It’s what Rotislav Ishchenko does in this article. Mr. Ishchenko is another of those so clever geopolitical analysts who keeps on explaining all the time how the world really works to us, poor folks watching in horror the bombs dropping, and to them, poor folks in horror receiving the bombs.

Mr. Ishchenko is kindly invited to take residence in Donetsk. After bearing a year of indiscriminate shelling we are sure his remarks about the situation would not be so witty and nonchalant. Ten thousands civilians have been massacred in the Donbass (and millions displaced) and they are being bombed and massacred to this very hour. They would not be, if not for Minsk 1 and Minsk 2, very clever agreements which everybody knew would not be implemented and just for this, clever analysts like Mr. Ishchenko continue to explain us, needed to be signed (thwarting in both cases the momentum of Novorussian counteroffensive) in a hurry. Very urgently, lest the administrative borders of the republics could be made secure or their major cities taken out of artillery range, I suppose.

Once and for all, Mr. Ishchenko: we also know how the world works, analysis centers included! In fact, we know even better, because we are aware of the mistery of iniquity.

The only difference is that we don’t like it one bit!!!

P.S.   About fifth columns….. to see a thing, you must be outside of it (and have capable eyes).


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