVERAL Gospels’ passages.

Therefore, understand this: whoever stands by these doctrines is under anathema, and commune unworthily to the Body and the Blood of the Lord.

All the priests teaching these heresies should be severely reprimanded by their bishops, who ought to intervene urgently, and defrocked if they do not desist from spreading this spiritual poison to their flock. The bishops “must give account”, St. Paul says!

Economy cannot be administered to the shepherds in our times, which are evil as never before. Today the secular powers are entirely in the hands of the enemy and outside the Church men are educated by the devil since the birth; it’s NOT tolerable that errors and lies and fantasies attack them even inside the Church.

As for the laymen, I beg them to stop thinking that Christianity (i.e. Orthodoxy) is something negotiable. Do not come to the Church to be pleased, come to the Church to please Christ.

Stop the madness to impute to God the wickedness of men! Everybody will have earned his lot. To avoid that some men would end up in eternal sufferings (thanks to THEIR free choices), God could only create us in bondage, slaves (but what good slaves could be to the Almighty?), or do not create us at all! What is better?

The eternity is for the age to come, when our Lord will come again, this time in His Glory, and no evil will be allowed into His Kingdom.
Until that time, even dead people can still escape a terrifying lot, but only through the prayers of the Church (and everyone of you is a member of the Church). Therefore, do not waste your time with eclectic bags of hot air and gnostic inanities, but pray unceasingly and give alms for the dead. And watch yourself against wolves in sheep clothes, who misunderstand Christianity for their feelings and emotions, their fantasies, and lead astray the little ones.

To conclude, I wish to congratulate father Stephen (De Young), because this essay is powerful, but I think that his talent should not be wasted anymore with people who have been warned several times against their trespasses. So let them be like heathen now, as the Apostle commands.
I would humbly suggest rather to tackle with the meaning of some words of our Lord, which are not considered in the contest of the essay and instead appear to be relevant regarding our future lot, that is “My Father’s house has many mansions…”.
Is it possible to understand them in the sense of quality and not only in the more immediate meaning of quantity?

Also, I really consider very important to understand the meaning of Saint Paul’s words “saved through the fire”. I have only been able to read the commentary about them by St. John Chrysostom, but I must confess (and may God forgive me for my presumption) that it did not convince me.
I have a hazy understanding that they could be the foundation for an inconceivable act of Sovereign Mercy by the Lord at the Universal Judgement, when also people who have spent their afterlife in gloom expectation will be forgiven. After all, what better destruction of the evil one’s plans could be than deprive him of most of the fruits he thought to have earned.
Of course, I’m only talking here about weak, cheated, genuinely blind people, not the sinners against the Holy Spirit. There will still be goats at that Day.

So the Lord says and so it will come to be!


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