Latvia is becoming a desert! The nation has lost a quarter of its population since 1990!

The real menace for Latvia is not Russia or its Russian speaking minorities, but purely idiotic, suicidal, fully Latvian politics, increasingly prone to demonocratic dogmas and agenda and their economic corollary.

I wish to remember that, according to very recent data, in Latvia 400 children are murdered before birth every 1,000 newborns. It would be enough to stop this appalling abomination to reverse the demographic path to the extinction. It would be the real patriotic thing to do!

May the prayers of the only Latvian Saint save Mate Latvija from all the flaming idiots who pollute her!


Lord. have mercy for this land and all its people. Do not allow the evil one to rule us through his playthings, do not allow the spill of fratricidal blood that they pursue, here as in the Ukraine as everywhere. Do not allow the desecration of our streets, our laws and our children by the heirs of Sodom. Do not allow the corruption and the morbid enslavement of our sons.

For the prayers of St. John of Riga and the intercession of Your Most Pure Mother, o Lord,  protect and save this land and all its people and their children.

Amen! Amen! Amen!


Rainbow Rita


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