In the Belarus’ capital city it has just been signed another agreement which the Kiev Junta will not respect. In fact, for the Ukrainian side there is again the signature of Leonid Kuchma, who officially is a perfect “nobody”, lacking any formal mandate or public office; therefore, his signature legally binds only him. But don’t mind: there’s nothing legal in the Ukraine since the US coup there one year ago!

Also the Saker again resorts to a lot of words to explain how much needed really are these useless agreements. From Minsk One to Minsk Two, the Junta forces have assassinated several thousands more civilians in the Donbass. Somehow, I think they (and the little Vanya) may be excused if they miss the importance of these useless agreements.

Let’s just hope that the road to Minsk Three will not be paved likewise, with so much innocent blood. It’s interesting to note that, if they would comply with these agreements, the Kiev Junta could get away with their murders. Maybe they count on the fact that Minsk Three will allow them to get away with even more murders.

The world dialectic rages on. There’s nothing new under the Sun!


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