This video is from November 2013, a few days before the beginning of the events (planned by the US and fully supported by the EU) leading to the violent coup of February 2014 and a civil war which has already claimed almost 50,000 (Ukrainian) lives and is destroying the country. If you are ashamed of your governments’ actions, well, it means you’re still alive: repent and denounce the evil, stand by the truth and support it. The people who have seized the power there have launched an horrible attack against their own people, staining themselves of all sort of atrocities and malfeasances. If you support them, as your governments and their media whores still do, or if you don’t give a damn about the crying of innocents, you will join them in due time: there will be endless wailing and gnashing of teeth!

The video also shows what a sewer the Ukrainian Parliament had already become.

Enough with Charlie. Start worrying for Sashas, all around DonbassNo matter how much ridiculous you consider the idea, God will judge you!


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